Data science is considered to be an essential part of every industry, as massive data is produced every day, on a daily basis. The popularity of the Data Science course has increased exponentially where plenty of companies have started implementing data science techniques to grow their business in order to diversify customer satisfaction. If you have a keen eye and a great interest to be a data scientist, choose from the Top 10 Data Science Institutes In India which will not only help you enlarge your horizon to study the particular course but will also assure that you work under a good company/MNC post the completion of your course.

A data scientist is responsible for analyzing business data which helps them to extract meaningful insights. In simple words, a data scientist solves business problems through a series of steps that may include gathering data from multiple resources, feeding the data into an analytical system, using algorithms or varied statistical techniques. 

Top 10 Data Science Institutes in India

Reasons to choose Data Science as a career option:

Data science courses are said to enable better decision-making skills with predictive analysis and pattern discovery to unleash hidden skills.

  • Choosing a Data Science course will help you search for the leading cause of a problem by asking the relevant questions.
  • You will be liable to perform an exploratory study on the specified data.
  • You can easily model the data with the use of various algorithms. 
  • It is relevantly easier for you to communicate and analyze the results via graphs, dashboards, etc.

There are majorly 5 prerequisites of Data Science, namely:

  • Machine Learning: Before you lay your hands on Data science courses, you must know machine learning is the backbone of data science. Data Scientists must require a solid grasp of Machine learning, in addition, to know about the basic knowledge of statistics. 
  • Modeling: Mathematical models are mandatory to help you make quick calculations, all at your fingertips. Modeling is also a part of machine learning which involves identifying various algorithms.
  • Statistics: This is the core of data science. A well-built handle on statistics can help you extract better intelligence and obtain in-depth and meaningful results.
  • Programming: A few levels of programming are required to execute methods in a data science project. The most commonly used programming languages are Python and R as they are easy to learn and understand. 
  • Database: A capable data scientist, will be required to have a clear understanding of how databases work, ways to manage them, and how to extract data from them.

Run-down The List Below And Explore The Top 10 Data Science Institutes In India: 

1. Techstack Academy

Techstack Academy (Reyedin Techstack Pvt. Ltd) is a Delhi NCR-based training center that provides numerous courses to students to tune-up and upgrade their skills in accordance with their specific chosen field.
They provide courses based on practical knowledge and theoretical concepts. Reyedin Techstack speaks for its reputation offering the best value in training services combined with the support of creative minds and strategic understanding to establish a solution that suits your learning needs due to which they have been listed amongst the top 10 Data Science institutes in India

Year of inception: The institute was established in 2012.

Courses offered: Techstack Academy offers a wide variety of courses, namely- Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python Course, Digital Marketing and many more. Since the inception of their institution, they have successfully provided courses to more than 19000 students and have trained nearly 1200 batches.

About Data Science course in India at Techstack: Learn every skill to implement Data Science in web and social media. The data science course at Techstack Academy offers 55 modules to make you learn the core concepts of Data Science by working on simulation & real-time projects, having in-depth knowledge about subjects like Data and Analytics, basics of statistics, dashboard designing, fundamentals of python, and many more.
You will be having data science certification post your course, along with 100% job placement assistance.

Mode of Training:
Techstack Academy provides both, online as well as offline training providing live Projects, internships & strategic consulting to help you grow your career and make a difference for your future.

If you are looking for any type of online presence such as development, Data science courses, or any other course in the IT domain, you have landed at the most appropriate stop.
Continuing the tradition of providing training with their cutting-edge technologies, Techstack Academy broadbands into different ventures and hopefully will be expanding their training arena, more exquisitely in the near future.

Become an expert Data Scientist with 600+ hours of intensive learning in Data Science over 5 months, at Techstack academy.

For more details, visit:

2. Jigsaw Academy

With 50K learners and more than 1M hours of intensive training, Jigsaw Academy provides immense knowledge which offers tremendously designed, industry-relevant curricula. The domain experts here have got structured courses to help train professionals in the areas of Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Business Analytics, Cyber Security & Cloud Computing, to name but a few.

