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At Techstack, we believe in providing a full-fledged post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi of your desire where our industry experts have designed a top-notch curriculum just for you.

  • Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Curriculum (40 Module)

    Introduction to AI

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview of AI
    • Applications of AI
    • AI foundation and history
    • Structure type of AI
    • Description of several issues and ethical concerns surrounding AI
    • Articulate advice
    • Intro to Data Science and ML
    • Functional areas of AI
    • Tools and techniques used in AI
    • Analyzing the data

    To choose the best post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi, you must visit Techstack Academy! We provide ample knowledge and a rigorous curriculum that is prone to help you in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve you with the best of knowledge. Gain an entire overview of AI articulate advice, functional areas of AI along with analyzing the data accumulated. Our professionals are always available to assist you with providing the right information when required.

    Introduction to Analytics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Analytics?
    • Different types of Analytics
    • Importance of Analytics in Business
    • Organizations using Business Analytics
    • Data & Analytics
    • Data Dictionary Data Types
    • Data Handling
    • Business Data Using Excel
    • How does Business Analytics perform?
    • Tools and techniques required for a better understanding

    Business Analytics has been rapidly gaining popularity among practitioners and academicians which is a conceptual foundation that has existed for centuries. We, at Techstack, offer courses for artificial intelligence that is designed to transform unstructured, nonstandardized big data originated from multiple sources into meaningful information helpful for a better career decision.
    With 10+ years of experience, we have delivered the utmost knowledge and extravagant skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence, to plenty of students. Keeping the same regard in mind or courses for Business Analytics is engraved in a manner with a closed-loop framework seeking continuous process improvement through monitoring and learning

    Introduction to Excel Environment

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Understanding of data calculations in Excel
    • Formatting of data calculation
    • Introduction to Excel Interface
    • MS Excel functions
    • Understanding about Sorting, Filtering & Validation MS
    • Excel charts
    • Pivot Table
    • Understanding of Data Tools Panel
    • Basics of Macro Recording
    • Features of MS Excel

    We, at Techstack, believe in assisting you with our knowledgeable skills, from the very beginning starting with an introduction to helping you learn about formatting, MS functioning, Excel charts, Pivot table till the basics of Macro recording and the extensive features of MS excel. We are recognized as one of the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institutes in India, that offer several innovative learning methods with uniquely created modules for the betterment of your understanding. We also provide corporate training on a variety of cutting-edge technologies in many fields, as per your preferences.

    Dashboard Designing in Excel

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Dashboards
    • Trends, and Scenario using charts
    • Advanced charting Techniques
    • Designing Sample Dashboard
    • Using from controls
    • Tips and Tricks to enhance dashboard designing
    • Step-by-step Excel dashboard tutorial
    • Representation of data
    • Organizing data
    • Check-on the designed dashboard

    Get extensive knowledge about designing the dashboard in excel with Techstack Academy. Anybody who is keen to learn about how Artificial Intelligence dominates human behavior can go for an artificial intelligence course.
    The course contents are up-to-date and creatively supported by advanced training methodologies. We help students to develop professional traits required in succeeding in their careers. The skills and expertise acquired during training in our institute help students to move ahead in their careers immediately. Work ethics, step-by-step excel dashboard tutorials, and other professional etiquettes are taught to the students with regular exercise in the institute.

    Basics of statistics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Data types and their measures
    • Random varieties and their application with exercises.
    • Probability
    • Applications with examples
    • Probability distribution with example
    • Various graphic representation with
    • Data for analysis continuous
    • Discrete probability distribution
    • Computing probability from normal distribution central limit
    • Theorem for sampling

    Kickstart your project with the statistics of post graduation in artificial intelligence course at Techstack Academy! We always believe in delivering raw observations with the data solely, through which people are unaware of the particular information or knowledge. Know-how the ways of statistical inference with the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institute. Learn about data types acquired with random varieties along with certain applications along with examples to know about how graphic representations are done. There are different theorems, tools, and techniques provided for a wide reference to sampling and application of the statistics.

    Introduction to Data Science

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What are Analytics and Data Science?
    • Overview of Analytics and Data Science
    • Why is Analytics becoming popular now?
    • Application of Analytics in business
    • Analytics vs Data warehousing
    • MIS Reporting
    • Terminology in Analytics
    • Various Analytics Methodology
    • How Do Businesses Use the Power of Analytics?
    • Various Analytics tools and their usage

    Join our post graduation in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi that introduces concepts and skills which can help you tackle real-world data analysis challenges. Learn about a variety of techniques we tend to follow and introduce our students with which may involve an introduction to analytics, the MIS reporting, terminology, and various analytics that are present within their usage. Our class of data science focuses on breadth and present topics by giving you an introduction about data science, thoroughly instead of focusing on a single topic only. This will give you the opportunity to sample and apply the basic techniques of data science, taught by our professionals.

    Business statistics and application

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Sample V/S Population Probability Theory
    • Probability Distribution Concepts
    • Types of Distribution
    • Data Description – Numerical Measures of Central Tendency Data
    • Description – Numerical Measures of Variability
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Concepts of Hypothesis testing
    • Statistical Methods – Z/t – tests, ANOVA
    • Correlations and Chi-Square
    • Tools and techniques required for proper application

    Considering the term ‘Artificial intelligence’, there are various sectors where AI is broadly used. Technology has risen up at the highest in terms of AI, where plenty of sectors rely the most on AI inclusive of medical image analysis, predictive maintenance, HR systems, and more. Get complete Artificial Intelligence training in Delhi and get the best of all exposure with us! Or team, a Techstack Academy assures to provide you with everything that comes under business statistics, its application, concepts of hypothesis testing, statistical Methods, correlations, and Chi-Square. If you have a strong desire to learn AI course, get your hands laid on one of the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institutes in Delhi.

