Since the rapid growth of cyber-crimes is increasing in India, the data protection laws are expected to create 1 million jobs and $35 billion opportunities for India by 2025. This states the fact that it could be an opportunity for individuals interested in cybersecurity to make it as their career option by choosing a course from the Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes In India.

Any company, big or small irrespective of its size, is always on the hunt for skilled professionals especially for cybersecurity who are capable enough to augment their digital infrastructure and safeguard their data from unwanted intrusions.

Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes in India
Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes in India

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a term that refers to the process of the data that is recurring in the process of practicing and securing the data from the misuse of any computer or network. It is essential to safeguard your data with the help of cybersecurity protocols. The data that must be protected typically includes contact information, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, passport and driver license numbers, social security numbers, medical records, and any other non-public information.

The Common Cyber Security Terms You Should Be Aware of:

A cyber attack is a deliberate and malicious intent to capture, modify, or erase somebody’s private data. 

  • Password Guessing: This is the most common cybersecurity attack that happens often. This is known in a manner to continually attempt to guess someone’s password. An attacker is successful when people use weak passwords or use the password that is obvious to their identity, such as birth date, near an dear one’s name, etc that are easy to guess. Your best defence against this kind of attack is using strong passwords and avoiding using the same password in multiple places as well as activating the two-factor authentication.
  • Distributed Denial of Service attacks
    This is prone to happen when a hacker floods a network using plenty of activities (multiple) all in one go. This is mostly done by botnets, which are a group of internet-connected devices. This is usually infected by viruses that allow a hacker to harness them into performing many kinds of attacks.
  • Malware Attack
    This attack holds a wide variety of sub-attacks, namely- Keyloggers, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojan horses, viruses and worms which are designed to easily corrupt, modify and self-replicate autonomously spread crime through all connected computers that are susceptible to the same vulnerabilities.
  • Phishing Attack
    This usually takes place when a hacker tries to trick people into doing something irrational. Phishing scams are delivered via a seemingly legitimate link to download something or the other, that is generally linked with a message. Phishing is typically done mostly over email or through a fake website which is also known as spoofing. Another term associated with this particular attack is spear phishing which refers to when a hacker focuses on attacking a particular person or company, instead of creating the usually used general-purpose spams.

Personal data is incredibly valuable. Hackers are well-aware of this fact and still try to break-through the identity. Avoid the major pit-falls and save yourself and others from getting prey to certain cybersecurity crimes, easily by learning a cybersecurity training course.

Explore The List Mentioned Below To Choose From One Of The Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes In India And Upgrade Your Tech Skills!

1. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy (Reyedin Techstack Pvt. Ltd) is a Delhi NCR-based training center that provides numerous courses to students to tune-up and upgrade their skills in accordance with their specific chosen field. They have listed amongst the top 10 Cyber Security institutes in India that aim at nurturing young aspirants, students, and professionals to grow, learn and achieve better for their careers. 

Location: Techstack Academy is located in Delhi-NCR, but offers online education in varied IT sectors and digital marketing courses all over India.

Year of Inception: Techstack Academy was established in 2012.

Courses offered: Being in the industry for more than 10+ years, we have developed themselves full-fledged into other courses such as Cyber-Security course & Full-Stack Development training, Digital marketing course, Machine learning, Data Science, Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, Big data Hadoop, and many more!

Mode of Training: The mode of training at Techstack has no boundaries as they offer classroom as well as online course training, to assist you no matter at which corner of the world you are located at. 

Cyber Security At Techstack:  Searching for a cybersecurity institute in India? You have landed at the most appropriate place, wherein Techstack Academy provides training with 12 Advanced Modules that will give you in-depth practical knowledge to enhance your skills and shape your corporate career.

Here, you will be liable to learn about various new things under the cybersecurity course that include, introduction to the course with python, an introduction to machine learning and pandas, Cybersecurity analytical tools, unsupervised deep learning, and many more.

Cyber Security Training is a strategic and practical-based work. You need to have a clear understanding of all the aspects of Cyber Security certification classes to stand out in the market.

Learn from their professionals who have a knack for top-notch training and expert skills in every field. Since they are associated with many companies-namely- Orangus Digital and E-dinero Group, they also provide training (internships) which are included in the course itself, other than that they also offer 100% job placement assistance in many big companies, to help secure your future.

Cyber Security professionals are high in demand. If you think, you can join the Cyber Security training course then move forward to apply for it, now!

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2. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is recognized as No.1 amongst the Top 10 Cyber Science Institutes in India that offers programs in data science & emerging technologies to help you upskill, stay relevant & get noticed. The domain experts & educators at Jigsaw Academy offer meticulously structured courses with industry-relevant curricula. With 50K learners, Jigsaw Academy provides intensive training of 1M+ hours.

Location:  Jigsaw Academy is located in Bangalore.

