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Advance Web Designing Institute in Noida Associated Partner
Advance Web Designing Training in Noida Associated Partner
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At Techstack, we believe in providing a full-fledged course of your desire where our industry experts have designed a top-notch curriculum just for you.

  • Advance Web Designing Curriculum (16 Module)

    Introduction to Web Designing

    • 2 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is web designing?
    • Different types of web designing
    • Differentiating between web designing and web development
    • Understanding how websites work
    • Start coding with HTML, CSS, javascript
    • Design fundamentals
    • Responsive web design
    • Uncluttered and user-friendly
    • Navigation
    • Other fundamentals to easy designing
    • Get an in-depth training program with Techstack Academy in an advanced web designing course in Noida. This is the very first module of the course in which you will learn about web designing, its types and all fundamental knowledge. Web designing is the process of developing a group of web pages which gives us information about services, brands, personal details and other information. You will learn how to make your website completely responsive and how you use different technologies step by step. With this domain you will learn how to design and create creative and user friendly websites.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is HTML?
    • Structure of HTML documents and tags
    • List and Table tags
    • Basics of HTML coding
    • Elements of HTML
    • Image Tags
    • XML vs HTML5
    • Best practices and strategies to learn HTML
    • HTML and CSS
    • Fundamentals of HTML in web technology
    • This module covers HTML fundamentals which is the language used to design web pages. HTML is known as the standard markup language. In our web design course in Noida, you will learn about basic coding of HTML with all the elements used in this language. You will learn how to apply images, text formatting, and table structure in any web page. Our trainers will teach you how to design a HTML website step by step. HTML is the most used language to design websites and you can use multiple different languages with HTML coding.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Learn the anatomy of HTML syntax
    • Structure to your HTML5 websites
    • HTML boilerplate and HTML doctypes
    • How to structure text in HTML
    • Ways to insert images in HTML
    • Learn HTML best practices
    • HTML divs and how to separate content for CSS styling
    • Lists to create unordered and ordered lists
    • HTML forms
    • Creation of simple contact me form
    • Learn HTML5 fundamentals with Techstack Academy in our web design course in Noida. HTML5 is used to write web applications and designs. This coding also works when you are not connected to the internet. HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML programming and provides you with better ways to design any web application which supports many things which HTML doesn’t support. In HTML, you can directly use video and audio to your web pages with their HTML tags. In this module, you will learn step by step programming of HTML5 to design your pages responsive and more functioned.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to DHTML
    • Bold, Italic, and underline tags in DHTML
    • Insertion of relevant images
    • Using anchor tags for hyperlinks
    • Creating web page layouts
    • Types of lists
    • Difference between HTML and DHTML
    • How table tags work in HTML
    • Embedding through frame tag
    • Tips and tricks to excel in DHTML
    • Techstack Academy has an experienced group of trainers who provide you with a training program with advanced techniques. DHTML stands for dynamic hypertext markup language which is generally not a programming or markup language but a term only which combines features of different technologies which are used to develop dynamic web pages to build more attractive and interactive applications. You can create little animations and dynamic menus with the help of DHTML. In this module of advanced web design course in Noida, you will be taught all the necessary technologies used in DHTML with a practical approach.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to CSS2.O
    • CSS layout principles
    • Properties and elements of CSS
    • Difference between CSS and CSS2.O
    • CSS2.O syntax basic data types
    • Specifications of CSS2.O
    • Internal and external CSS
    • Selectors of CSS
    • Text and font formatting
    • Font styling
    • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is a programming language to style web pages and web applications. CSS is generally used for coding elements with different properties which are mainly used to lay out structured web pages. The extension used to save the css files are ‘.css’. It is used to include different colors, layouts and fonts to a web page to make it more interactive. CSS are mainly of three types which are inline css, internal css, and external css. You can use any kind of css to format your page, the structure of all css types are the same. You will learn complete css in our web design course in Noida.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Understand what are cascading style sheets
    • Ways to use the cascading style sheets
    • How to use CSS selectors and properties
    • CSS vs Ids and its target ways
    • Learn the anatomy of CSS syntax and structure
    • How to use CSS float and clear
    • How to combine CSS selectors and understand selector priority
    • Font styling using CSS and web-safe fonts
    • Centering elements using CSS
    • CSS specificity and implementing style hierarchy
    • CSS3 is the latest version of CSS and used to style and format a HTML document to make it more live. It is the improved version of css previous version CSS2. CSS3 has improved separate standard modules and is easy to understand and learn. This language is used in web designing. This language is used to augment the functionality, efficiency and versatility performance of the site content. It is very easy to use in HTML programming and to format structured content. In this module of web designing course in Noida, our trainers provide you steps to build the css files.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Dreamweaver
    • Dreamweaver CC fundamentals
    • Anatomy of a webpage
    • Interface overview
    • Understanding CSS
    • Working with text
    • Working with images
    • Adobe Dreamweaver
    • Fundamentals of Dreamweaver
    • important tips and tricks on how to use Dreamweaver
    • Dreamweaver is a tool which is used to create responsive and interactive web pages. This software is developed by Adobe Systems and it is the first proprietary web development tool which was created by Macromedia in 1997. It is widely used to build websites for all kinds of internet and devices. On this software, you can build your design, code it and manage it as well for the mobile view. It is giving you the platform to run your code directly with the software. This software is available for OS X and windows. You will learn this incredibly flexible website builder in our web designing course in Noida and it is also the best tool for beginners too.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Fundamentals of JavaScript
    • Discussions of ECMAScript
    • Intermediate JavaScript
    • Expressions and statements
    • Different elements
    • Rules of language and quirks
    • Dynamic interactivity
    • Code structures
    • JavaScript concepts and Syntax
    • This module of advanced web designing in Noida belongs to Javascript technology which is commonly used to create web pages. This technology allows us to add some special effects to the website. Javascript is a widely used language and mostly used for validation purposes and it helps us to execute many complex actions at one time and allows us to enable interaction of websites with visitors. It is an easy to learn programming language which is one of the high level and interpreted languages widely used with HTML, CSS and other languages.

