Basic Artificial Intelligence Course Structure:-

What exactly is artificial intelligence? 

The basic function of Artificial intelligence is to come up with machines that are intelligent and can think and function as human beings. Artificial intelligence tries to gather information and implement it. Speech recognition is one example of artificial intelligence which has been successful. 

Studies show that during the past few years, artificial intelligence has become an essential part of the technology industry. More and more students are now interested in studying Artificial Intelligence and building their career in this particular domain. This is the reason why basic artificial intelligence course is gaining a lot of popularity and students can gain the core knowledge of artificial intelligence in this course. 

Basic Artificial Intelligence Course Structure
Basic Artificial Intelligence Course Structure

Why Techstack for basic artificial intelligence course? 

  • We are proud to say that we deliver the best quality training in artificial intelligence and our trainers have more than 12 years experience in multinational companies. 
  • Along with the course, we also provide 100% placement assistance by helping you prepare for the interviews.
  • The course curriculum that we follow is up to date and meet all the requirements of the industry. 
  • You can upgrade your skills through our four months artificial intelligence course which includes more than 200 hours of intensive learning in artificial intelligence and machine learning. 
  • We have included assessments and portfolio worthy projects inside the curriculum. This will help you get hands-on experience in solving real life business problems by implementing artificial intelligence methods to find effective solutions. 
  • This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in artificial intelligence: be it professionals, college trainees, entrepreneurs or even students. 

Basic Artificial Intelligence course structure. 

The knowledge gained from this basic artificial intelligence course will help the students to build intelligent machines and softwares with the help of machine learning and latest technology. At the end of the course you will be able to know about the artificial intelligence methods in different fields and how to implement it in finding solutions to problems. Here are the topics that you will learn in the course. 

  • Python basics. 
  • Introduction to machine learning. 
  • Machine learning concepts. 
  • Development of machine learning models. 
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its history. 
  • Artificial intelligence applications. 
  • Real life artificial intelligence problem solving using python. 
  • Natural language processing. 
  • Latent sentiment analysis. 
  • Article spinning. 
  • Tensorflow and neural network. 
  • Convolutional neural network. 
  • Artificial neural networks. 
  • Object and face detection. 
  • Motion analysis and object tracking. 

The syllabus of the course is always updated according to the current industry standards. After the completion of the course you will get a certificate which is recognised everywhere and will help you get multiple opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Every company out there is now using artificial Intelligence and there will be more than 2.3 million job positions available in this domain in the future. Artificial intelligence is already being used in a massive number of industries and applications. 

You can go for the position of video game programmer, Robotics programmer, software engineer, data mining analyst, data scientist, big data engineer, or any other job role. There will be versatile options available for you. So join the Techstack family for the basic artificial intelligence course to get a kick start for your career. 

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