Year of inception: Jigsaw Academy was established 10 years ago.

Courses offered: Jigsaw Academy trains professionals in the areas of cybersecurity training courses, analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, business analytics, and more.

Mode of Training: They provide training both online and offline. 

Cyber Security At Jigsaw: Get a master certificate in cybersecurity courses online and offline at Jigsaw Academy with an extensive curriculum along with the guaranteed placement program which is designed by the best Cyber Security Experts in the industry. In this extensive and unique program, students will explore the hacker’s state of mind through an in-depth study of the emerging innovations, technologies, and frameworks. 

The course duration lasts for about 11 months in which there will be two assessments to enable you to learn about offensive hacking, IoT and new technologies, applicative hacking, and many more!

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3. Edureka

Edureka offers a variant of courses to provide an alternate platform for students who wish to continue and complete courses by attending live online courses, using a team of ridiculously committed educators who will stop at nothing to impart education, helped by a 24 x 7 support system. By deploying its world-class team of industry experts, Edureka aims to educate its learners with the skills they need to advance their professional life to the next level.

Location: Edureka is located in Bangalore.

Year of inception:
The institute was established in the year of 2011.

Courses offered:
Courses offered by Edureka include AWS certification training, Cybersecurity course, DevOps certification training, cloud architect masters program, Tableau certification, data science, python, and many more.

Mode of training: Edureka offers both online and offline training.

CyberSecurity at Edureka: Cyber network security includes implementing different hardware and software techniques that are necessary and helps to guard underlying network architecture. With the proper network security in place, you can detect emerging threats before they infiltrate your network and avoid any upcoming threats. There are two courses which you can avail for Cybersecurity at Edureka, namely- Cybersecurity certification course and comptia security+ + certification training. Learn cybersecurity training courses and build a colorful career in cybersecurity, then check out their Certification Training which comes with instructor-led live training and real-life project experience.

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4. Cryptus

Cryptus Cyber Security is recognized amongst the top 10 cyber security institutes in India which is ISO-certified. They have been providing advanced training and services with upgraded contents to IT Professionals. Their long-term mission is to sustain performance level producing sterling results in any chosen field.
Cryptus conducts a globally recognized international certification training program that majorly deals in Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing, Software Development, Development, Networking, and Multimedia by the technology service providers.

Location: Cryptus is located in the heart of India, i.e- Delhi.

Year of Inception: Cryptus Cyber Security was established in 2013.

Courses offered: Cryptus offer different kinds of courses which include cybersecurity course, ethical hacking, Diploma in Cybersecurity, web penetration and testing course, etc. There are certain workshops which are also held by Cryptus including, Hacking and security, android development workshops, web development workshops, digital marketing course and internships, SEO services, and so on.

Mode of Training:
They are mostly focused on providing cybersecurity courses online but you can also avail them offline, at your convenience.

CyberSecurity at Cryptus: Join cybersecurity course at Cryptus and avail 90 hours of intensive learning which includes 26+ modules where you will be liable to learn about enumeration, network scanning, penetration testing, reverse engineering, web application hacking, google hacking, password cracking, and many more. The training program here includes different types, namely- The regular track and the weekend track. Cryptus also offers various tools & scripts for hacking tricks & Techniques.

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5. Institute of Information Security

The Institute of Information Security is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on training in cybersecurity courses as it provides excellent and unmatched practical training to individuals and corporates around the globe.
Being a cybersecurity institute, their emphasis lays with hands-on practical training which gives their clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective careers.

They have put together a panel of brilliant trainers who have many years of experience in the exciting field of information security.

Location: IIS is located in different parts of India inclusive of- Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, and also overseas.

Year of inception: IIS was founded in 2008.

Courses offered: Courses offered at IIS are very vast, which consists of cybersecurity courses, technology training, cloud computing, windows security, DevOps security, course for law enforcement, database & network security, etc.

Mode of training: You can avail varied types of cybersecurity training at IIS such as Instructor LED-online training, classroom training, online training, blended training, and corporate training.

Cybersecurity at IIS: Boost your career in a cybersecurity training course at IIS which helps in training programs that are developed and vetted by hands-on practitioners. These practitioners ensure that the content is closely aligned to the market needs of the cybersecurity industry. 

IIS assures to let you learn about the course in-depth with the use of the latest cybersecurity technologies, appropriate organizational structures, and regulatory requirements.

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6. Bytecode

Bytecode is an IT certifications and Training company, which is an accredited training center of DIS (Data and Internet Security) Consultants that provide cybersecurity training courses. Bytecode believes in teamwork, as with every new day passing by,  the quest for acquiring new competencies continues. Bytecode is always searching, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving ahead with our sincere efforts and dedication to shaping the future.

Location: Bytecode is located in Delhi.

Year of inception: Bytecode was incepted in 2008.