    Introduction to Python

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • An introductory remark about python
    • A brief history of python
    • How python is different from other languages
    • Python versions
    • Installing python
    • IDLE
    • How to execute python
    • Writing your first program
    • Ways to learn python in-depth
    • Functioning of Python

    Gain access to up-to-date content & expert-led courses at Techstack Academy! Get exclusive AI training in Python language with its brief history, versions, installation, and functioning. Python is a high-level, interpreted scripting language that acquires to be taught by industry-driven leaders. We believe teaching everything from scratch is the only way out to help our students excel in any of the fields that they choose. In order to ensure that, we execute Python with other programming languages in a different manner wherein you can use Python Shell-like IDLE, and take inputs from the user in our Python compiler.

    Python Basics

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Python Basics
    • Python keywords and identifiers
    • Python statements
    • Multi-line statements
    • Comments in Python
    • Command line
    • Use of inputs
    • Exercise
    • Modes of programming
    • Syntax and dynamic typing

    Get an exclusive ede over extravagant curriculum designed by industry-experts and trainers of Techstack Academy. We work on the latest case studies and projects helping you learn everything about Python and its programming. Our Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Training in Delhi focuses on teaching our students with the use of inputs, modes of programming along with syntax and dynamic typing and commenting in Python. The trainers are dedicated to help students reach utmost heights in terms of Python and its programming.

    Numpy Package

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Numpy?
    • Importing Numpy
    • Numpy Array creation and basic
    • Universal functioning of Numpy
    • Selecting and retrieving data
    • Data slicing
    • Iterating Numpy Data Shape
    • Manipulation, Stacking and
    • Splitting Arrays
    • Copies and Views: no copy, shallow copy, deep copy
    • Indexing: Arrays of indices,
    • Boolean Arrays

    Quickstart your tutorials for the Numpy package within our online post graduation in artificial intelligence course, with us! We are not only limited to providing you with online classes, but we also have a wide array of offline sessions available in two of our branches, Delhi & Noida. Enroll with our academy now, and get complete exposure to exclusive content derived by our professionals that will foster you for your better knowledge and understanding of Artificial Intelligence. We let you move ahead with our step-by-step procedure from importing Numpy to leading the data slicing and indexing of it with the appropriate tools available!

    Data Manipulation using Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Data Manipulation?
    • Role of Pandas in Data Manipulation
    • Data Alignment
    • Sorting and Ranking Summary
    • Statistics Missing Values
    • Merging data Concatenation
    • Combining Data
    • Framing of Pivot
    • Duplicates Binning
    • Tools used for manipulating the data

    Learn the basics of Pandas, which is widely considered as an industry-standard Python library that provides tools for data manipulation and analysis. Join our academy to know more about the artificial intelligence course syllabus in detail which is taught by our experts who have an experience of more than 8 years in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Learning at Techstack, you will be liable to unlock your potentials and know-how the ways of data manipulation, data alignment, framing of Pivot, duplicated binning, and get exposure to the best tools used for manipulating the data.

    Pandas Package

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Pandas overview
    • Importing Pandas
    • Object creation
    • Series Object with Data framing
    • Viewing Data
    • Selecting data by Label
    • Position Data Slicing
    • Boolean Indexing Setting Data
    • Learning about pandas package in-depth
    • Analyzing the data

    Have you heard that there are multiple package managers in the Python world? Get your hands laid on the most powerful, flexible and easy to use open source post graduation in artificial intelligence training in Delhi with Techstack Academy. We will enable you to convert and analyze in the most feasible manner. Become a certified AI expert, we train you to be job-ready for viewing data, positioning data slicing, learning about pandas packages in-depth and getting placed in the top company, to find a clear way for your future in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

    Python Advance: Data Mugging with Pandas

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Applying functions to data
    • Histogramming
    • String methods
    • Merge Data: Concat, Join and Append
    • Grouping, Reshaping, and Aggregation
    • Analysing Data for missing values
    • Filling missing values: fill with constant
    • Forward filling by removing
    • Duplicates
    • Transforming Data

    If you are willing to seek knowledge in terms of AI course in Delhi, you must understand that Pandas is a Python library that is very fast and lets you do exploratory work incredibly quickly via data analysis. In our course of the process, you will be learning in-depth about data analysis relating it with the programming language of Python, which is an approach that is used to analyze large data sets to summarize the main characteristics. You can easily duplicate, transform and merge data by learning Python Advance at Techstack Academy!

    Python Advance: Visualization with Matplotlib

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Anatomy of Matplotlib Plot
    • Basics of Matplotlib and its containers
    • Figures of Matplotlib
    • Components and properties
    • Axes and other graphical objects
    • Python libraries
    • Features of Matplotlib
    • Plotting coordinates
    • Downloading and installing the map
    • An overview of the techniques

    Learn to visualize multiple forms of data with our post graduation in artificial intelligence training. We, at Techstack, provide you with 360-degree knowledge of Python, relating to visualization, and other languages that will enable you to easily access and load data from files or from internet sources for data visualization. You will also learn how to create live graphs, modify and enhance them to make them visually appealing. The trainers at Techstack are always ready to assist you with different sections namely features of Matplotlib, components, properties, its figures, and an overview of the techniques used.

    Pylab And Pyplot

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Data for Matplotlib plots
    • What is a subplot?
    • Modifying the size of figures
    • Plotting routines with Pyplot
    • Customizing your Pyplot
    • Deleting an axes
    • Setting up of Plot titles, axes, and labels
    • Layout showing, saving, and closing
    • Saving of a plot with an image or Pdf file
    • Usage of Cla, Clf, or close

    To grow your skills in the particular field of AI is not as easy as it seems to be. For it, it requires complete detailing to the subtopics, wherein joining Techstack Academy, will ensure you learn about everything from the start. Our online post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi has professionals who intend to deliver you the knowledge all about modifying the sizes and figures, plotting the routines with Pyplot, setting up the titles, setting the layout, and many more. We focus on all the latest techniques that are used to set up the right Pyplot. Once you join our academy, you will be assured to get the job of your preference due to our great tie-ups with MNC’s.

