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Get your digital skills unlocked and transform your workforce into something better with us.

We, at Techstack, are on the constant search for hiring experienced and professional digital marketing experts who are also ready to take up the responsibility of sharing their knowledge with the upcoming digital marketing aspirants. We believe that real learning is successful only when it leads to teaching. The knowledge is best perceived when shared at its utmost levels.

Take a Deep Dive With Our Professionals!

Techstack Academy has been in the industry for almost a decade, and ever since we incepted our mission has always remained the same which is, ‘to make a difference in every person's life’ now this difference does not only lies in shaping the career of young aspirants/our students but also shaping the career of our trainers who have had worked here with us.

Marketing, technology, data, and management - our trainers come with a wide range of experience and expertise, inclusive of different skills and functions altogether.

Why Join Us As an Instructor?

We are regarded as one of the best digital marketing institutes in India, for a strong reason that lies behind it is, we are a lot more than just a career destination. We give teaching as much priority as we do to learning. Techstack Academy believes in fostering career-building by designing new opportunities which help us to think, plan, learn, teach and make a remarkable difference.
Once you join us as an Instructor, you will be all set to share your knowledge and make the upcoming generation of online marketing completely ready for the industry. If you start with us as an amateur or a professional, regardless of it, we will still always be on the go to train you for your better. We believe in improving your brand image in the market, as we are one of the leading trainers that exist in India.

Eligibility criteria

Since we do not only offer digital marketing jobs but are also accredited with IT background, and for that there are different eligibility criteria for all. To mention the basic prerequisites which are mandatory for you to have, are listed below:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing functions.
  • Great experience to conceptualize and always ready to manage successful campaigns.
  • Must be active on social media accounts with considerable social influence.
  • Prior experience in conducting easy training programs, workshops, or delivering talks either within Seminars or Webinars.
  • Must be an expert in one or many of the digital marketing streams, namely creating different marketing strategies, Website Design and Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing and optimization, Press Releases, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Analytics, and more.

Skills required:

Becoming a trainer is not as easy as it seems to be, but before you get your hands joined with us, let us take you on a bit of a tour to unleash your skills with us!

  • At Techstack, we believe that good planning is only the beginning. To deliver high-quality training, one must know how to be empathetic towards the student you are teaching.
  • You must be properly trained and should have graduated from a professional university/institute.
  • You must brush up on your writing as well as spoken communication skills.
  • Make sure that you rehearse teaching the material several times before teaching it for real in the class/love class. Rehearse out loud, if possible, which will bloom your confidence. We also strive to take up professionals who have confidence within themselves.
  • If you are willing to step into the IT background of Techstack Academy such as teaching as an Artificial Intelligence Trainer or a Data scientist, you must have prior knowledge about how to use all of the technology that you will use during the training session.

Life @Techstack Academy!

Life at Techstack Academy has always resulted in fun for the trainers who teach, the staff that work,s and the students who come to learn. For us, our staff and members are not just employees, rather we are a family. We are India’s leading training and an education institute that opens doors to a wide array of possibilities for you. Here, we intend to make every day fun and easy to understand for everyone. When it comes to work, we go the extra mile to make things happen and on the other days, we believe it is important to keep a work and life balance with fun. Our work culture, ethics, processes, mentoring, teaching, and coaching, everything begins with a pure intention to help you grow and learn even while you teach. We create an environment for you that stands as a ‘Elite Leading-edge Professional’ arena for you. Together we stand, together we have power.

Expose the best side of you and unlock the plethora of opportunities that are waiting for you.

Job openings:

  • Artificial Intelligence Trainer
  • Data Science Trainer
  • Web Designing Trainer

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