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At Techstack, we believe in providing a full-fledged course of your desire where our industry experts have designed a top-notch curriculum just for you.

  • Business Analytics Course Curriculum ( 32 Modules )

    Introduction to Data & Analytics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to data analytics
    • Data analytics applications
    • Data handling
    • Ms excel knowledge and its functions
    • Case study
    • Understanding of the data tool panel
    • Data analytics calculation
    • Easy filtering
    • Validation
    • Report creations
    • This is the very first module of our business analytics course in Noida which represents a gentle introduction to the concepts of data analysis, the role of a Data Analyst, and the tools that are used to perform different ways of handling data, filtering, and curating reports by the end. With us, you will also be introduced to Ms excel knowledge and its functions in regard to business analytics. Our intensive 100+ hours course is a combination of a top-grade data science capstone project, case-study-based machine learning assignments, practical and experiential learning, and end-to-end Career Services.

    Dashboard Designing in Excel

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is a Dashboard?
    • Enhancing the designing of dashboards
    • Understanding the Pivot table
    • Analysis of the data
    • What are the 7 steps to create a dashboard in Excel?
    • Data labels
    • Controlling tips
    • Insertion of slices
    • Raw data
    • Tips and tricks to easy enhancement
    • Accelerate your career with our business analytics course. This is an altogether different approach that offers the perfect blend of Data Science & Management Skills! We offer the most advanced, comprehensive, and robust program running with its bottom-up approach, whilst enabling business leaders and aspiring Managers to grasp the core concepts of our business analytics course in Noida. We are regarded as one of the top business analytics institutes in India, which runs by providing hands-on experience by translating results of the Business Analytics course into effective projects of action.

    Basics of Statistics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to statistics
    • Written representations
    • Graphic representations
    • Easy data types
    • Measuring of the data types
    • Analysis of probability
    • Central limit theorem
    • Computing probability
    • Normal distribution
    • Statistics from one section to another
    • This is the third module of our business analytics course where we teach our students a great approach to written, oral and graphic representation to business statistics. With the details of normal distribution and easy data type handling, one can learn about a mix of case studies, analytical tools, and the hallmark pedagogy of learning through a plethora of business analytics at Techstack Academy with our hands-on projects and real-life scenarios.This is the third module of our business analytics course where we teach our students a great approach to written, oral and graphic representation to business statistics. With the details of normal distribution and easy data type handling, one can learn about a mix of case studies, analytical tools, and the hallmark pedagogy of learning through a plethora of business analytics at Techstack Academy with our hands-on projects and real-life scenarios.

    Introduction to Data Science

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Definition of data science
    • Data science vs Business analytics
    • Data science applications
    • Analytics tools
    • Terminology & Methodologies
    • Data science abstract
    • Step-by-step process guide
    • R programming introduction
    • Implementation of business solutions
    • Structure or unstructured data
    • Know about the art of uncovering the insights and trends in data with the extreme and in-depth knowledge of data science that is taught at our academy. We have not set any such age bar for the students who are willing to make their career in the field of Data science with us. Once you come and join your hands with our team, we will help you go through all the methodologies, abstracts, and step-by-step process guides of business analytics. Once you are through with the basics, you will also be introduced to R programming and knowing the difference between structured and unstructured data and its techniques.

    Business Statistics and Applications

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What are business statistics?
    • What are its applications?
    • Easy distribution concepts
    • Significance of business statistics
    • Business modeling skills
    • Different types of distribution
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Numerical Measures
    • Data description
    • Easy analytics tools
    • Business statistics is a long procedure to learn and move ahead, but we, at Techstack Academy, make it super easy for our students to gain the best of knowledge out of it. There are certain topics that we will be covering in the module on business statistics which may include numerical measures, data description, analytics tools, and many more. Enroll yourself with us and choose online business analytics training in Noida.

    Fundamentals of Python/R

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What are the Python Fundamentals?
    • What is Python R?
    • Python R functioning with loops
    • Data framing
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Reading and writing data files
    • Compound data structures
    • Data visualization
    • Easy programming
    • Python algorithms
    • Make yourself job-ready to be a future-focused leader through preparatory interviews with industry professionals who are present only at Techstack Academy. Our business analytics course online covers all the important aspects of the fundamentals of Python along with R programming. We begin from the introduction to functioning with the loops until introducing you to SQL alongside providing the right education to data framing and compound data structures. We are also active in offering a participant-centered approach to management education and all our students.