Courses offered: They offer a wide variety of courses that include, Bytecode Cyber Security courses wherein they have conducted various workshops on Information Security, Ethical Hacking, iOS Development, Android Development, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, AutoMobiles Mechanics & IC Engines, etc. You can avail red hat courses, CCIE, CompTIA security as well as other courses available.

Mode of Training: The mode of training at Bytecode serves with online training, testing labs, offline training, and practical classes.

Cybersecurity at Bytecode: Being a cybersecurity institute in India, and having 12+ years of experience in the industry, Bytecode organizes high-level bootcamps, seminars, workshops, Conferences, Contests regularly. They also commit and offer 100% job opportunities to their students in the Information Security and IT Industry. With the availability of their testing labs, they are able to fully support your project and provide complete tools to help you learn and grow better.

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7. SimpliLearn

SimpliLearn is an online Bootcamp and comes under one of the top 10 cyber security institutes in India which is a leading certification training provider. They are partnered with companies and individuals who address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals efficiently.

Location: They are located in Bangalore with their headquarters, overseas.

Year of inception: SimpliLearn started its venture in 2009.

Courses offered: SimpliLearn offers plenty of courses which involve Cyber Security course, Big Data Hadoop course, Data science, data analyst, DevOps engineering course, advanced digital marketing course and many more.

Mode of Training: They offer online as well as classroom training sessions.

Cybersecurity at SimpliLearn: Become a certified Cybersecurity expert at SimpliLearn. Their course includes nearly 10 modules which will enable you to learn about Certified Cloud Security Professional, CISSP training, CEH Training, CompTIA security, and more. Avail 160+ hours of learning with 64+ hours of e-learning content about cybersecurity!

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8. Aptron

Aptron is a reputed training institute that has delivered several thousand skilled professionals to the industry. The Skill Development Company offers in-depth learning and industry compliance training and certification to individuals and corporate clients

Location: Aptron offers courses in Delhi NCR which is not limited to just one area, but many.

Year of inception: Aptron was established in 2003.

Courses offered: They offer a pool of courses to dive in, namely- Cybersecurity, app development, big data Hadoop Autocad, Javascript, CCNA security training, and many more,

Mode of training: You can avail training online as well as offline.

Cybersecurity at Aptron: Learn cybersecurity course at Aptron, and get in-depth knowledge about common networking applications including web applications. You will be learning about the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP models along with interpreting networking diagrams with Voice Over IP and Video Over IP on a network. The course includes regular track, weekend track, and fast-track courses. 

9. Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School is listed under the top 10 cyber security institutes in India that are committed to playing a significant role in creating a strong pool of resources that understand the interplay of data, technology, and business. Praxis offers a two-year AICTE approved PGDM; and a nine-month full-time program in data science and cybersecurity. Praxis is also launching a nine-month PGP in data engineering.

Location: PBS is located in Kolkata.

Year of inception: Praxis Business School was established in 2007.

Courses offered: They offer varied courses ranging from cybersecurity to data science, data engineering, data analytics, management, and more.

Mode of training: You can avail classes online and offline.

Cybersecurity at Praxis: Learn cybersecurity course at PBS which offers the program that is designed to create industry-ready cyber warriors by addressing the three aspects of the cybersecurity ecosystem — people, processes, and technology, with special emphasis on governance and compliance. The curriculum includes 525 hours of lectures, lab work, case studies, and projects are distributed over three trimesters.

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10. MSS Cyber Security Training Institute

MSS Cyber Security Training Institute is one of the best cybersecurity institutes which is an Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security courses provider. They provide the best IT Security Training & Solutions to delivering a result that is at par with international standards of planning, management, and quality assurance.

Location: MSS is located in Indore, India.

Year of inception:
MSS was founded in late 1896.

Courses offered: MSS offers wide courses, namely- Cybersecurity course, Digital forensic, CCSS, CCFE, CISE, Penetration-Testing with Kali Linux, Python program, and more!

Mode of training: You can avail classes at MSS via classroom training only.

Cybersecurity at MSS: Become a cybersecurity specialist with MSS. They provide training that is accredited, helping you learn varied subjects that involve python programs, exploit writing, embedded system, security savers, etc.

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Cyberattacks may be intimidating which is why it is imperative to be prepared and armed remaining cautious especially when you are handling someone else’s data. With the rise of the Internet of Things, devices are popping up on company networks. These devices, which are not under company management, can introduce risk as they’re often unsecured and run vulnerable software that can be exploited by hackers and provide a direct pathway into an internal network.

One piece of advice is given to all the users which states, must not mix up all your passwords, as using the same for all your accounts is digitally equivalent to leaving a spare key under your front doormat. To learn more about cybersecurity and have a better knowledge to equip your business and team, tap into the resources of cybersecurity by seeking information from the top 10 cyber security institutes in India. Adapting certain good habits will protect your personal data and avoid cyber attacks efficiently. 

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