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Course After 12th Institute in Delhi Associated Partner
Course After 12th in Delhi Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Institute Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner
Best Course After 12th Associated Partner

Why Join Techstack for Courses after 12th?

Picking the best course after completing 12th has made a very great impact in a student’s life. You don’t have a lot of time to waste and need to make a wise career decision. There are many fields or domains out there, you can join right after 12th like management courses, technology courses, law and others. You need to choose the right courses after 12th according to your career choices.

Techstack Academy is a Top IT training institute in Delhi providing training in different domains like Digital Marketing Courses, Web designing Courses, Business Analytics Courses, Data Science Courses, Graphic Designing Courses, and Marketing Specialist Courses. You need to understand every course scope and strength before enrolling in any course. We provide all the courses with a practical approach and provide career support also.

Benefits of doing IT courses after 12th

In the present time, everything runs with technology. This is a very vast field and businesses expand further into technologies, relying on software technology and cloud based services and more. You need to focus on the technology to make your career and if you have technology under your belt it will always be beneficial for you. You should do IT courses with top institutes and certified trainers to become an expert of the field.

  • There are top advantages of IT courses:
    1. Modernize your skills
    2. Expand your knowledge
    3. Make more connections
    4. Earn more money
    5. Be better at your job

Top IT courses to join after 12th

  • Web Designing and Development Courses
  • Graphic Designing Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Animation and VFX
  • Data Science Courses
  • Machine Learning Courses
  • Business Analytics Courses

Criteria of Joining at Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy provides a wide range of training programs to do just after your class 12th in Delhi. We designed these courses to make you a perfect candidate for the particular job profiles. You need to have some basic computer skills to start your journey to the IT industry. To do a course you need to follow the eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

There are 3 rounds to check your eligibility:

Counselling: Techstack Academy has a great team of counselors who will give you the details about the courses we have, what are the duration and how you can take admission in one of our courses after 12th standard. Our counsellor will ask some questions about your interest and technical skills. They will check your background related to learning and decide what courses will be suitable for you according to your interest. Our counsellors will take every possible step to check which course is best suited to you by which you can build your future. You should have a basic computer knowledge to do a course. it is not required to have a marketing, IT or commerce background.

List of Courses: After doing proper counselling, we make a list of courses according to your best interest and background. These courses included internship programs, by which you can have the experience of working in the industry. You can choose any of the courses which are available in the given list to you. Our trainers will provide training from complete basic to the most advanced level and teach you according to the curriculum of courses after 12th in Delhi.

Overview: After the 2nd step of eligibility criteria, you will have your best suited course. This course is chosen by you in which you want to make your career. We provide you every detail related to the course. We provide a demo session for your chosen course and you get a chance to meet with your trainer. You can ask about your future goals and other doubts related to the course directly to the trainer. You can choose any mode of learning: online classroom training or offline classroom training.

To make a good career, you need specialization in a particular technology and for that it is important to find the best suited course for you. These are the main three steps to find the best courses after 12th to make your career. Our trainers will guide you with the basics and gradually take you with the advanced concepts with complete practical training. To clear your interviews, you need to have good knowledge of your technology and little communication skills. We give you proper placement assistance and provide personality development sessions with the course too to cover every aspect.

India’s #1 Course After 12th Training Program

Faculty and Mentors

With years of experience, our faculty members are here to deliver you a high-quality learning experience both online and offline, whilst providing wings to your tech skills!


Industry Mentors

Award winning faculties

Our Faculty

Career Support

Our well-connected placement team is dedicated to providing you with the best opportunities from the top organizations that are relevant to your profile.

Leading organizations hire our alumni

Successful career transitions

Program Fee

Starting at Rs. 11,000/month

Batch Starting: 15 Jul 2024

Payment Method

We have variety of payment methods in Techstack Academy.