    Data Importing/ Exporting in Python and R

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is data importing?
    • How to import and export data?
    • What is the R library?
    • Analyzing the exported data?
    • Easy visualization of the data
    • Programming languages
    • Exporting data from R to CSV
    • Output excel
    • Value labels
    • Conceptualization
    • Fulfill all your career goals with an effective learning session provided by Techstack Academy. We are regarded as one of the best business analytics institutes in Noida, helping you follow your dreams to make a successful career in the most efficient manner. Our professionals have years of experience in business analytics and are readily available to assist you throughout your course tenure. Learn how to easily export and import data in Python with a gist of the R library to conceptualize and value the labels.

    Data Manipulation

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to data manipulation
    • Easy sorting and filtering
    • Usage of R packages
    • Types of data manipulation
    • User-defined functions
    • Cleaning with the usage of R
    • Data manipulation in Excel
    • Reshaping
    • Altering the data
    • Deleting and modifying data
    • Choose the best business analytics course in Noida and discover the importance of various tools and concepts which are taught to you at Techstack Academy. Know-how the significance of data manipulation which is the process of adjusting data to make it organized and easier to read. This process will enable you to update, modify, delete, and input data into a database. Obtain in-depth insights and make better business decisions with the knowledge of cleaning data with the help of R, reshaping it, and finally using the R packages alongside.

    Data Visualization with R

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is data visualization?
    • From basic to advanced visualization
    • Graph data in R
    • Key skills of data visualization
    • GGplot 2 package
    • Easy map visualization
    • Graph visualization
    • Introduction to elements
    • Significance of data visualization
    • Histogramming
    • Take a tour with the most renowned business analytics academy in Noida and get your hands laid over exquisite topics like data visualization. We provide business analytics certification courses to all the seekers and give them a chance to explore and understand the Business solving problems via our practical projects under the guidance of experienced professionals who have been in the industry for years. As soon as we cover every topic slowly, you will be guided regarding the visualization and its techniques ranging from basic graph data visualization to histogramming and other packages included with it.

    Data Preparation Using R

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to data preparation
    • Ways to use R easily
    • Usage of SQL
    • Analysis of missing data
    • Sampling and oversampling
    • Data partitioning
    • Variable reduction techniques
    • Functioning
    • Significance of using R
    • R syntax
    • Get yourself completely prepared for opening a great venture in the business analytic field. Join the best business analytics training at Techstack Academy and gain an exclusive edge over your competitors by having in-depth knowledge of extensive research on the most common tools and techniques that are applied in the industry to enable “Industry-Readiness. Once you are thorough with data partitioning and knowing the significance of R and R syntax, we will make you job-ready by providing you with real-time projects which will help you to evaluate yourself and your learnings by so far in the field of business analytics.

    Predictive Modeling Concepts - Introduction

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is predictive modeling?
    • Predictive analysis
    • The types of predictive modeling
    • Easy scoring
    • Case study
    • Different phases to be followed
    • Model selection
    • Easy logistic regression
    • R Linear regression
    • Deep learning
    • Learn to get the answers to the most predictive questions with the usage of predictive modeling concepts taught right at our academy in Noida by the experts of the business analytic field. If you are someone willing to find the most ideal business analytics institute in Noida, then we are the one helping you unleash your hidden skills. With us, you will be getting easy 24*7 access to study materials in addition to online classes, where there are preparatory sessions for placement too. We provide 100% job placement to all our students by the end of the course.

    Correlation and Linear Regression

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Correlation and linear regression
    • Simple linear regression
    • Multiple linear regression
    • Parameters in linear equation
    • Statistical techniques
    • Coefficient of correlation
    • Tools and techniques
    • Standard deviation
    • Variable association
    • Quantifying of variables
    • Get every detail regarding correlation and linear regression with our most talented industry-related mentors present at our academy. We are staunchly dedicated to grooming you thoroughly with whatever course that you may choose. Our best business analytics course in Noida will teach you different kinds of regression alongside the tools and techniques associated with it. If you ever feel uneasy or have questions regarding our course, you can always choose to talk to our academic counselor, who shall resolve any query regarding the program and will also assist you with additional benefits which might be associated with it.