    JavaScript ES6

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • The fundamentals of code
    • Starting code with alerts and prompts
    • Understanding variables and data types in JavaScript
    • Variable naming in JS
    • Loops, collections, and conditionals
    • Randomization and logical operators
    • Intermediate JavaScript
    • Object-oriented programming
    • JS objects and prototypes
    • Refactoring and debugging
    • Javascript ES6 stands for javascript Ecmascript 2015 which is the major version of javascript. Javascript ES6 brings new syntax and many new features to code easy and build modern content more readable and reliable. In this technology, you write some and do more. There are many new features available in javascript ES6 like template strings, arrow functions, class destruction, rest and spread operator, promises and many more. Techstack Academy makes you career ready with these advanced technologies and provides you with A-grade learning programs.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of Jquery
    • Installation and usage of the Jquery framework
    • Learning about Jquery functionality
    • Use your Jquery knowledge
    • Make your websites interactive
    • Introduction to functions in Jquery
    • Creation of animations and customizations
    • Responding to user
    • Events creation with Jquery
    • Manipulating text, styles, and attributes with Jquery
    • In this module, you will learn about how JQuery works and how you can create some animations and design text, and styles. JQuery is actually a very fast, yet small javascript feature rich library which is used to manipulate the HTML document. It is a very lightweight library of javascript and the main purpose of jquery is to provide you with an easier way to use Javascript functions on your website easily. In JQuery, there are written common tasks which require many lines of javascript coding to achieve but you can do them easily with the help of Jquery by calling functions only with single lines of code.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Bootstrap and its functioning
    • Usage and applications of Bootstrap
    • How to use Balsamiq to mockup and wireframe websites
    • Installation of Bootstrap framework
    • Learn to use other Bootstrap components
    • Adding symbols using appealing fonts
    • Add bootstrap cards to your website
    • Using bootstrap navigation bars
    • Learn to use Bootstrap carousels
    • The fundamentals of UI design for websites
    • Bootstrap is a modern framework which helps you to design html websites a lot faster and easier. They have HTML and CSS based templates for forms, tables, navigation, buttons, typography, image carousels, modals and more. The best thing about bootstrap is that it supports javascript plugins too. It is an open source template which is used for front end development to create web apps and websites. With our step by step learning program of bootstrap you can easily design interactive templates. At Techstack Academy, we always try to provide you with advanced quality learning programs.

    Responsive Designs

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Fundamentals to responsive Web Design
    • Key elements of responsive Web Design
    • Three major components
    • Knowing the UI/UX thoroughly
    • Basic coding with HTML and CSS3
    • Proven 7-real world steps to fully understand
    • Designing with media queries
    • Formatting with CSS
    • Guidelines to make your website stand out
    • In our advanced web designing course in Noida, you can learn how to design responsive modern designs with the help of our step by step learning program. We will teach you fundamentals of responsive web design and what are the main three components of responsive designing. We have designed an updated curriculum with advanced methods of designing skills with tools. You can learn how to develop a web app on your own with the knowledge. Learn with us to make your career and enhance your skills. We will teach you how to manage css and other scripts with responsive designing.

