Best Business Analytics course syllabus in India, It has already been seen that the demand for business analytics trained professionals are steadily increasing since the last few years. And every organization out there is now trying their level best to use business analytics to make well-informed decisions for their business. Business analytics usually includes quantitative and statistical analysis along with predictive modelling and data mining.

This is the reason why the best analytics course is very high in demand in the market. And because of that people are searching for the best business analytics course syllabus in India that they can find. Since this market is growing incredibly, multiple job opportunities are also opening up along with great salary packages.

Why go for business analytics?

  • It can help you make logical commercial decisions which will help in the growth of the entire organisation.
  • You will get a better understanding of the available primary and secondary data in a comprehensive manner.
  • After getting the business analytics course certification, you will get a competitive edge since skilled professionals in this domain are in high demand.
Best Business Analytics course syllabus in India
Best Business Analytics course syllabus in India

Best business analytics course syllabus in India.

For a business analytics course to be the best one, it has to be comprehensive. And most importantly it has to be upgraded according to the current industry standards. Each and every tool required today in the business analytics market should be covered in the course.

Here are the best business analytics course syllabus in India.

1.  Techstack.

At Techstack,  we only deliver the best and standard quality training in basic business analytics. Our trainers are experienced with more than 12 years of experience in multinational companies. We believe in letting your creative ideas flow into making innovations. We also provide training for interviews and placement assistance.

These are the topics that you will be learning in the basic business analytics course.

  • Introduction.
  • Data and Analytics.
  • Dashboard designing using Excel.
  • Basics of statistics.
  • Introduction of Data science.
  • Business statistics and application.
  • Economic analysis for business decisions.
  • Marketing metrics for analysis.
  • Data mining.
  • Prescriptive Analytics.
  • Fundamentals of python and data importing and exporting in Python.
  • Data manipulation and visualisation with R.
  • Data preparation using R.
  • Predictive modelling concepts.
  • Correlation and linear regression.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Introduction to Data Analytics using python.
  • Pandas and numpy package.
  • Introduction to machine learning.

2.  Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon.

They provide PGP-BA program in business analytics and the course is comprehensive. The duration of the program is 11 months and includes both classroom sessions along with technology aided learning. In between successive classes, the candidates will also be able to take online classes and access different learning materials like assignments, readings and more.

3. IIIT, Bangalore.

  The basic concepts of Data Analytics are beautifully explained in this course. Along with the concepts you’ll also learn that Tools and techniques used for day-to-day business decision applications.

4.  IIM, Lucknow.

Indian Institute of management korma Lucknow and Kelley School of Business, USA has come together to bring forward a part-time certificate program in business analytics. Highly experienced faculty teach this course and it is a combination of both classroom and online learning. The candidates can access the course from any location.

These are the top 4 picks for the best business analytics course syllabus in India. Techstack is the best choice for you because this course certification is great for both beginners and even someone who is working in the IT industry.

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