    Logistic Regression

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is logistic regression?
    • Data preparation
    • Variable Importance and Feature Extraction
    • Significance of time series
    • Interpretation of output
    • Advanced techniques- AR models, ARIMA, and more
    • Classification concepts
    • Cross-validation techniques
    • Time series forecasting
    • Model assessment
    • Get cutting-edge training solutions for an ultimate business analytics course with Techstack Academy. We are an authorized teaching institute in India where all our faculty members are working professionals, having ample industry exposure. Get your exposure to logistic regression, via data interpretation, time series analysis with advanced techniques such as cross-validation which will not only amplify your analytical skills but also give them a sudden boost to bounce on things like model assessments. We move forward with connecting like-minded professionals who can deliver the utmost knowledge regarding the subject, in-depth.

    Python Programming

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Understanding Python
    • Different coding techniques
    • Python Functions
    • Easy coding for programming
    • DataFrame Indexing and Loading
    • Variables in Python
    • Analysis of the accumulated data
    • Scripting of automation language
    • Querying a DataFrame
    • Components of Python
    • Python is the most widely used and essential language when it comes to making a great venture into business analytics. Join the best python institute in Noida and get yourself equipped with its hidden functionalities, coding techniques as well as the variables that lay within python and its exquisite components. We at Techstack Academy also offer various workshops and webinars which are bound to cover extensive topics like Data framing and indexing, scripting, querying a data frame and so on which will help with your financial projects within the arena of business analytics.

    Introduction to Data Analytics with Python

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Definition of data analytics
    • Overview of Python in data analytics
    • Data wrangling with Pandas
    • Introduction to Numpy library
    • Fundamentals of Python
    • Different phases of data analytics
    • Easy programming concepts
    • Easy data cleansing
    • Exploratory data analysis
    • Variety of datasets
    • Data analytics is said to go an extra mile when amalgamated with a pinch of Python. To help let this go a long way, you must join the best business analytics institutes in Noida which will help you expand your knowledge and reach your horizons onto the top levels. There are different types of phases for data analytics that are bound to run when given a complete overview of Python and its programming language. Join our academy of business analytics and unlock different opportunities which we have to equip you with. Enroll yourself today and reap the maximum benefits out of this course curriculum.

    Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is basic syntax in Python?
    • What are the types of Python data structures?
    • Loops and functioning
    • Introduction to conditional statements
    • Data structures and algorithms
    • Array data structure
    • Significance of basic syntax
    • Mode programming in script
    • Indentation
    • User-defined data structures
    • With years of experience in this industry, Techstack Academy is regarded as one of the best business analytics training institutes in India. Our prime motive is to provide the right and in-depth education to our learners and put the reins of their careers in capable hands. This module majorly focuses on teaching everything about python ranging from its array structuring to basic syntax alongside user-defined functions. Apart from analytics, we also provide skilling programs in Finance, Accounting, and Marketing largely to graduate students who are willing to begin their career in the same field for better knowledge and elevation skills.

    Python Concepts (Core)

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Detailed python programming
    • Easy python installation
    • Basic value operations
    • List comprehension
    • Code profiling
    • Debugging
    • Introduction to Python editors
    • Packages and libraries
    • Variables with value labels
    • Objects and structures of data types
    • Learn how python programming works when it comes to relating with business analytics only at Techstack Academy! We are committed to providing ample amounts of knowledge to everyone who seeks out to give a turn to their career in the field of analytics. We not only let our students learn theoretically but also aid them with unique capstone projects which involve the real-world data sets with virtual labs for hands-on learning and training. We bridge the gap between learning and academia to regain the lost confidence within the students. Our Python core module involves teaching lessons to code, debugging, packaging, and helping the students to explore different values and variables which are proportionally associated with business analytics.

    Numpy Package

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Numpy package
    • Why is NumPy useful in Python?
    • Ways to install Numpy easily
    • Indexing of the arrays
    • Importing Numpy documentation
    • Retrieving the data
    • Functionality of Numpy
    • Stack and split the arrays
    • Command systems
    • Easy data slicing
    • Complete your business analytics course training program via online training or offline at Techstack Academy. Learn about the significance of Numpy within a python library that provides a simple yet powerful data structure. Our professionals are always on the go to teach our students thoroughly about the course and the topics inbuilt within. You will be introduced to plenty of ways of installing Numpy and learn how to import, export, and retrieve the selected data easily and move forward with the other undiscovered steps to Numpy.