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is Machine Learning?
    • History of Machine Learning
    • Learning how Artificial Intelligence relates to ML
    • Data Science vs Machine learning
    • Learning fundamentals of ML
    • Machine Learning concepts
    • Branches of ML
    • Learning modeling
    • Data preparation for modeling
    • Evaluation of the model

    Since machine learning has existed as a buzzword for the past few years, young students have acknowledged its importance to make a career in the same field. To help this come true, we have a complete section of ML in our post gtraduation in artificial intelligence training in Delhi, where we focus on providing you with complete knowledge of how AI is related to ML, its relation with Data Science, different branches of Machine Learning, data preparation and finally the evaluation of the complete preparation done. Moving with baby steps to newly emerged topics, we at Techstack are able to deliver the best of the knowledge in regard to Machine Learning.

    Supervised Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Classification
    • KNN
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naive
    • Bayes SVM
    • Decision Tree
    • Regression SVR
    • KNN Ridge
    • Model complexity
    • Generalization
    • Performance
    • Connection b/w model complexity & Generalization
    • Importance of feature scaling
    • Cross-validation for model evaluation

    Kick start your machine learning journey with supervised learning only at Techstack Academy! Explore our post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi and know-how the ways where supervised learning moves forward. We teach our students with carefulness, taking every student’s capability, understanding, and doubts in our mind. Lay your hands on the basics of learning where we explain the concept of supervised learning in-depth. We also go over the various types of problems that can be solved with the help of supervised learning techniques. These might involve extraordinary topics covered like the connection between model complexity and generalization, stating the importance of feature scaling with the cross-validation for model evaluation, and so on!

    Advanced Supervised Machine Learning Concepts

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to ML Concepts
    • Ensemble Learning
    • Learning of critical problem
    • Data leakage in machine
    • Detection of errors
    • Ways to avoid the errors from happening
    • The functioning of the maps
    • Characteristics of advanced supervised ML concepts
    • Algorithm analysis
    • Classification of groups and subgroups

    Learn plenty of advanced skills which you will be required to perform various real-world machine learning tasks in different environments. Our post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi sets the bar high above other competitors to deliver you the right information with the most advanced ML concepts that are supervised. These include easy detection of the errors, functioning of the maps, classification of the groups along algorithm analysis.
    Whether you’re a marketer, programmer, or videogame designer, Techstack Academy provides a course to help you apply machine learning to your work in the most feasible and proficient manner.

    Unsupervised Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • An overview of unsupervised learning
    • Branches of unsupervised learning
    • K-means clustering
    • Types of algorithms under unsupervised learning
    • Recommended engines
    • Difference b/w supervised and unsupervised
    • Patterns used under unsupervised learning
    • Inputs and outputs variable
    • Classification and labeling
    • Inferences of datasets

    The system of unsupervised learning is presented with example inputs and their desired outputs, which has a goal to learn a general rule that maps inputs to outputs. To run out for the courses of artificial intelligence, you need not fret, as we are right here to assist you with all the courses present. We at Techstack, teach our students with great understanding to provide meaningful information in terms of classification and labeling, Inferences of datasets, different kinds of algorithms, recommended engines, and clustering. If you're interested to explore programming and the artificial learning world, then go for this course.

    Natural Language Processing

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is natural language processing?
    • Objective of NLP
    • Advantages of NLP
    • NLP and NLTK
    • NLTK extension and exploration
    • Techniques used in NLP
    • Neural networking
    • NLP using Python
    • Analyzing text data
    • Comprehensive learning

    Get your skills laid on the natural language processing Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi. We, at Techstack, resolve the ultimate objectives of NLP which are to read, decipher, and understand whilst making sense to the human languages in a manner that it turns out to be enough valuable. To enhance your tech skills with our postgraduate courses in artificial intelligence, our trainers excel in the field of AI having experience of up to roughly 8 years of teaching comprehensively understanding the human language which requires an understanding of both the words and the concepts. This teaching is dedicated to delivering the intended message to the students, easily and efficiently.

    Sentiment Analyzer

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Description of sentiment analyzer
    • Preprocessing
    • Tokenization/Tokens to vectors
    • Sentiment analysis using Logistic Regression
    • Sentiment Lexicons
    • Regular Expressions
    • Twitter Sentiment
    • Tools used to analyze
    • Collecting the data
    • Final analysis

    Elevate your techy brain with the use of artificial intelligence, exclusively by seeking our AI course at Techstack Academy. We are a one-stop institute of artificial intelligence that focuses on delivering the utmost knowledge to our students with a variety of sub-topics covered under this particular topic. The simplicity of rules-based sentiment analysis makes it an outstanding option for basic document-level sentiment scoring of predictable text documents with survey responses. This also makes the most of it by enabling students to learn tokenizations, sentiment lexicons, collection of the data, and analyzing the whole.

    Latent Sentiment Analysis

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Latent sentiment analysis
    • PCA and SUD
    • LSA in Python
    • Fetching the data
    • Advanced LSA
    • Sentiment classification
    • Topic modeling
    • Tools and techniques
    • Analyzing the patterns
    • Controlling of the structure and the data types

    Learn text summarization, classification, and dimension reduction all in one with our Latent sentiment analysis. Join Techstack Academy, and know-how to generate matrix by using the words already existing in the paragraph. Our Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi enables you to learn maximum about the sentiment classification along with topic modeling, fetching the data carefully thereby analyzing the patterns and controlling the entire structure of the data and its types that are present. We will also provide you with the information to review Chi-Squared for feature selection along the way during your course.

