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Let's Talk About Graphic Designing Course in Delhi
This is one of the best place to learn website designing. We provide different modules of web development courses, starting from Initial level to Advance level website design.
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Graphic Designing
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Dynamic Website
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Responsive Website
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Introduction of
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Vs Open Cart
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Landing Page Creation
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Graphic Designing

We have 15 Modules in Website designing and these Modules are divided into 2 parts, so that we easily cover initial level to advance level of web design.Our Web Designing course is specially designed for beginners and newbies for better career.

Photoshop CC

  1. Dashboard Set Up
  2. Basic Selections / More Selections
  3. Layers Panel
  4. Crop Tool
  5. Brush Tool
  6. Clone Stamp Tool
  7. Healing Tools
  8. Content Aware Fill & Move Tool
  9. Eraser Tools
  10. Blur, Sharpen & Smudge Tools
  11. Layer Mask
  12. Black & White with Color
  13. History Panel and History Brush
  14. Pen Tool and Path
  15. Vector Shapes / Vector Smart Objects
  16. Raster Smart Objects
  17. Clipping Mask
  18. Dodge, Burn & Sponge Tools
  19. Gradients
  20. Patterns
  21. Make Seamless Texture in Adobe Photoshop
  22. Layer Styles / Blending Options
  23. Vanishing Point Filter
  24. Face Aware Liquify
  25. Puppet / Perspective Warp
  26. Stroke on Path
  27. Deal with Scratch Disk Full Error

illustrator CC

  1. Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  2. Dashboard Setup
  3. Selection Tool
  4. Direct Selection Tool
  5. Pen Tool
  6. Pen Tool and Shape Builder
  7. All About Strokes
  8. Rotate Tool + Wrist Watch Illustration
  9. Learn Gradients
  10. Learn Scale, Shear, Reshape and Free Transform Tools
  11. Learn Pathnder and make Icons
  12. Type Tool
  13. Typography
  14. Types of Masks
  15. Color and Pattern Swatches
  16. Custom Brushes
  17. Mesh Tool
  18. All about Layers Panel
  19. Appearance Panel
  20. Blend Tool
  21. Perspective Grid
  22. 3D in Illustrator
  23. Image Trace and Live Paint
  24. Envelope Distort
  25. Transform Panel and Transform Each
  26. Artboard Tool and Settings
  27. Path Menu


  1. Introduction of Adobe XD
  2. Asset pannel
  3. Ui Kits
  4. Layer pannel
  5. Navigation pannel options
  6. How to Make Style Changes Across Artboards
  7. How to Make a Prototype
  8. Artboard for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Devices
  9. Pen tool
  10. Alignment and Pathnder
  11. One App Screen of Trendy UI Design
  12. Gradient
  13. How to apply Fill and Shadow
  14. Wireframe & Design Adobe XD
  15. Layers & Symbols
  16. Design a Working Switch UI Adobe XD
  17. Design 10 Icons Adobe XD
  18. Pen Tool Tips Adobe XD
  19. Scrollable Artboards
  20. Color & Character Styles
  21. Create Floating Shadows
  22. Create Grids for Responsive Design
  23. How & Why to Prototype
  24. Responsive Layout Grids
  25. Create Guides in Adobe XD | 2 Minute
  26. Create Working Overlays
  27. Calculations in Adobe XD | 2 Minute


  1. Introduction of Indesign CC
  2. New Document and Page Setup Settings
  3. Presets, Bleeds and Slug Setups
  4. Save, Save as and Save a Copy Commands
  5. What are Open Open As and Open a copy commands
  6. How to use Pick Tool (Picker Tool)
  7. Making Transformation Skew using Pick tool
  8. Cut, Copy and Paste Command
  9. Working with Rulers and Zero Point
  10. Content Placer Tool Paste and Link and its Usage
  11. Changing Colour values and Swatches
  12. Eyedropper and Picker Tool
  13. Zoom and Pan Tool | Tips
  14. Creating, Editing and Applying a Master Page
  15. Adding Automatic Page Numbering in Master Page
  16. How to Increase the Paste Board Area
  17. How to add Indent in a Paragraph Style
  18. Creating a Blank Rule Using Paragraph Style
  19. How to use or Turn O Hyphenation
  20. Editing and Selecting Text Forth and Back
  21. Creating Facing pages
  22. Importing and Placing Images

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Why Choose Web Designing course with Techstack?

Industry Experst's Trainer
In-depth practicle web designing training
Provide Live project Training in on-going project
Help you in built your own website
Best customized syllabus
Doubt class session
Provide Free Demo class
100% corporate oriented training
Prefered Small batch size
Easy installments course fees

Why Techstack is the best choice for you?

We provide a learning schedule that suits you. All Techstack website designing courses have been developed in consultation with industry professionals. This means you get a qualification that is industry endorsed and provides you with an excellent link to the career of your choice.We have experienced trainers who has more than 12 years of experience in MNC. Web Designing is a strategic based work. You need to know both things basic and advanced of Web Designing aspects.
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A person who qualified their intermediate from any school, college students, business owners or an entrepreneur can join our web designing course. They must have computer knowledge and little good communication skills to become a perfect web designer. If you think, you can join web designing institute in Delhi then visit techstack in Saket to apply.

What can you become after web designing course?

As TechStack is well known institute, most of the IT corporates approch us for employee hirings. Hence we will assure you to get place after web design course. Companies looking hiring for-

Web Designer- Executive/Sr. executive/Manager
Web Developer
Graphic & Web Designer
Graphic Designer

Who can Join web development courses??

Our web design course is created on the basis of the different Profession. The person who qualified their intermediate from any school, college students, business owner or enterpreneure can join this web courses. IT Professionals, Students, Business Owner, Enterpreneurs.

Why Join TechStack?

TechStack is one of the best advance Web designing institute in Delhi that provide demand oriented web design course and provide 100% practicle training that help you in growing competitive industry.We assure you for-

  • Industrial project based practicle training
  • We have well experienced and professional trainer
  • We provide project based training as well as software base training
  • 100% job placement Assistance
  • Our students get placement in top MNC Companies.

About us

We are invested in you, and one of our top priorities is to ensure that you have a better understanding of how the Web Industry functions. We do our best to equip you with all the web design skills you would need. Our specialists will continually stay updated with everything occurring in the Web.