    Introduction to Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Pandas
    • Different phases of Pandas in Python
    • Classifying the data from pandas
    • Selecting and dropping the entries
    • Panda and Jupyter
    • Analysis of the collected data
    • Aggregate strings
    • Easy data framing
    • Slice/dice of the data
    • Report creation
    • Make yourself job-ready by acquiring an out-of-the-box business analytics certification course at Techstack Academy. Pandas are an altogether different and important aspect when it comes to learning thoroughly about business analytics courses. To keep your skills and urge for learning intact, we are extremely focused on offering courses that can add value to the portfolios of a student or a professional. Once all the sub-topics are covered, you will also be liable to learn how to make reports which will keep a regular track and the usability of techniques used so far. The courses available at our academy also help aspiring students to explore the untapped job market, in regard to their specific skills and knowledge.

    Data Manipulation using Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Data Manipulation?
    • How is python used in Data manipulation?
    • Definition of pivot role
    • SQL database
    • Merging of the data
    • Data visualization
    • Application of panda functioning
    • Introduction to the data analysis tool
    • Missing statistics value
    • Alignment of the data
    • Let’s get started with data manipulation techniques with the best business analyst course in Noida. Data manipulation is all about the language which is prone to adjust the data and know-how the process of adjusting data to make it organized as well as simple and easier to read. Learn different ways to merge the data and sought the value of the missing statistic with our tool-based learning sessions provided at Techstack Academy only. Our professionals present at our academy moves with a prime motive to help you get ultimate knowledge regarding the course alongside 100+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts and agencies that will further aid to speed up your learning & output.

    Pandas Package

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of Pandas Package
    • Importing and exporting data
    • Boolean indexing
    • Machine learning tasks
    • Easy setting of data
    • Pandas python installation
    • Easy data slicing for positioning
    • Pandas data frame
    • Selecting data
    • View and edit
    • Quality training is the foundational key to help any student excel in the particular field they may choose. To make this happen, we, at Techstack Academy are staunchly dedicated to providing you with the best training in business analytics course in Noida. With us, you will be able to learn many different topics that fall under the category of Panda and Panda’s package. Learn to import and export the data with the easy setup of the machine learning taste all by yourself with the quality training given by our trainers. We are a leading business analytics institute that provides 100% job assistance to our students by the end of their training.

    Python Advance: Data Munging with Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is data munging?
    • How to apply functions of data
    • Merging the data
    • Reshaping the data
    • Group by aggregation
    • Transforming of the data
    • Data wrangling
    • Missing value analysis
    • Munging for structured data
    • Frameworking of python
    • Get your business analytics certification course now by enrolling yourself with us. Our leaders of Techstack Academy have a strong will to help you achieve in-depth knowledge of topics like Python advanced and data munging. This will not just help you expand your skills but will also make you learn the grouping and transformation of the data accumulated. We ensure to keep you a step ahead of your competitors as our business analytics course curriculum has been created thoroughly, after surveying job requirements of over small and big corporate houses with in-house marketing wings. We believe in delivering practical sessions with hands-on training alongside a pinch of practical, research, and assignments.

    Python Advance: Visualization with Matplotlib

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Python matplotlib
    • Visualization tools
    • Overview of Numpy arrays
    • Graphical objects
    • Visualization libraries
    • Functions and coding
    • Anatomy of matplotlib
    • Symmetry visualization and properties
    • Components and elements
    • Advanced ways to visualize data
    • When it comes to learning about Python, Matplolib is said to be the most widely used library which is popular and helpful on the same page. Our trainers working atTechstack Academy burn the midnight oil to help you get through the course content you desire to achieve and become the one you always wanted. Absorb the knowledgeable skills to symmetry visualization with advanced ways to visualizing data for Python. We are also active in providing an advanced E-Learning Portal which is associated with interactive content for better understanding followed by certain webinars/seminars held by our professional team!