    Article Spinning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • What is the article spinning?
    • An introduction to why we re-write and spin articles
    • Spinning N-gram model
    • The importance of article spinner
    • Different Softwares
    • Implementing article spinning with Python
    • Paid/Unpaid tools
    • Algorithms
    • Knowledge to Term frequency-inverse document frequency
    • Overview of NLP

    Choose the best post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi, offered by Techstack Academy! We take care of all the intricate details whilst grooming you with an ample amount of knowledge, specifically in Artificial Intelligence. We begin teaching from the beginning wherein you will be first introduced to the definition of article and article writing, followed by implementation of article spinning with python, different types of tools and their availability, algorithms, and the overview of NLP and its techniques. We also provide knowledge to TF-IDF broadly known as Term frequency-inverse document frequency, which is used to measure and evaluate a word into a document that acts as a collection of documents.

    Tensorflow and Neural Network

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Tensorflow
    • Tensors
    • Computation Graph
    • Placeholders
    • Variables neural network
    • Core API components
    • Model and learning
    • Model evaluation
    • Different datasets
    • Analyzing the data accumulated

    Unleash the power of Tensorflow with Techstack Academy! improve your skills in networking by understanding the activation function. Our post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi NCR Our comprehensive course takes a solution-based understanding to help you grab the knowledge with every topic you are learning with the help of real-world examples. Once you have completed your course, you’ll not just be able to build powerful Deep Learning models, but also accelerate the training of your models and scale them as required. You will attain exclusive knowledge of core API components with model learning and evaluation techniques.

    Convolutional Neural Network

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to CNN
    • Type of layers
    • Activation layer
    • Pooling
    • Flattening
    • Fully connected layer
    • Perceptron
    • Softmax, argmax and cross entropy
    • Activation and cost function
    • Gradient descent backpropagation

    Understand the importance of CNN with our experts at Techstack! They have expertise in A, for over 8 years, which states their experience is wide in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Learning CNN with us will help you elevate your skills knowing about different types of layers, pooling, flattening, gradient descent backpropagation, and more. The course of CNN focuses on "how to build and understand the language in-depth”. You can learn to use API in a short time span with our artificial intelligence training in Delhi. Get computer vision to obtain state-of-art results along with modern techniques, namely data augmentation.

    Artificial Neural Networks

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to ANN
    • Practical applications for ANN
    • Linear and logistic regression
    • Tensorflow
    • Components of ANN
    • MNIST case study
    • CNN Tensorflow
    • LSTM networks
    • Restricted Boltzmann machines
    • Autoencoders

    Learn about neural networks from the top industry experts at Techstack! Join our post graduation artificial intelligence training in Delhi and learn about TensorFlow, different components of ANN, CNN TensorFlow, autoencoders, and many more. Before proceeding forward with your ANN syllabus, you must know that ANN contains hundreds or thousands of artificial neurons known as processing units, which are interconnected by nodes. Our course aims to simplify concepts of artificial neural networks in order to build fine-tuning hyperparameters of TensorFlow. Learn about neural networks from scratch and master the core concepts with us!

    Object Detection

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to object detection
    • Overview to R-CNN
    • Models of object detection
    • Concept of fast R-CNN
    • Identification of objects
    • Understanding faster
    • Implement mask RCNN in Python
    • Different algorithms
    • Workflow with CNN
    • Special tools and techniques

    Get your eyes laid on one of the best features of AI. Know-how to segment the image, localize the object, explore the image and classify object detection with our post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi. We strive to offer you an ultimatum of knowledge in regard to AI, that fully covers all sorts of topics and subtopics to give you the right meaning of AI and object detection. You will be learning about different things namely, models, identification of the objects, algorithm, tools, and techniques along with the workflow of CNN.

    Face Detection

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to face detection
    • Detection of viola-jones
    • Algorithm-Haar
    • Feature integral
    • Image optimizing
    • Training and classifiers
    • Adaptive
    • Boosting
    • Cascading
    • Merging faces
    • Yawn detector and counter
    • Facial recognition

    Once you are full-fledged about the course of CNN with object detection, the next step to learn about is face detection. Join us to unveil your skills and get ready to dive-in the venture of the mimic of AI. Our Academy offers Online and offline kinds of classes with instructor-led live sessions. The Face Recognition training courses are demonstrated through interactive hands-on practice by the fundamentals and advanced techniques that acquire you to learn about merging faces, cascading, yawn detectors with the ultimate of face recognition.

    Motion analysis and object tracking

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to motion analysis and object tracking
    • Techniques to remove background and foreground information
    • Real-time tracking options
    • Hands-on implementation steps
    • Filtering by color
    • Background subtraction
    • Foreground subtraction
    • Mean Shift and camshaft for object tracking
    • Detection and recognition techniques
    • Optical flow

    Get an overview of motion analysis and object tracking from our industry expert leaders. Our post graduation in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi believe in providing real-time hands-on training with implementation steps of background and foreground subtraction and optical flow. The topics taught by us are an extension of the object detection and recognition techniques that are carefully crafted in the curriculum. Through this training method, we shall help you gain knowledge to let you learn how to perform video analysis with other tracking languages.

    Intelligent Agents and Uninformed Search

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to Intelligent Agents and Uninformed Search
    • Search Agents
    • Uninformed search
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Uniform-cost search algorithm
    • Different strategies
    • Difference b/w informed and uninformed search
    • Plotting and planning
    • Iterative deepening
    • Uninformed search examples

    Learn to give maximum priority to the lowest cumulative cost of your data structure and algorithm with our uninformed search agent. Looking for the best post graduation in artificial intelligence course in Delhi? You have landed at the most ideal platform, Techstack Academy! With us, you can easily uplift your plotting and planning algorithms by learning and exploring more sub-topics such as iterative deepening, uniform cost search algorithms as well as knowledge about a variety of strategies that can help you soar high in your future endeavors!