    DOM (Document Object Model)

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to DOM
    • Know the basics of DOM
    • Learn the tree structure of HTML based websites
    • Object-oriented elements
    • Traverse through the document using object notation
    • Separation of concerns
    • Best practices for coding
    • Understanding of DOM
    • Language independent-interface
    • Representation of the documents
    • DOM (Document object Model) can be broadly defined as a cross-platform interface that treats XML and HTML tree structures in nodes. The DOM model is an important model of modern web designing. The fees of our web design course can also be submitted online via a variety of platforms, making it easier to pay and complete the course in suitable duration. You will learn all the modules with advanced features and clearing all your doubts under the guidance of our experienced trainers.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to XML
    • Encoding documents
    • Definition of a different set of rules
    • Application programming interface
    • Difference between HTML and XML
    • Transportation of data
    • Configuration of data sets
    • Human/machine-readable format
    • Number of records in the XML file
    • Easy installation of XML
    • Techstack academy provides you key programming skills in our Web Designing course in Noida which describes the complete process of creating web applications. With the help of our modules you will become a pro with the help of our website designing tools, like Bootstrap, javascript models, dreamweaver and others. Our trainers help you in describing how to write well potential code which is best to create an interactive front end application. We provide you hands-on training in different modules of functionality of website designing. With the help of step by step learning all the modules you will be able to plan, prepare and build unique website designs.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Content management systems- PHP based software
    • Creation of simple and easy websites
    • WordPress custom theme designing
    • Mobile applications UI- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4
    • Custom website preloaders- HTML5, CSS3
    • Complete website designing
    • Game development and designing
    • Logo, brochure, and pamphlet designing
    • Coding of languages with CSS3 and JavaScript
    • Ways to host a website
    • Techstack Academy provides best website designing training in Noida as per the current industry standards. Our training program will enable professionals to secure their seats with opportunities in MNCs. We are providing world-class training programs for all the candidates who want to become complete professionals in the field of website designing. With the support of our best trainers who specialized in great teaching tactics, we always make our candidates proficient in the field. Once you are with us, we will support you in every possible way to learn website designing languages very easily. Techstack is one of the best and most recommended website designing training institutes in Noida which offers hands-on practical programming with the help of live projects and will ensure you career opportunities on the basis of advanced website designing training courses.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • After successful completion of an advanced website designing course program in Noida from Techstack Academy, students will be rewarded with certification which will help you in future in getting jobs into this particular field. You will be guided under the supervision of our most experienced industry expert trainers and have live project training in many modules. You will get in-depth knowledge in each module with a combination of theory and practical learning. Join Techstack Academy to have all these benefits and make your dream career in the web designing field.
  • Capstone Project
  • Career Assistance: Resume building, Mock interviews, 1:1 mentorship and Career fair
  • Program Certificate from Orangus India and Techstack Academy

Languages and Tools Covered

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Certificate from The Orangus India and TechStack Academy

Capstone Projects

Live Projects from the Partner Agency ( Orangus & Team Variance ).

Projects Completed




Link shortener website

In this project, you'll learn how to build a website that shortens URLs.


Build a custom google maps

In this project, you’ll be creating and styling a custom Google Map.


Simple web contact form

A form often needs to be used to pass data to various other applications.


Weather forecast website

Make a web app to see the current weather and the weather forecast for next 7 days.


RSS feed reader

Building an RSS feed readerto get real-time content updates.


Personal website SEO setup

In this project, you'll build a simple personal profile page hosted under your own domain.


Deploy your dev resume

get familiar with HTML and CSS through creating your developer resume.


Temperature converter website

create a simple app to convert temperatures from one unit into another.

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Advance Web Designing course review

Reena SharmaWD

Techstack Academy has experienced teaching staff and also very supportive management staff. I have completed my web designing training from here and it was worth it as I got my job just after completing my training. I must say quality is always at Techstack Academy. Thank you so much.

Advance Web Designing training review

Rajeev SanchanWD

Techstack Academy has advanced professional training facilities and covers all the web designing course concepts with theory and practical sessions. They provide in-depth quality training programs and you can take online or offline classes according to your choice. They will help you in working on live projects.