    Pylab and Pyplot

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Understanding Pylab and Pyplot
    • Significance and functionality
    • Introduction to subplot
    • Difference between Pylab and Pyplot
    • Plot to easy PDF file
    • Collecting data for matplotlib plots
    • Customizing the plot
    • Pylab and Pyplot libraries
    • Common convention
    • Important commands
    • Make yourself fully equipped with the right education skills associated with Pylab and Pyplot that fall under the wide category of Python. Our business analyst course shows the major differences and similarities between Pylab and Pyplot. PyLab is prone to get installed alongside Matplotlib. Whereas on the other hand, PyLab is a convenience that bulk imports matplotlib used majorly for plotting in Numpy. Our academy has been in the industry for years and has long understood the gap between the existing curriculum of academic courses and specific requirements of the industry and learners who are aspirants in this broad field.

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of machine learning
    • Basics of Machine Learning
    • Data science vs machine learning
    • Cross-validation modeling
    • Final metrics
    • Different types of machine learning
    • Python for machine learning
    • Supervised and unsupervised learning
    • Machine learning tools
    • Different algorithms
    • Get a certified business analyst course and learn the know-how techniques of machine learning in Noida. There are plenty of machine learning techniques available that consist of supervised and unsupervised learning with a pinch of introduction to unique algorithms. This course at our academy will provide you a foundational understanding of machine learning models namely logistic regression, multilayer perceptrons, and many more. Our organization is run by highly qualified trainers who were once associated with top MNC’s thereby dedicated to providing you with best-in-class training sessions.

    Supervised Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to supervised learning
    • Supervised vs unsupervised learning
    • Training data sets
    • Algorithms
    • Importance of proper feature selection
    • Model evaluation
    • KNN (know your neighbor)
    • Logistic regression
    • Ridge regression
    • Supporting the vector machine
    • Grab ultimate knowledge to supervised learning by joining our online business analyst course in Noida. We provide flexible learning options such as Classroom, Online, and Self Paced learning to make you stand independent. Our course will cover all the necessary information regarding training data sets, feature selection, and kinds of regression that are broadly used in supervised learning. We have unique teaching assistance for all our learners where they will receive ultimate learning lessons, assignments, case studies, and projects during and after the course and gain continual learning with lifetime support at Techstack Academy!


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • How to evaluate the data?
    • Easy understanding of the model
    • Rectification of the errors
    • End analysis
    • Regression metrics
    • Metrics to the classification
    • Machine learning models
    • Components and elements
    • Preparing training tests
    • Creation of the final report
    • Get a business analyst online course at Techstack Academy! We ensure to provide the right education remotely as well in the same manner as to how we treat our offline students. Avail a flexible learning experience with a blend of classrooms as well as our online learning facility. Evaluation is an important part of the entire syllabus covered, which most of the institutes forget to share and teach their students. To ensure you grasp maximum knowledge regarding the course, we offer regression metrics, machine learning models, the classifications, and then finally making you ready for the training tests. Our team of professionals always ensures a seamless growth of knowledge and skills for our students.

    Advanced Supervised Machine Learning Concepts

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of supervised learning concepts
    • Components of machine learning
    • Different types of learning
    • Algorithm list
    • Learning of critical problems
    • Methods of clustering
    • Data leakage
    • Easy neural networking
    • Objectives and functionality
    • Final analysis
    • Attain the business analyst certification from Techstack Academy and complete your entire course within months. There are plenty of algorithms and different types of learning used in supervised machine learning concepts where you might need to fasten your seat belts and keep your brain open to find the objectives and functions of the concepts. To make things easier for you, we at Techstack Academy take the course topics slow and steadily along with practical knowledge deliverable to ensure you are fully thorough with the course. We have a great record of students who have trusted our solutions to achieve education results and scale new heights for you.

    Unsupervised Learning-Clustering

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of unsupervised learning
    • What is clustering?
    • Different algorithms
    • K-means clustering
    • Case study
    • Component distributions
    • Understanding the underlying models
    • Segregation of data
    • Measurement
    • Proximity measures
    • Get to know the clear difference between supervised and unsupervised learning by following our course curriculum designed exclusively for business analyst aspirants. Here, you will get trained by the top leaders of the industry who will push you forward to soar as high as you can. This unsupervised learning module will equip you with the information of clustering, component distribution, data segregation, and proximity measurement techniques to make the topics seem easy for you to understand which will be then followed by assessments that are ought to happen every alternate weak. Gear up your spirits and learn the underlying modules only with our academy of business analytics in Noida.