    Heuristic Search

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Introduction to Heuristic Search
    • Heuristic and greedy search
    • Search algorithms
    • A* Search and optimality
    • Hypothesis
    • The functioning of Heuristic Search
    • Search algorithms recap
    • Difference between blind search and heuristic search
    • Evaluation
    • Local search

    We at Techstack Academy, intend to provide our students with skill-based education addressing the needs of plenty of students coming across for the course of AI. Our professionals dwell deeply into the teaching/sessions deeply, helping the students to know-how various ways of heuristic and greedy search with algorithms and hypotheses. Our programs are 100% Job oriented demanded by the Industry across, Technology, Business, Design, Data, and new various upcoming technologies. We also teach our students with the means of meta-heuristics which will enable them to resolve real-world problems using AI algorithms.

    Adversarial Search and Games

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Theorems of Adversarial search and games
    • Minimax algorithm
    • Comparison between search and games
    • Alpha-beta pruning
    • Searching the optimal moves
    • Characteristics of adversarial search?
    • Graph Search
    • Game-playing techniques
    • Evaluation
    • Stochastic games

      Join our academy of post graduation in artificial intelligence training and diversify the different aspects of AI that you have been lacking! We put great emphasis on theory as well as practical learning for you to better understand the field of AI. With us, you will be able to unlock different solutions specifically (heuristic) methods for finding goals, gaming modules, and many more. Seeking knowledge at Techstack Academy, you will be liable to evaluate game playing techniques that are useful for adversarial research, bridging the gap between search and games co-efficiently. Nevertheless, you can always opt for either an offline/online session, which solely depends on your preference in accordance with your convenience.

    Fundamentals of AI applications

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to the AI & its applications
    • Basics of AI
    • Data stimulation
    • Processing with algorithms
    • Fundamental concepts
    • Predictive analysis and data analysis
    • Types of AI applications
    • Tools and techniques to be used
    • Classification of AI
    • Significance of AI

    Techstack Academy is recognized as the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi, where you will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such which might include ethics and bias. Our professionals will help you foster your skills and demonstrate AI in action along with predictive analysis and fundamental concepts of AI. The significance of AI will simulate your skills which will enable the hardware and software robots to think and act dynamically in a perfect way. Choosing Artificial Intelligence as your career option is by far the best option you can choose at Techstack, which will help you get your dream job, right after the completion of your course. We teach in-depth and thoroughly with practical knowledge on every topic.


    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to constraint satisfaction problems
    • Search algorithms used in CSP
    • Cryptarithmetic puzzle
    • Backtracking
    • Constraint propagation
    • Problem structure
    • Analysis of complete CSP performed
    • Variables of CSP
    • Local search for CSP
    • Methodologies and techniques

    Gain a comprehensive insight into artificial intelligence with our Academy. We offer online artificial intelligence courses to help you understand complete in-depth learning to a constraint which is extremely important in Artificial Intelligence. We will also cover the topics to let you study and solve problems on angular variables with constraint propagation, local search of CSP, backtracking along the pinch of knowledge fostering your mind with the variables and algorithms of CSP. The lesson deals with certain important and tricky concepts of local search for CSP. Join us now, and get access to constraint relations.

    Reinforcement Learning introduction

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to reinforcement learning
    • Reinforcement tools to be used
    • Different aspects
    • Introduction to the algorithms of reinforcement learning
    • Markov decision process (MDP)
    • Examples of MDP
    • Functions of reinforcement learning
    • Bellman equations
    • Elements and algorithms
    • Process to analyze

    Get yourself enrolled in one of the top 100 artificial institutes in India. Techstack Academy, provides a complete guide to reinforcement learning, covering the most important sub-topics namely, bellman equations, the tools, and algorithms, Markov decision process- its functionality, examples, and different aspects varying from other learnings. Our courses are taught by professionals of the industry, who make sure by the end of the course you must have learned about everything in terms of reinforcement learning, starting from the beginning, this will enable the students to process and analyze in the field of Artificial intelligence, in a better way!

    Value function- Matrix Notation

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to value function matrix notation
    • Identity Matrices and Machine Learning
    • Machine and deep learning
    • Matrix notation with examples
    • Linear algebra for machine learning
    • Finding an optimal policy in MDPS
    • Objective functioning
    • Fundamental theorems
    • Iterative models
    • Policy iteration method
    • Value iteration method
    • Reinforcement learning: algorithms

    Give a great boost to your career by joining Techstack Academy. We provide immense knowledge to the course of AI with step-by-step tutorials given by our professionals. Matrix operations are used in the description of many machine learning algorithms with an overview of deep learning along with examples, helping students to learn better and thoroughly. We are not only limited to providing theoretical knowledge to you but we also provide practical knowledge with fundamental theorems and iterative models to let you discover important linear algebra matrix operations used in our Post Graduation in Artificial intelligence course in Delhi.

    Logical Agents

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Knowledge-based agents
    • The wumpus world
    • Building propositions
    • Reduced wumpus world
    • Model-checking and inference
    • Theorem proving & proof by resolution
    • Conversion to CNF & resolutions
    • Forward and backward chaining
    • Propositional Logic: Summary
    • First-order logic

    Diversify your learning arena in AI, and get in touch with one of the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institutes in Delhi. Techstack Academy is dedicated to providing its students with career benefits by global experts to get certified by the world's leading universities. Our technical training skills are focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the technology economy. Get a complete overview of logic agents present in artificial intelligence and elevate your skills with knowledge-based agents, propositional logic via building different propositions and algorithms. This will help you reach greater heights in the field of Artiificial Intelligence.