Advance Web Designing institute review

Mohit PandayWD

I am very grateful to Techstack Academy who has given me these awesome placement opportunities just after completing my web designing course. To learn from Techstack was the best decision of my life and I am so happy with the whole training program and faculties they have. Thank you so much.

Advance Web Designing course in Noida review

Ankush TiwariWD

Techstack Academy is a really good place to learn advanced web designing courses and you will learn advanced tips and techniques to design your web application more effectively. Trainers are dedicated towards students and provide solutions for each doubt. They provide 100% placement assistance and guidance to crack interviews easily.

Advance Web Designing training in Noida review

Sneha TiwariWD

I took a web designing course from Techstack Academy, Noida. They have provided us with the best training program. They have good experienced trainers who teach us step by step. Training at Techstack with these experienced trainers was a great experience. Has good exposure to web designing tools and frameworks.

Advance Web Designing course review

Isha DhimanWD

Techstack Academy is a best training institute for web designing courses in Noida. You will learn new and advanced techniques of the field. Undoubtedly their training program is fabulous and completely practical oriented which enhances your skills to a higher level. I learnt a lot here. Thank you so much Techstack!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a Tech Background to learn a web designing course in Noida?

No, it’s not necessary to have a complete technology background to learn our web designing course in Noida at Techstack Academy. You only require passion for learning web designing programs and our trainers will dedicatedly help you in learning courses in the most interactive way. We will provide you with a step by step practical approach to make it easy to understand and learn. You will become an expert of the field, if you do right practice with proper knowledge material.

What are the major tools and softwares used in web designing?

Every website designer used its own set of steps and tools to design web pages according to their interest. There are many tools available which are widely used and you can use them too easily for designing purposes.

  • Paper and pencil to roughly design your imagination of website or web page design.
  • For Low fidelity mockups and prototyping and wireframing, you can use Balsamiq
  • For high fidelity mockups and prototyping to interact and animation you can use Adobe XD/ SKetch
  • To design visual design, icons, and other various vectors, you can use Adobe Illustrator.
  • To image manipulation and designing some web graphics, you can use Adobe Photoshop.
You can learn about these tools and softwares easily with our web designing course in Noida. We have a bunch of professional trainers who will help you in each step of the learning program.

What are the career opportunities available in the field of web designing professionals?

In Modern web designing, every step and modules are well defined and assigned to specific people who have similar skill sets for the particular assigned work. A web designer can take care of many steps at a time also but the most important thing is that works are defined separately. A designer can have multiple skill sets and can do multiple roles at the same time. Some roles for modern web designer are:

  • Web designer
  • Web graphic designer
  • Web illustrator
  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • Front end developer

Which option is better for doing web designing courses in Noida- online or offline?

Both are great options as long as you're passionate about learning. We believe that if you are new to web design, an offline or classroom training in web designing is a better choice. You might have many questions as you go through the web design course. Online courses have limited content, which can sometimes limit your learning. But when you take an online classroom training program just like offline, you can learn directly by your trainer and you can ask as many questions as you want during the training period to clear your doubts. Techstack Academy provides both online and offline classroom learning programs which you can do according to your choice.

Where should I learn a web designing course in Noida?

You should do some research to find the best institute offering web design courses in Noida to learn from the best in the market. Only a few institutes in Noida offer a real web design course. Instead, the majority of institutes offer web development courses. The Techstack Academy recognized the need and created a web designing course that is aligned with 'Designer's Profile'. It covers modern web design aspects. Join our course to become a full time web designer with many expert skills.

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Know More About Techstack

What is responsive designing and why is it important?

Responsive design is the way you put together a website to automatically scale its content and elements to fit the size of the screen no matter on which device you are viewing the website. This prevents images from being too large for the screen and makes it easier for mobile users to view your content. Responsive web design is a great way to ensure your website's future security. Knowing your audience and the device they use to view your website is a key component of responsive web design. Techstack Academy helps you in learning responsive web designing courses in Noida with the help of professional trainers.

What languages are used in front end development?

Front End development is done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Front End developers implement the structure, design and behavior of all web apps, websites, or mobile apps that are displayed on browser screens.These languages are easy to learn, flexible and allow for creativity. These languages and JavaScript frameworks with jquery libraries are essential for Front End developers. We, at Techstack, will teach you how to design web applications step by step with the help of these languages and their frameworks. Learn with us to get advanced knowledge in all modules.

Why is javascript used in web designing?

