Looking for the best advanced artificial intelligence 6 month course? We will be happy to be at your service. 

Why artificial intelligence today?

Technology is one aspect which is getting more and more upgraded regularly. And in this changing scenario, artificial intelligence is growing with a extremely fast pace and if you want to survive in this industry, you need to be up to date. Large tech companies are giving priority to artificial intelligence today, even companies like Google. And since the demand for data scientists, machine learning experts and other professionals in the artificial intelligence industry is increasing, this  advanced artificial intelligence 6 month course can prove to be incredibly valuable for you.

It is a known fact that in the future, artificial intelligence will be at the top and almost every organisation or company will be using it.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence 6 Month Course Modules
Advanced Artificial Intelligence 6 Month Course Modules

Why choose us for an advanced artificial intelligence course?

We take pride in telling you that we provide the best quality training in advanced artificial intelligence today. Our trainers have more than 12 years experience in multinational companies and are well acquainted in the field. We focus on creative ideas, quality training, smart classes along with 100% placement assistance.

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence 6 month course program.

We have trained more than 18000 professionals in India and we want you to upgrade your skills with Techstack Academy. We provide you the best updated course and we also provide mock interviews to prepare you for the placement sessions.

Our advanced artificial intelligence course is one of the best out there and you will learn every skill you require to apply in web and social media. Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, student, or a college trainee, this course is for each and everyone who is interested for a boost in the artificial intelligence industry.

Our advanced artificial intelligence curriculum has 17 modules. And here they are-

  • Introduction to python.
  • Python basics.
  • Introduction to machine learning.
  • Machine learning concepts.
  • Supervised learning.
  • Advanced supervised machine learning concepts.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Sentiment analyzer..
  • Latent sentiment analysis.
  • Article spinning.
  • Tensorflow and neural network.
  • Convolutional neural network.
  • Object detection.
  • Face detection.
  • Motion analysis and object tracking.

You will also be given assessments and projects to do so that you can get an hands on experience with the course. The course will start with the basics and we’ll move on to the advanced topics which will not only clear your concept but will also help you in the practical projects.

Our advanced artificial intelligence 6 month course will be a great option for you to start a career in the field of artificial intelligence scientist, applied AI engineers, Architects, Technology Architects, solution engineers and more.

Still not sure?

We are the perfect team of industry experts who have more than 10 years of experience in the field. Each and every member of techstack is smart, focused and dedicated to give you a training which is both functional and practical.

All our students have given us a positive response and we assure you that our advanced artificial intelligence 6 month course module is the best out there that you can find.

Join us now and give a kick start to your position in the artificial intelligence industry.

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