    AI Applications: NLP

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Overview to AI applications with NLP
    • Text classification
    • Test classification examples
    • Language models
    • Examples of Bigrams
    • Progress in NLP
    • Language translating
    • Survey analysis
    • Text extraction
    • Rule-based NLP

    Learn to analyze and rectify your unstructured data with NLP by joining our post graduation in artificial intelligence course at Techstack Academy. We will assist you with giving an overview of all the necessary tools which will help you and your business process a huge amount of data that is accessible to gain insights to support decision-making, as well as to automate time-consuming tasks. We also provide demo sessions about the artificial intelligence course, before you plan to join one. Our trainers will also teach you how to classify texts along with text extraction. The best highlight of joining Techstack Academy is, you will be taught live with examples that will give you a clear ultimatum and an understanding of the course.

    AI Applications and Course Review

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Deep learning: background and history
    • Deep learning: architecture and application
    • Introduction to robotics
    • Robot path planning
    • Visibility graphs
    • Voronoi graphs and potential
    • Probabilistic roadmap
    • Planner (PRM)
    • Rapidly- exploring random trees (RRT)
    • Path planning and summary

    Become proficient in artificial intelligence with our experts who are staunch to teach you right with AI deeply, letting you acquire exclusive knowledge of how deep learning architecture and AI applications work. Launch your tech career with Techstack Academy and enroll yourself now! We will also guide you through a probabilistic roadmap, that will define your path planning and summarize the entire course content. Make business predictions, enhance optimization, and improve marketing operations with decision-making skills, by seeking knowledge from our Artificial intelligence course in Delhi!

    Deployments of AI with Machine Learning

    • 3 Quizzes
    • 1 Project
    • Ways to improve AI deployments
    • Agile ML deployment
    • Deploying predictive models
    • Relation between AI deployment and ML deployment
    • Auto ML tools used
    • Overview to different approaches for deployment
    • Managing and monitoring
    • Analyzing
    • Workflow and production
    • Programming language

    BeGet ready to upgrade your skillset with Techstack Academy! We are recognized as the best post graduation in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi, providing an expertise program that will make an integral turning for the students to sharpen their insights in terms of artificial intelligence. You will also be liable to know about the process of deployment and the relation between AI & ML deployment, helping you distinguish both of its functionalities. Get an overview of the necessary tools to be used for agile ML deployment and attain certification for the same!

  • Capstone Project
  • Career Assistance: Resume building, Mock interviews, 1:1 mentorship and Career fair
  • Program Certificate from Orangus India and Techstack Academy

Languages and Tools Covered in Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Course Tools
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Institute Tools
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Training Tools
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi Tools
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Institute in Delhi Tools

Certificate from The Orangus India and TechStack Academy

Capstone Projects

Live Projects of post graduation in artificial intelligence from the Partner Agency ( Orangus & Team Variance ).

Projects Completed




Next Word Prediction

automatically predict the next word you want to type.


Automatic Attendance

automating attendance system using a camera.


Music Recommendation

recommending new music to users based on their interests


Email Spam Classifier

Classifying spam email based on the content of the email alone


Handwritten Digits Recognition

A system that can identify the digit written via hand by people.


Movie Recommendation

A system that recommend movies based on the user's saved history.


T - rex Dino Bot Algorithm

algorithm for the bot that will learn itself by making mistakes.


Frauds Detection System

To predict whether the customer will make a fraud or not.

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Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence course review

Saumya SinghPGAI

Excellent institute to join for an post graduation in Artificial intelligence course. They intend to teach everything from the start. The best part of Techstack Academy is even after I was aware of the basics, they still gave an overview of the entire AI before stepping into the course of PGAI so that the students get a revision of the old!

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence training review

Sanchit AhujaPGAI

I had a great time doing this course at Techstack Academy. The entire faculty was extremely humble and made it a great experience. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending you to everyone I know. Thanking, team Techstack!

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence institute review

Sonakshi MehtaPGAI

Techstack Academy is one amazing institute which lets you widen your arena of skills. The trainers here are of extreme help and are readily available to help their students whenever in need. Overall I had an amazing experience!

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi review

Tanya MalikPGAI

I went with really low expectations at Techstack Academy. I thought it would be as normal as any other institute. The moment I took my counselling, I was pretty sure that this is the most ideal institute to have my course from. Prashant Sir took the classes so seriously, and regular assessments held were of great help. I was able to know-how much I have learned, and what is yet to discover.

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence course review

Rohit GuptaPGAI

I heard about this institute a long time ago but was not sure whether to join or not. I always had a keen interest to learn about Artificial Intelligence. Took counselling from the owner itself, Mr. Manoj Singh Rathore. Such a friendly, humble and down to earth personality who gave me an overview about everything in regard to AI. Thanking him, and the entire team of Techstack who have helped me gain immense knowledge about Artificial intelligence.

Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence review

Abhilash SharmaPGAI

Great environment to study at! Teachers are very supportive and take the pain of every individual’s doubts to clear. Their motive is to push their students forward in their life to achieve better results, therefore loved every moment studying at Techstack!

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Advance your career with our post-graduation in Artificial Intelligence without having a career break, by enrolling yourself at Techstack academy. Gain outstanding expertise in machine learning, and deep learning technologies with our experienced professionals. After the successful completion of the course, you will also be receiving an industry-recognized certificate from our end which can globally be used!

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Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Institute in Delhi Payment method
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Faq's on Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Course

Which is the best post graduation program in Artificial Intelligence institute in Delhi?

Looking out for the best post graduation program in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi? Don’t go any longer than Techstack Academy. We provide the best in-house technological advances, methodologies and effective means to help you become a professional within this field. Explore 40+ modules at Techsack Academy and gain a chance to work on live projects all along!