Course After 12th Payment method
Course After 12th Institute Payment method
Course After 12th Payment method
Course After 12th in Delhi Payment method
Course After 12th Institute in Delhi Payment method
Course After 12th Payment method

Application Process


Fill the application form

Fill the application form to help us understand about you and all your necessary details before you move further to join Techstack.


Counselling Process

Take a word with our counsellor and know-how about the different subjects running at Techstack! Our cooperative process is held to give you the necessary information required.


Join Program

Fasten your seat belts to become an industry-expert by joining one of our courses.Get yourself acquainted with the best of the knowledge provided by Techstack Academy!

Upcoming Application Deadline

Have you filled up our forms yet? If not, then buckle-up before the batches get full! We are waiting to hear from you, and take your career onto the next level, with us!

Deadline: 15 Jul 2024

Faq's on Courses After 12th Program

Why should I join Techstack Academy for courses after 12th in India?

Techstack Academy is one of the best training institutes in Delhi which has a wide array of courses in IT technologies. You can join these courses after 12th after some evaluation. You can achieve your future goals just after 12th standard examinations with the help of these professional courses. We have certified trainers at our institute who will teach you from basic to advanced level step by step and give relevant information about current industry scenarios. The IT industry is growing rapidly and there is a boom of opportunities in different fields of IT industries. Learn these important skills which are used by multinational companies directly. We help you to enhance your skills with knowledge and practical approach which you can understand just after your 12th exams.

Will I get a job after doing courses just after 12th from Techstack Academy?

Techstack Academy is nominated among top IT training institutes in Delhi for courses after 12th and because of our 100% placement assistance services. Students who are interested in IT courses and want to make their career just after 12th standard examinations, Techstack Academy is the best fit for you. We provide courses to secure our students' future and provide them job placement services to provide a gateway to make your career with MNCs.
We designed our courses in a way which can be learned by a complete beginner to advanced level professionals. We clear all your concepts and provide you step by step approach related to courses and answer all your questions. We help you in clearing your placement scenarios and provide doubt clearing sessions and series of questions which can be asked during interviews. If you are looking for technologies which help you in getting jobs just after your 12th class, Techstack Academy will help you in securing the best jobs with handsome salary packages. Our courses are designed in a way which helps you in enhancing your skills and make you an expert. Enroll in our courses after 12th at Techstack Academy.

Which courses can we join easily after 12th from Techstack Academy?

We have many course options just after 12th class to join. We have designed an eligibility criteria and according to that we will give you courses choices. You can choose any course according to your interest criteria with a particular field. To choose any technology, you don’t need any prior knowledge as we designed these courses like that. And in any circumstances, if you got medium scores in your 10th or 12th examination, you don’t need to worry as we don’t care about your past scores. We want to make you stand out from the crowd according to your technology knowledge. If you show your passion towards learning, we will help you to get your dream career. Learn technical courses with full dedication and you will become an expert in the field. We provide you in-depth knowledge in each module related to your course with a step by step practical approach. Learn courses after 12th according to your skills and interest with Techstack Academy.
These are some of the best courses to do after 12th class in Techstack Academy:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Big Data Hadoop Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Business Analytics Course
  • Artificial Intelligence Course
  • Machine Learning Course
  • Python Course
  • Web Designing Course
  • Graphic Designing Course
  • Video Editing Course
  • Web Development Course
  • Java Development Course
  • Cyber Security Course
  • Software Testing Course
  • App Development Course
  • Amazon Web Services Course
  • Advanced Angular Course

How much can I earn after completing my course after 12th from Techstack Academy?