    Reinforcement Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of reinforcement learning
    • Significance of reinforcement learning
    • Features and capabilities
    • Reinforcement learning theory
    • Learning the workflow
    • Searching for the optimal policy
    • Goal-oriented algorithms
    • Basic equations
    • Policy iterations
    • Matrix-notation
    • Join our academy now and learn everything about reinforcement learning from scratch. The policy iterations, workflow, optimal policy, and other equations play a vital role in the field of machine learning concepts which give a sudden boost to elevate your skills and find undiscovered topics in this field. Avail of our unique and student-oriented Learning Management facility to become challenging via following our various exciting industry-specific projects and enrich your learning in the particular field of business analytics. Reinforcement learning sessions will not only be provided theoretically but you can also groom yourself with practical knowledge sessions. Enroll yourself now and become a part of our Techstack family!

    Unsupervised Learning-Deep Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of Unsupervised Learning
    • What is Deep Learning?
    • Tensorflow
    • Artificial neural networks
    • Grouping data
    • Summarization
    • Formulas to learn deep learning
    • Easy learning techniques
    • Branches to reinforcement learning
    • Significance of deep learning
    • This section of machine learning shows a great path towards unlabeled, uncategorized data, and the system's algorithms act on the data without prior training. Get an immersive learning experience with hours of training in our business analytics course in Noida. We keep our batches small to ensure optimal learning and convenience between the students. We will begin teaching you right from the introduction to unsupervised learning till TensorFlow, associated artificial neural networks followed by the formula of deep learning measures and easy techniques to help you grow and become one ideal business/data analyst with our exclusive training in a business analyst certification course.

    Text Mining

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is text mining?
    • Significance of text mining
    • Case study
    • Sentiment analysis with R
    • Natural language processing (NLP)
    • Text data
    • Social media analytics
    • Transforming the unstructured data
    • Text mining using advanced techniques
    • Proper analysis of text mining
    • Text mining is by far the last module we, at Techstack Academy, ought to cover in our business analytics source in Noida. Here you will be accessible to gain complete knowledge sentiment analysis with R, the NLP (natural language processing), text data followed by transformation of the unstructured data in text mining techniques. Are you all set to become an industry-ready professional by seeking a 360-degree business analyst program delivering you with utmost exposure to the course. Once you have successfully accomplished and completed the course, you will be certified and get your career transformed by us with a 100% job placement assistance facility. Having ties with various Multinational companies, we can have you fit in one with great pay and reputation. Join us now and explore the things you have been missing on.
  • Capstone Project
  • Career Assistance: Resume building, Mock interviews, 1:1 mentorship and Career fair
  • Program Certificate from Orangus India and Techstack Academy

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Certificate from The Orangus India and TechStack Academy

Capstone Projects

Live Projects from the Partner Agency ( Orangus & Team Variance ).

Projects Completed




Sales Forecasting

Forecasting the Sales of a Supermarket During Festival Season.


Sales Conversion Optimization

To understand what the most effective ways are in terms of ROI (return on investment)


Predicting New Movie Success

To predict market for upcoming media content based on preset data


Reveal Employee Performance

To Evaluate the performance of employee on basis of relevant factors


Data Visualisations

To present data in more sophisticated way


Loan Prediction Data Set

Use pre data set to forecast demand of loan in future.


Customer Segmentation

to identify the customers who will most easily converge and buy products


Forecasting Sales in Tourism

To understand when and where tourists prefer to go, what they like at each location.

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Stuti AfzalBusiness Analytics

Great experience learning in Techstack Academy. I must give the credit to my trainers and faculty who are well experienced in their field of interest which is Business Analytics. Thank you Techstack for providing me with great practice and knowledge with a live case study. It was proven truly helpful.

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Karan GulatiBusiness Analytics

This is the most ideal institute for anyone who wants to make their career in the field of finance, analyst, and/or business. I would recommend Techstack Academy to all my dear friends as this academy covers every concept right from the basics with practical application. The faculty was very supportive & knowledgeable.