Will Techstack offer Placement assistance after completion of the post graduation program in Artificial Intelligence in Delhi?

Techstack Academy assures to provide guaranteed placement opportunities to a wide variety of students irrespective to the age. Our placement cell takes the responsibility to equip every student with the right and accurate opportunity for your growth.

What is the fee structure for the post graduation program in Artificial Inteligence in Delhi?

The fee offered for post graduation program in Artificial Intelligence adheres to the industry standards ranging from Rs. 1.5L to Rs. 2L.

What is the need for the post graduation in artificial intelligence training in Delhi?

Artificial intelligence is the subject of computer science that aims at building machines and computers with a motive to enhance logical operations. Trending factors such as using SIRI (Apple) to Google Assistant, the world is totally overwhelmed with robot automation running worldwide. Studying AI would not just open up a pool of job opportunities for you but will take a long run towards more subjective things for you to notice or witness. We, at Techstack, ensure to provide you with everything you need to know about AI, ranging from its scope, functioning, components, tools required to its application in different areas.

What are the salient features in Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence at Techstack Academy?

If you are willing to join our post graduation in artificial intelligence institute in Delhi then you must acknowledge the fact that learning at Techstack has got many advantages such as you will be getting certifications to post the completion of your course. Artificial intelligence classes at Techstack are also available online to assist you with feasible teaching hours at your convenience. Techstack Academy focuses on providing you with an education that stands out and makes you job-ready for your future. Enroll yourself now and get early discounts at your registration! New batches starting soon.

What are the career prospects I can look for after Artificial Intelligencecertification?

You can easily escalate and accelerate your future after getting certified in our post graduation in Artificial Intelligence course. You can opt for big data engineering, business intelligence developer, AI expert, machine learning engineer, Artificial Intelligence analyst, and many more. , one must have sound command and be an expert in applying predictive models dealing with magnificent data. Before you become an expert AI, programming, computing, and mathematics are essential to becoming successful as an analyst/ engineer. You can easily get into the business insights by learning AI with our experts.

Do you offer internships in this post graduation in artificial intelligence training in Delhi?

The answer to this question is yes. We do provide internships post the completion of your entire course. You will get the internship for over 45 days in the course of 6 months. If you choose one year of post graduation in artificial intelligence course, you will be liable to have an internship of 6 months in total. After the completion of your internship period, you will receive the experience certificate which will show the work you were responsible for doing at our Academy, and henceforth will be a boon for your future in our AI course in Delhi.

Will I get certification after the completion of the course?

Yes. Techstack Academy ensures to provide you with proper documentation and certification after you successfully complete your AI course. The certificate will be provided to you in whichever course you complete. Our certificates are ISO-certified which can be used globally and are accredited by top-industry professionals which will benefit you the best, in your future in the field of artificial intelligence.

What is the eligibility to join Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence in Delhi?

Our Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence course is widely available to all students irrespective of their age. Someone who has thorough knowledge and has got certain Artificial Intelligence qualifications such as expert skills in math fundamentals, working knowledge, networking or Graphic modeling, data science fundamentals, algorithms, machine learning, etc. Aspirants who possess these skills and are adept at problem analysis will be able to excel in our well-structured course. We also provide tutorials, simulations, webinars, live demos, and case studies that will make you job-ready from day one.

Can I avail a demo session before joining the course?

We, at Techstack Academy, provide every student with a free demo session before their joining. You can avail of the demo session offline as well as online, both ways. Our Academy has got expert professionals in the field of AI, who are readily available to provide you with immense knowledge about the subject. Get a complete overview of our classes, the course was chosen as well the benefits to be achieved after the course is completed, on the very first day of your demo. We assure you to get enough knowledge that can be beneficial for you and your career.

How many modules are included in the course?

Our post-graduation in artificial intelligence course includes 40 modules in total. There will be regular assignments and assessments held to let you gain knowledge of every topic with its sub-topic included in our PGAI course. We start teaching from the very beginning with the introduction of AI, its history, the case study, and how it works slowly and gradually, Our trainers are 24/7 available, to assist you whenever you have any doubts regarding the course of online intelligence. We also provide recorded sessions and backup classes so that you don’t miss any important topics taught by our Academy.

Do you provide online classes?

We do provide online sessions in every course that you choose. Explore your creativity with unlimited access to thousands of online classes on topics such as data science, data analytics, machine learning, introduction to tools and techniques used in AI. Our online classes are provided on alternate days. You can choose the batch timings and days as per your convenience, by coordinating with the trainer.

Are the trainers experienced enough to provide knowledgeable information?

Trainers at Techstack Academy are highly skilled and hold experience of up to 8+ years in the field of Artificial Intelligence. They are dedicated to providing you with in-depth knowledge about the course, with valuable information to help you excel in the field of AI. Get ready to foster your skills with us, and join our Academy now.

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Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Training Placements
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Institute Placements
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Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Institute in Delhi Placements
Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Training in Delhi Placements

Know More About Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence Course

What are the different applications of AI?

Artificial intelligence is a vast arena that has a tendency to be applied in varied places which have no limit. The way AI is moving with such a fast pacing speed it is expected to grow rationally approximately 54% year-to-year.AI can be applied on E-commerce shopping platforms, Navigation in AI, robotics, human resource, gaming, and many more. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the industries with its applications helping to solve complex problems. These days, the new initiation of chatbots is also introduced by Natural Language Processing, which can analyze the user's language and respond in the ways humans do.

What is the difference between statistical and classical AI?

