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Best Advance Web Designing Course in Kolkata

You can also become a web designing expert without leaving your job. The reason behind is techstack because you can become better with techstack academy. All inclusive career support: mapping your career, building your resume, organizing mock interviews and manymore. Techstack Academy is Rated Asia's Best Web Designing Institute. Join Our Latest and Update Web Designing Course in Kolkata.

Build solid foundation in Web Designing

Become a Certified Expert in Web Designing in 6 Months

Course taught by Top University Faculty

Create portfolio-worthy projects with Global curriculum.

Web Designing Curriculum

Learn every skill to implement Web Designing in web and social media. Web Designing has 55 modules. Techstack Academy is best Web Designing Institute in Kolkata for every professional, entrepreneurs, college's trainee and students. Learn Core Concepts Of Web Designing By Working On Simulation & Real-time Projects. All in One Web Designing Program For Students, Working Professionals & Business Owners.

Web Designing Course Structure ( 30 Modules )

Web Designing Fundamentals
CSS 3.0
Bootstrap 4
Document Object Model ( DOM )
GIT Github And Version Control
Magento 2x
CMS Content Management System
Application Program Interfaces APIs
Database Fundamentals

Web Designing Eligibility

As a Web Designing aspirant, you need to have skills and exposure in the following –


  • The curve is steep and requires you to have a set of basic computer technical sets to start your journey into the industry.
  • As a Web Designing aspirant, you need to have skills and exposure in basic computer technical knowledge. It is not required to have marketing, IT or commerce background.

As a Techstack Academy, we recommend you to join Advance Web Designing course because it will not just help you get the basics in the right direction but gradually take you through advanced concepts as well with practical projects training also.

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Web Designing Short-Term Course

Upcoming Batch - 09 Aug 2021

  • 100% Classroom Training
  • Upskill with Techstack Academy
  • 25+ Case Studies
  • Become Web Designing Executive, Graphic Designer, Web Designing Freelancer, UI Designer.
  • Get 120+ hours of intensive learning in Web Designing over 2 months.
  • Create portfolio-worthy projects

Full-Stack Web Designing Course

Upcoming Batch - 09 Aug 2021

  • 100% Classroom Training
  • Upskill with Techstack Academy
  • 25+ Case Studies
  • Become Web Designing Executive, UI & UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Full-Stack Developer
  • Get 300+ hours of intensive learning in Web Designing over 6 months.
  • Create portfolio-worthy projects
  • Start Your Own Startup
  • 1 Months Internship Included

Upcoming Web Designing Batches

We have multiple batches in Aug and Sep for Web Designing

09 Aug 2021

07 Aug 2021

What you gain?

After successfully completing Web Designing course you are capable for good package, as a fresher also there is a great scope of beginning your career in the field of Web Designing.

Web Designing Executive

Graphic Designing Executive

UI Designer

UX Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Front-end Developer


Web Designing Manager is who helps MNCs and Companies to increase their sales and builds their presence in industry. About 4,00,000 jobs are on offer this segment. Kolkata leads the cities with maximum jobs for this type of skill set.


Web Designing Course is an in-demand course to grab jobs in leading MNC’s. Companies like- Accenture, Pagetraffic, Flipkart, Amazon, Google, Nykaa, Lakme, Paytm, Aureus Analytics, C360, Metaome, Heckyl, Flutura, Sigmoid Analytics, Indix, Germin8, Bridgei2i, PromptCloud, Fractal Analytics, and many other leading companies offer great career in Web Designing field. Apart from jobs, free spirited people can earn handsome income from freelancing.


Every individual has different questions before joining Web Designing course and Web Development Institute in Kolkata. We have listed most of general questions of Web Designing Course in Kolkata.

Web Designing FAQ

Why should I join Techstack for Web Designing Course?
Can i get backup classes if I miss any class?
Is there any flexible timing for working professionals?
What are the eligibility criteria for joining web design course?
Can I work as a freelance Web designer after completing this course?


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Interview Questions

Top interview questions after completion of Web Designing Course company can ask to you.

Web Designing Interview Questions

1. What could be the problem of the hyperlink or image is not displaying correctly?
2. List types of style sheets in CSS.
3. List the types of errors in PHP.
4. Difference between array merge and array combine.
5. Mention 5 array functions in PHP.
6. Define the use of ENUM in MySQL.
7. What is DOCTYPE in html?