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Nakul GoyalBusiness Analytics

Glad to have joined here. Techstack Academy helped me to reach my goal through comprehensive coursework with interesting as well as engaging projects. The teachers here are great in experience with the analytics industry and are not just res here, they are also observed to be utmostly successful in other sectors to provide you with right and ideal education.

Business Analytics Institute in Delhi Reviews

Sahiba VermaBusiness Analytics

Tremendous experience learning online business analytics course with Techstack. They treated me so well throughout the course and never denied help whenever I required to clear my doubts. The teachers are frank, helpful, and supportive throughout.

Business Analytics Institute Reviews

Aarav MalikBusiness Analytics

Techstack Academy has really helped me by providing me the best learning experience. Truly grateful for them as they have guided me step by step to improve my skills which led me to a great path of excellence. I started with the course being totally unknown to the subject and today I am working as a data analyst al because of Techstack!

Business Analytics Training in Delhi Reviews

Tanisha RahejaBusiness Analytics

The journey at Techstack Academy was great. They assisted me well and I made a bunch of friends who were like-minded as me. Together with the support of my friends, family, and amazing mentors, I am working as a professional analyst and could never be anymore happier. Thank you Techstack and team.

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Program Duration: 4 Months

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Get 150+ hours of intensive learning in BAP over 4 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of your Business Analytics Course?

The duration of our business analytics course is 4 months in total. During this tenure of your course, you will receive 25+ case studies alongside 150+ hours of intensive learning where we will make you job-ready within such a short period of time. Our academy of business analytics in Noida also serves theoretical and practical knowledge, simultaneously.

I am currently pursuing my MBA, will your business analytics course help me?

If you are pursuing the degree of MBA and are keen to make a career in Analytics, Finance, or Marketing then our diploma course in Business Analytics will be a great boon to you. This course will teach you everything regarding data and its analysis along with popular analytical tools such as MS-Excel, R, and Python. Get ready to gain the desired exposure to various domains thus learn the ways to create a well-balanced outlook on data usage. By joining this course with us, you will easily be accessible to get a job 2x faster than a usual student as you will be having two certifications of a similar course, at the same time with ample amount of knowledge to grow better in the field of business analytics.

What are the prerequisites to join your business analytics course?

The aspiring students are expected to have a basic understanding of the general topic such as Basic Statistics. You must be having your graduation degree of 10+2 schooling which will make the subject easier for you to understand. If you have a background in finance and marketing, you are more likely to step into this course and come out as a successful being as you must behaving prior knowledge about how this moves ahead. If you have a keen interest into stepping in the career of analytics for your lifetime, you must join the course which will elevate your current skills. Additional benefits for the students who have already have knowledge in various other aspects, namely Excel and R software.

Do I have to require my own laptop?

Yes. It is mandatory for every student at our academy to get their own laptop for feasible learning and education in regard to any of the courses you may enroll in. We have live classes, projectors, and certain seminars along with general classes where a laptop is required which will help you attend your business analytic classes easily. As everything moves digital, so do we. It’s time to learn and know things practically and digitally with Techstack Academy.

Can I update my course to master’s if I want?

If you have completed your business analytics course at Techstack Academy and are willing to switch on to the upgraded version which is the Master’s in Business Analytics Course, there is no hard and fast rule to that. You can easily update the course, which will increase the duration of your course from 4 months 6 and you will able to learn more about such topics which are not available in the business analytics course. Consult with the Techstack management and administration today, and get your program updated.

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Business Analytics Training Placements
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Business Analytics Institute in Delhi Placements
Business Analytics Training in Delhi Placements

Know More About Our Course:

How is Techstack different from other training institutes?

The course curriculum of the business analytics course at Techstack Academy is considered to be way different from the course of other institutes. The reason behind this statement is, we offer plenty of hours required to comprehensively understand a particular tool or technique. We do not just go with the flow to teach our students but we also take immense pain and time, to teach them same things with practical knowledge. Our extensive research on the most common tools and techniques which are generally applied in the industry enables the industry readiness near to the course completion at our Academy. This experiential approach of our in-house teaching easily blends the academic content with hands-on application to ensure that students are comfortable with both.

What is the scope of business analytics?