Statistical AI arises from machine learning which tends to be more concerned with inductive thoughts provided with a given set of patterns. AI is considered to be extremely powerful as images sure that there will be some kind of synthesis of statistical and classical AI. The difference between classical and statistical AI remains intact wherein the classical AI tends to be more concerned with "deductive" thought. This gives a set of constraints, methods namely C++ which is expected to be the favorite language for statistical AI while LISP dominates in classical AI.

What are the different AI domains?

You can easily get ahead in your career in various domains and sectors while you have studied an artificial intelligence course. Joining an AI Institute, you will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias. To get into the sector of AI, it is mandatory for a candidate to have a CS degree and solid programming fundamentals. Domain in AI is not limited to the robotics field, you can also make a smooth venture into medicine, informational management, space, military activities, and many more.

How are ML and AI interrelated?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are a part of computer science and are interrelated with each other. These are considered to be the two most trending technologies. Although AI is a bigger concept, which can easily stimulate human thinking capability, while on the other hand, Machine learning has an innate capability to enable a computer system that can create predictions or take some decisions with the use of historical data without being explicitly programmed. AI is said to be a completed structured data that can be sem-structure all with the help of ML.

What is the significance of an algorithm?

Algorithms in AI are regularly used specifically for data calculation, processing, and automated reasoning. They are regularly updated to upgrade your system to faster and smarter versions. Algorithms are simply mathematical instructions that lead to identifying the rights and wrongs to be followed during computing technology. It's always hard to assist the computer and tell everything step by step, with the help of an algorithm, you can easily resolve the most complicated issues that arise or emerge during the process. The best advantage of an algorithm in AI states- rather than opt for working manually coding software with a certain instruction set, the machine is beforehand trained at Machine Learning for a feasible work manner.

What process is involved in partial-order planning?

Partial-order planning is an automated process that involves keeping an eye on the possible plans instead of potential scenarios. The major aim and the direct focus of partial-order planning rely on creating a program piece by piece. This way you will be partially liable to get instructions for completing the task to be followed. There are plenty of classical AI machines available that are more concerned to get the reasoning based on taking several statements to draft a conclusion for the planning which is forwarded onto the next level.

Differentiation between a strong and a weak AI?

Robotics and automation are said to become more trending these days. A strong AI is considered to be something that acts more like a human brain. Generally, something which is used and has been featured in movies. This does not require clustering and association to any sort of data. Whereas on the other hand, weak AI is considered to be something such as Alexa or Siri. These are advanced chess programs but their categorization is rooted within supervised and unsupervised learning. They sense things that are similar and known to them.

What is deep learning with AI?

Deep learning is considered to be a sub-part of AI that acts in accordance with certain algorithms which are completely inspired by structure and functions. This is broadly known as artificial neural networking which uses different networks, which helps to reap the benefits in classifying the learning which can be supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised. Following the deep learning method along with this, will ensure to let you learn including the multiple layers of networking. Deep Learning transforms its input data into a slightly more abstract and composite representation.

How and where can AI be applied?

AI can be used in multiple fields ranging from keeping a check onto your mobile phone to rectifying an accurate system in feasible ways. Alexa, Google Assistance, Siri are major examples of AI. It has been considered to be the most essential feature of today’s time, as knowingly or unknowingly it is present everywhere to assist us, making our lives easier. Artificial Intelligence can be used in the following sectors, namely:

  • Virtual Assistant or Chatbots
  • Autonomous Flying
  • Retail, Shopping, and Fashion
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Sports Analytics
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Live Stock and Inventory Management
  • Healthcare and Medical Analysis
  • Warehousing and Logistic Supply Chain

What are the advantages of AI technology?

Artificial Intelligence is said to be the fastest emerging technology that tries to simulate human reasoning specific to AI systems. AI has the potential to learn and think, everything in accordance with revolutionizing any sector. There are plenty of advantages associated with AI, that includes rectifying human errors, digital assistance, faster decision making, daily applications namely Siri, Google Assistance, Chatbots, Google Ok, and more. The key for humans has been created in the best form which is widely known as AI that is bound to ensure the “rise of the robots” in the upcoming years.

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June 2019 Batch

Yashika Chaudhary :Can never thank the Techstack Academy for giving me immense knowledge about the PGAI course. Trainers here cooperates consistently with students, as they teach, taking an approach to groom the students thoroughly, taking up each subtopic and explaining them well. My experience was so amazing here, that I even recommended it to one of my friends who also had great interest to learn about Artificial Intelligence.

Sanjana Chakraborty :The staff at Techstack is amazing. They treat every student like a family and are always available to assist whenever in need. I took my classes from Prashant Sir, who is an extremely humble personality, teaching every subject in detail. The best highlight to join this institute is, they provide us with courses that offer certification post completion of the course. The certificates offered here have great authenticity which are ISO-certified.

Abhinav GuptaYour ability to learn across teams and departments is a strength not everyone has. Therefore, it is mandatory to say Techstack Academy has been one of the best educationist centers. From the initial phase of taking classes till the end of course, everything was so smooth and subtle. I took active interest in all the assessments and quizzes that happened regularly, which gave me a great push and the boost to grow better in this field.

Abhishek Sharma :I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught remotely, due to the pandemic everyone is facing in this world. As soon as the classes went forward I was quite impressed with the entire process. The trainers at Techstack are very professional and there were no problems with connectivity. Our instructor, Prashant Sir was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good.

Hardik Adalakha :Techstack Academy is the best institute I have ever heard of. Since the registration to training, I had an exclusively positive experience for. I intend on taking more classes in the future and referring any new hires as well as friends/family members to take courses at Techstack Academy.

Prachi Kapoor :I didn't realize how effective AI could be. The classes would be here, were of extreme help and I'm glad as it was way easier than I thought and was very effective. I wished my college courses could have been set up like this, as it allowed me to learn at my pace by having an instructor on the line made sure that I was able to get answers to questions in real time.