The main page or the landing page is the most important page of the website and the main page’s content should be relevant, attractive, and helpful. In a single time, it should connect with the user. With the help of this article, we learn about the tips regarding the main page content. When a user visits any website with the help of a URL, it will land on the main page of the website. A landing page is the entry point of your website or you can say the face of your website, that is why it should be attractive along with the attractive content. Content writing is an essential part of digital marketing techniques. If you want to learn the latest techniques, you should learn about the best Digital marketing institute in Delhi.

content writing for landing page
Landing Page Content

How to write engaging content?

When the quality of your landing page content is engaging, it will attract users and easily brings conversions and leads. Low-quality content on the landing page increases the bounce rate of the website which is a negative sign for the website. This is why your content is updated and should be well written.

Steps to follow before writing content for main landing page

Step 1: know about your target audience

It is very necessary to identify your target audience and to understand the nature of the targeted audience. A good minute on your website by the user, affects your website in a great good way. This is why it is very important to know.

Step 2: finding the right offer

After finding your target audience, you should focus on the problem they face and research on the things to solve the problems. Make catchy lines and give suitable offers. By studying your target audience, you can lure a good audience.

Step 3: always start landing page with image, if possible

It is not possible always, mainly in the case of ecommerce websites because they are selling different products. But with the help of image users can relate themselves with the service or product. It is a way to connect with the users personally.

Step 4: main body of landing page

Write your main points in bulleted forms. This is the best way to write about your product or service within a short length of words, and also cost effective too.

Tips to write engaging content that converts

Write engaging and attractive headlines

The headline- is also an important part of the landing page. It should always be precise and meaningful. It gives the first impression on the user’s mind. Almost 90% of users don’t read the content, they just look at the headings. And if it seems catchy to them, they read the content. Therefore, you should write great headlines and influence your users to read the content. Headings play a very important role in SEO and Digital Marketing. Landing Page Content.

Include testimonials

Customer testimonials are the proof about your service and product. It is the best tool to convince new customers. Good testimonials increase chances by 80% for conversions. People trust customer reviews and testimonials.

Emphasize on product benefits rather than features

People need to know about what are the benefits of your product? and why is it better than other products which are already in the market? Some other things like why customers should purchase your product? What are the add-on services you are offering?

Keep you content precise and simple

Write simple content, focus on benefits and values for the user. Keep images beautiful and relevant. Clear call to actions on the page.

Make it relatable

Always write how you speak, use simple and easy to understand words. Make your sentences small which gives good points and make your content compelling and engaging. Use first person words instead of third person words like he or she. Make user friendly content with neatness.

Add some statistics, numbers, if possible

It’s always good to talk in numbers because it looks appealing. Understand with the example:

  • Content increases conversions
  • Content increases conversions by 50%

Think yourself, which one is more appealing and engaging.

Add call to actions

The best strategy to convert is to add maximum call to actions in your precise content but they should be relevant. This is the best way to encourage your customers to make conversions. Landing Page Content.


With the help of this article, you can double up your landing page conversions and it will make your landing page more suitable, powerful and attractive. These techniques are used in content marketing and SEO related techniques. If you want to learn Digital Marketing to increase sales and conversions, join Techstack Academy. We provide the best-updated techniques with the best Digital Marketing Training in Delhi.

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