Techstack Academy’s advanced web designing course covers all the important aspects related to web design such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery with graphic designing modules too. JavaScript, a text-based programming language that can be used on both the client-side as well as the server-side, allows you to make interactive web pages. This scripting language is a text-based programming language that allows you to make web pages dynamically interactive. JavaScript is a way to add behavior to web pages. A HTML page is static and would not be able to use JavaScript without it. JavaScript can make a website interactive and more user-friendly. JavaScript allows for easy navigation and allows designers to provide additional information and walkthroughs.

Is HTML and CSS enough for web designing?

HTML and CSS can be used to create static websites without forms, database access, or dynamic updates such as RSS feeds. These two are sufficient to create the following features: A left or top navigation bar with clickable hyperlinks, separators and thumbnails. Body with main content, images and so on. You can learn HTML and CSS coding in depth with us in our web designing course in Noida where we will teach according to the latest updates in the market. You will have the chance to work on live projects to enhance your skills in this field.

Is bootstrap good for beginners?

Bootstrap is mainly a open source front end framework which is used generally to design easily effective web pages very fast and it can make your web pages responsive automatically. This framework has many predefined classes which makes designing very easy for developers. You can use bootstrap with little knowledge of HTML and CSS coding. And yes it is the best framework for beginners to design impressive websites which look professional. Many web developers use bootstrap to easily style web applications. We also cover bootstrap designing in our advanced web designing course in Noida where you will be taught under the guidance of industry experts.

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As we know, your future and careers depends on us, we make sure to deliver a holistic view of the entire syllabus that we provide, helping you attain in-depth knowledge.

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June 2019 Batch

Simran Choudhry :Techstack Academy is a great place to get knowledge in programming, security, cloud computing, and networking.I have completed an Advance web designing course in Noida and It is taught in a professional way. You can learn online or in person from the friendly and supportive trainers. This professional web design course is very affordable and offers the most rewarding learning experience. They offer the most effective courses and have the best teachers. The teaching method is unique and highly effective. Techstack is the best place to learn web designing. They have a great placement department that provides excellent placement. I would like to recommend this institute to all my friends and family.

Sambhav Jain :I have done a web designing course from Techstack Academy. I enjoyed the entire course. I also have knowledge in web designing before and loved the way of teaching here. I understand all topics thoroughly. If anyone misses a lecture, he/she can repeat the class in another extra session to continue the missed lecture. It is a top institute for website designing course and digital marketing course in Noida. All mentors at this institute are dedicated and supportive. They teach in a very practical way and provide real-life examples to help students understand the concepts in-depth. They pay equal attention to all of them. They not only clear the concept, but also help us build confidence to be competitive in our current industry. Thank you for providing me with this best training program.

Japneet Singh :I have just finished the Advance web designing course at Techstack Academy. The first few days of training were in an offline classroom training environment. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it was moved to an online platform with the same teacher. No additional fees were charged for this change. Sir has taken all the classes on time and provided us with a thorough learning program . He never lost sight of his students and taught with advanced techniques and tools. He never missed any concept of web designing, and he was able to solve our any doubts. Very great learning program with a great environment. Thank you for providing the best training in this difficult time too.

Pankaj Rathi :I have completed my web designing training with Techstack. I am looking forward to taking other courses from Techstack Academy in the future too as they provide the best advanced learning programs. I am Feeling blessed. Thank you Techstack Team for the high-quality training course in Web designing with all the required technologies. The plus side is that they have highly skilled, qualified and experienced trainers. It was really a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning a web designing course at the highest level. The Best Institute that helped me to improve my career as a front end developer. The trainers are friendly and have a good understanding of networking, which helped me understand every aspect of it. Techstack Academy, Thank You.

Aarushi Dhingra :I have completed my web design course from Techstack. This institute has given me a lot of Knowledge in front end web development. The staff and the faculty are wonderful in helping you achieve your dreams. They are always available to answer any type of your doubts, even if they have a hundred. They also provided 100% assistance in placement and help you in making your future. The placement staff also help students with mock interviews and communication sessions. Thank you Techstack for everything.

Upasna Sabarwal :Techstack Academy is an excellent place to learn advanced web designing courses in Noida. Every day you will learn something new about web designing techniques and tools at Techstack. Our queries are always solved by our trainers with advanced methods. Our training program was very helpful as our trainers guided us through each module. They provide excellent placement guidance. Their trainers are very experienced and can provide a great learning experience. It was an amazing experience to train with Techstack experts. Excellent exposure to practical learning. I was able to get a job all because of the talented trainers of Techstack. Thank you to Techstack Academy.