In General, there is no limit to the earning capability of students after completing any course after 12th with Techstack Academy as we provide advanced courses and modules. This is the thing which is completely dependent upon the knowledge you gain and get your skills enhanced. We prepare you for your interviews and provide questions and regarding solutions. Our practical training program will help you in coping up with the standards of industries and solve different types of problems occurring in industries.
We will teach you theoretical sessions as well to clear your doubts as well. After completing your course, you can easily earn upto 50,000 INR. you can find yourself a job in multinational companies. With time, your salary will also increase as you get promotions in your job. There is no fixed salary, every student gets a variable in their salaries according to their knowledge, position you apply for and interviews. All the salaries and profiles are dependent upon the company size and how qualified you are.
Techstack Academy is the best institute for courses after 12th as we provide skills and knowledge to make you eligible for any job roles in the industries and multinational companies. The most average salaries students can get is in the range between 25000 INR to 50000 INR per month, and if you are extraordinary for the job role you can get salary upto 8 lacs per annum in best case scenarios.

Do you provide internship training programs in courses after 12th?

Yes, Techstack Academy provides internships with most of our courses. You can apply for an internship at our company after completing your course successfully. Internship programs are dependent upon the course duration and type. We provide internships in our 6 months courses and 1 year courses for 45 days and 3 months respectively. These internship programs will help you to understand the environment of work in the industries and you will get the chance to work on real time projects which extraordinarily helps you to enhance your skills. Our institute and management will help you to complete the processes.
We also offer a limited stipend with our internship programs as salary. To get a good salary amount, you should have the skills and will have to work on our client’s projects. You should prepare to deliver significant results. You will get a certification of internship separately after successfully completing the internship program. This certification will immensely help you in getting jobs in current industries. These certificates are the showcase of your work experience and amount of proficiency you have in particular areas of skills over other candidates in companies. Internship programs are the best parts of the long term courses to get you the sense of industries and stipend will be like the icing on the cake. Make use of this best opportunity you have with your training programs.

When will I get my course material, certificates and software in courses after 12th in India?

Techstack Academy is one of the best institutes for professional IT courses and courses after 12th as we provide knowledge to make your dreams come true in your career. Once you enroll for our courses, we provide in-depth knowledge in all modules related to the course with advanced tools and techniques. We also provide learning material for future use by which you can clear your doubts by yourself. We provide training from the very beginning of the courses and give you training to enhance your skills. In our training program, we provide all the learning material with advanced techniques, related tools and content.
You will get your certification after successfully completing our training program which will help you in securing the jobs. Techstack Academy will provide learning maternal in starting sessions of the course and provide updated softwares according to the topics. We provide courses by which you can find jobs in the market easily even after class 12th too. In our training program, we teach with practical and theoretical approaches which help you in learning the course easily. With this, you will get hands-on experience on each software related to your course. Our trainers help you to learn according to the latest trends of the industries which helps you in getting comfy with the work environment of industries.
If you want to succeed in life and want a job in your related field, join Techstack Academy as we have the best trainers of India. They help you in taking each step towards your career and enhance your skills.

What will be my profile after completion of courses after 12th?

Techstack Academy provides courses in a wide range of courses in many different technologies. When you complete any course with Tecchstack, you will be qualified for every domain related to that technology. Our professional trainers help you to cover all the modules and topics related to the course with advanced methods. We provide you training according to the current trends of the industries. With every new trend, we change in our curriculum and make a new updated curriculum for particular domains. With the level of the knowledge, our students are qualified for each and every domain even after class 12th too.
Techstack Academy is continuously working in the field of technology and provides you quality training to make you a complete expert of the field. Our students find many job opportunities in their careers after doing the course. We provide certifications after successfully completing the training program. You can secure a good job with the help of our certification which works as a proof of your knowledge and experience at the time of interviews. We provide 100% placement assistance to our students. Our placement cell is connected with companies and arrange placement drives for our students to secure their future. Learn with us and enroll in our courses after 12th by which you can make your own career with handsome salary packages.

Who will be our trainer at Techstack Academy for the courses after 12th?

