Content Marketing Checklist: Firstly, before we make a content marketing checklist to deliver the best content, we should understand what Content Marketing is all about- It is a type of marketing technique which is used to create a content which is relevant and valuable with the main motive of either to attract the new customers or retain the loyal once or to let new customers make a call to action. It is proved to be the most effective medium to attract the stranger, convert them into visitors and further into leads and the last step to convert the lead into customer. The value of content marketing is increasing with time and all you want is to create a valuable content which initially requires a lot of time and efforts to research and to produce it.

Content Marketing

Now, let us talk about the top most content marketing checklist to be kept in mind before planning marketing through your content.

5 Content marketing checklist are:

Know your Target Audience: For every successful business it is important to understand the needs of the customer, in the same way to create valuable content it is important to understand the needs of your customer’s needs. The best way is to collect the data of the customers about their age, income, location and occupation. Many of the content marketing techniques fail because the content is not according the needs of customers, so knowing the customers becomes necessary. For better targeting the audience there are several methods like -Creating a survey and getting the feedback’s to understand the customers well about a certain subject. Surveys are the easiest way to drive traffic, increase sales and attract more and more potential customers. The whole survey process includes six steps starting from knowing the need, designing, building, collecting, reporting and acting.

Content Marketing Strategy: The success of content marketing depend upon the content marketing strategy having some desired goals in other words we can say that the strategy is the backbone of a successful content marketing. The content strategy will depend upon the data collected in the first step “Know your target audience”, from the data collected the strategies can be made on the basis of type of audience, age, niche, and customer’s engagement through social platforms or website.

Content Marketing

Content Mapping: A content mapping is very useful if you want to track your content marketing strategy and can immediately take out a solution if your strategy is not on a right path. Before making a content map firstly you need to answer the following question to yourself about you content like Why will a reader will read your content, how to make your content attractive for the readers and sources to create a different and potential content from the other competitors. This strategy include concept mapping as well which means sharing your ideas and concepts with others through the use of graphics.

Content Marketing

Make content readable: The quality and quantity of content become useless if you the appearance of the content is not readable or understandable for a better appearing content the content should include a proper Heading 1 and the other heading and sub heading depending upon the topics, the other important point regarding the content is choosing proper font which is simple and easy to read for the users with the use of bold and italics. Studies show that 90% content leave an impact on readers and become attractive with the use relevant images, using info graphics makes the data easily understandable and grabs the interest of the reader.

SEO Optimization: After all the above objectives are fulfilled the most important part of content marketing is SEO (Search engine optimization) as every content marketer needs to make the content reach to the right readers and to rank the content on the first page of search engine result pages as most the traffic is distributed among the websites which rank on the first page and no reader bothers to visit the next page to find the relevant content. To become a SEO expert you can search for the best digital marketing institute in Delhi and become a content marketer to increase the traffic as well as the lead generation either for business or blogging.

SEO optimization includes some important points such as:

*Researching Keywords: Before writing any content is becomes essential to research for the keywords according to the niche of your content, a keyword of low difficulty and more traffic increases the chances you to rank on the top results of the search engines, for keyword research I would like to recommend a tool “Ahrefs”.

*On-Page Optimization: After the keywords are researched and the content is prepared it becomes necessary to optimize the content by adding the keyword in the very first paragraph of your content, adding category, tags to your content, relevant title to your post, Meta description (less than 150 characters) to your content which let the readers know what the content is all about, proper keyword density (number of times the keyword is present in your content) I would like to recommend you keep the keyword density to 2%, the maximum according to Google algorithm is 2.5% . The most important point is not to try keyword stuffing (inserting keywords unnecessarily in your content), try to make the content as real as possible and not to try any black hat techniques to rank your website as you can be penalized by doing so.

*Off-page Optimization: Off page includes the back end process to get your content ranked and all it includes in getting quality back-links (reputation or goodwill of other websites). Common ways to gain quality back-links are guest posting, article submission and media outreach.

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