Business analytics is the most comprehensive course curriculum which enables the students to explore a wide plethora of great opportunities been provided to them after their course completion. Business analytics is almost used in every sector knowingly or unknowingly. It is majorly used for descriptive analysis in which data is utilized to understand past and present situation to make a clear understanding of the future. If you ought to seek the course or have sought it, there are plenty of options available which can help you become a Marketing Manager, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Business Analytics Specialist, Management Consultant and many more. Enroll yourself in the course today, and get ready to make you career in one of these designations that are mentioned above.

Significance of Python programming in this course?

Python programming ranging from basic to advanced level, plays an important role when it comes to seeking our business analytics course. Python is a general purpose language, which is widley used by programmers and certain analytsts which makes it easy to collaborate across your organization through its simple syntax. People choose to use Python so that they can communicate with other people.Python is expected to hold a relatively simple syntax and plenty of great learning resources whic is the reason that makes Python very popular. If you everrun into some problem, there is a high possibility that someone had run into the same problem before, which is why having empathy nd sympathetic skills are a must for an analyst to know-how and learn other person’s perspective. Our course of 32 modules, having certain other modules inhibited which include exclusive Python programming basics and core concepts.

What are the basic tools a business analyst uses?

There is a wide availability of the tools which can be used at different areas on different timings when one is preparing themselves to be a successful business analyst. The process performed by a Business Analyst is broadly termed as Business Analysis, where plenty of tools can be used namely Rational tools, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, ERP system, trello, balsamic and many more for you to perform adequately and with utmost excellence in this particular field. We, at Techstack Academy will teach you about all of these tools starting from scratch till the time you become a professional in it.

What are the key strengths of a business analyst?

To be an excel in the field of business analytics, there are various skills and key strengths you must acquire in order to becoming a successful business analyst. You must be able to understand the user’s point of view, with a good combination of hard skills and soft skills which may include empathy effective communication and be easily able to understand the concern of others. Having delegataed objective and be able to hold a meeting with plenty stakeholders is what make a normal business analyst go from a zero o the professional level. Documenting, reporting and the most importantly- time management is the very skill you must have to become a professional analyst.

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As we know, your future and careers depends on us, we make sure to deliver a holistic view of the entire syllabus that we provide, helping you attain in-depth knowledge.

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More About Techstack

May 2019 Batch

Trisha Chopra : I did not belong from any business or engineering background but still, the content curriculum of Techstack Academy made me become the great business analyst I am today. They helped me grow every step of my way towards this course and I was successfully able to complete the certified business analyst course in Noida. The teachers are amazing and are experienced with impeccable knowledge in regard to the course. They not only motivate their students to learn but also help and strive for them to do better in their everyday lives.

Bhuwan Sharma : It is a must to share my personal experience with Techstack. The environment of the institute is so positive and the classes that happened were practical oriented where one can learn everything about the course from scratch. The course being so comprehensive and detailed helps an inexperienced person like me to fully understand each and every topic taught in the class. I was also led to having practical knowledge by attempting different assignments and assessments which happened regularly, and they were proven of utmost importance to help me become a great analyst today.

Prince Thakur :I was unsure about joining the academy as it could define my future with it. There are plenty of institutes out there that offer similar courses and I had a big doubt why to choose Techstack over them? My doubt was cleared with just one demo session I took wherein Prashant Sir took my class. He is super experienced and talented n his work that the way he taught me, I was able to grasp everything. That was the time I made my decision which was worthy enough as with the help of Techstack and family, today I am successfully working under a great company which was possible only via my mentors and Techstack’s placement assurity.

Yamini Joshi :I took a business analytics course from Techstack Academy which was the best time of my life wherein I could really believe in myself to attend the classes, complete the course and become something. I had my plans fixed to study abroad after the course here, and it was possible right after my course was completed at Techstack. The certificate I achieved after my course completion was of utmost importance as the institute is ISO-certified and it held so much value which helped me pass through the university outside India. Great academy with even greater mentors who will guide you through every step of your way..

Vanshika Grover :Great experience to have learned hard way and come up with an impeccable, high qualified data analyst. The course content was sure short but it was worth it all. Within some time I was able to reap maximum knowledge out of this course. They promised to equip with the best job in an MNC after the course completion, which was proven true. Near the end of my course in business analytics, I started to receive plenty of interview calls, and I gave it a shot. I was selected within my first interview, and I must say Techstack surely has a soft part of my heart as it helped me groom thoroughly within my interest of course along with getting me placed so easily.