Techstack Academy is a pioneer in providing advanced technologies training programs and best courses after 12th. We have professional trainers who have experience in their particular fields of 8-10 years. We train our students with full dedication and provide advanced techniques in each technology. We use a step by step training approach with practical representation of every topic to provide you better knowledge related to your course modules. Our trainers worked at multinational companies and have a lot of experience of working on projects. Our experts will provide trainings related to current industry standards and with this you will not face any difficulty in working in industries.
Our trainers will provide you training on real time projects which helps in enhancing your skills to a level. With real time projects, you will get how to work according to the client’s requirements and how to implement project strategies directly. Learn new technologies with our trainers and you will get immense knowledge in each module. You will get extra doubt clearing sessions in your courses and learning material for the future. Learning material can be available in the form of pdfs, ebooks, presentations, videos, or recorded sessions. We provide throughout support during your courses and after completion of your course. Most of our courses include internship programs which are very helpful in having experience to work according to company standards and on real time projects. You will also get separate certification for the internship programs also. Learn with Techstack Academy and make your dream career with us.

Why is your institute known as the best digital marketing institute?

Techstack Academy is known as the best IT training institute in Delhi and we specialize in courses after 12th technologies. There is a huge demand for expert professionals in the market and these companies don’t need a degree for their eligibility criteria, they only need specialized candidates. It doesn’t matter in the present time, whether you have a degree or not. If you have specialized in any technology and you have a certification for that, this is enough to enter in the corporate world. Our trainers help you to become experts in the field with real time project training programs.
We are a top institute for digital marketing courses in Delhi and we provide three different courses in this field. These are ADM (Advanced DIgital Marketing Course) of 3 months, CTDM (Corporate Technologist In Digital Marketing) of 6 months, PGDM (Post Graduation Program In Digital Marketing) is of 1 year. Digital Marketing is one of the best fields to choose just after 12th class. This is the most popular field nowadays. Our trainers provide training in digital marketing from complete basic to advanced level. With the help of digital marketing, you can work in the corporate world or you can build projects on your own as a freelancer and earn a good amount of money with the comfort of your home.
We do not provide any false information to attract customers. Our trainers are completely dedicated towards our students and give support to each and every student. If any student gets stuck at any point of the course, our trainers will provide doubt clearing sessions to those. With our learning process, you will become an expert and can find jobs related to the digital marketing domain as it is a very wide field. We provide courses at very reasonable fees which you can pay in many formats. Learn best courses after 12th in Delhi with Techstack Academy to pursue your desired career related to the field.

What kind of practical experience will I get in the courses after the 12th training program?

Techstack Academy designed many professional courses for students who completed their 12th standards recently. Our trainers will provide in-depth knowledge in each module related to the course. In the present time, only theoretical knowledge is not enough to get you into the job, you need proper knowledge on how to implement a technique or tool method. We provide practical approaches related to all modules with advanced techniques and tools. You can get theoretical knowledge with the help of any blog, book or other source but to implement them correctly in practice, you need to have a professional trainer to tell you each step of the approach. We provide advanced courses to do after completing class 12th at Techstack Academy.
We provide hands-on training on each module and give you regular assessments and assignments to keep you in practice. With the help of these assignments, your skills will be enhanced and you will be able to find a suitable job for you with handsome salary packages. In our good duration courses, you will be provided with internship programs which enhance your skills for real time projects and how to manage them step by step according to the client’s requirements. Practical knowledge is really necessary to understand the topic completely because for an example if you learn how to make campaigns theoretically and you don’t have any practical knowledge of that. You will not be able to get good results with these campaigns for that you need to learn them practically and how to implement them in a better way.

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Course After 12th Placements
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Course After 12th Institute in Delhi Placements
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Why choose us?

As we know, your future and careers depends on us, we make sure to deliver a holistic view of the entire syllabus that we provide, helping you attain in-depth knowledge.

Full-Fledged Curriculum

At Techstack, we deliver an amalgamation of courses beyond your field of expertise to help your career reach greater heights.

Step-By-Step Learning

We create a roadmap for your journey, starting from novice to becoming an expert.

Lifetime Support

Your journey at Techstack doesn’t end with the completion of the course, you will gain the status of Techstack Alumni for a lifetime.

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