Year of inception: Jigsaw Academy was established in 2011.

Courses offered: The academy offers programs in data science courses with other emerging technologies to help you upskill, stay relevant & get noticed. Learn Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Business Analytics, Cyber Security & Cloud Computing, etc. at Jigsaw Academy.

About Data Science at Jigsaw Academy:
Choose from a variety of data science courses offered by Jigsaw Academy that involve PG courses, Integrated programming, Full-stack data science course, and many short term courses in the same field. Here, you will be able to learn about many subjects with the help of tools such as Apache Storm, Hadoop, Python, etc.

Mode of Training: They offer classroom as well as online training sessions.

Being associated with certain big companies, Jigsaw Academy assures you to get you placed under one of the best companies once your entire course is completed.
Data Science course fees depend on which type of course, are you choosing to learn.

For more details, visit:

3. Great Learning

Great Learning is regarded as one of the top data science institutes in India for ed-tech companies, professional and higher education. Great Learning offers career-relevant programs from world-class universities in the most in-demand domains.

Year of inception: Great Learning was incepted in 2013.

Courses offered:
The institute offers a wide variety of courses that may include data science courses (classroom & online), artificial intelligence, machine learning course, Advanced certification in software engineering, business analytics, and more!

About Data Science at Great Learning: Learn a Data science course in India at Great Learning pursuing a PG program in Data Science, and become a certified scientist. The capstone projects available at Great Learning are approved by Great Lakes and UT Austin McCombs School of Business Faculty. To learn data science online courses, you will be liable to have in-depth knowledge about Data Science, Statistics, Code, SQL Programming, and some domain-specific knowledge head-on. These will also include different techniques, data mining, visualization, and insights.

Mode of Training: You can avail of any type of courses in offline as well as online mode, both.

For more details, visit:

4. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has worked towards building a long-term successful career for its students. It emerged as the fourth most trusted education educational brand. IMS Proschool moves with an approach to help individuals realize their potential by mentoring and imparting skills. They have trained more than 4000 students on data science programs

Year of inception: IMS Proschool started its venture in late, 1997.

Courses offered: There is an availability of different courses which IMS provides, naming a few- Data science certification course, business analytics, digital marketing, cybersecurity, financial modelling, a certificate in investment banking, and many more!

About Data Science at IMS Proschool: Lay your hands on the best data science course in India, which is a 6-month weekend program that runs with a prime focus on skill needs of the three major profiles namely machine learning engineer, data analyst, and entry-level requirements of the data engineer profile. By choosing the data science course syllabus, you will be learning about text mining, advanced learning, neural networks, etc. To be a certified data science expert, you will be required to clear two modules, positively.

For more details, visit:

5. Edvancer

Edvancer provides the best career-oriented education possible and is also listed amongst the top 10 data science institutes in India. Edvancer aims to make an intervention in the education system and evolve a new paradigm of learning which is focused on the needs of the industry and the aspirants. 

Year of inception: Edvancer was founded in 2013. 

Courses offered: They offer a pool of courses which involve specialization courses such as certified data science course, advanced machine learning course, PG program in Data science, and more. Apart from that, they also offer short-term courses that include certified tableau professional courses, certified machine learning with python, and/or business analytics course.

Mode of training: Attain data science course syllabus with live online classes and self-paced with faculty support at Edvancer.

About Data Science at Edvancer: Gain extensive knowledge about data science courses at Edvancer with 150+ hours of immersive learning. The data science course fees depend on which type, of course, you are choosing, namely- a live online class course or a self-paced course. Here you will be liable to learn about new things such as Python, SQL, predictive analysis, etc.

Get complete flexibility in learning without compromising on content or doubt clearance! They also provide 100% job placement once your course is fully completed.

For more details, visit:

6. Imarticus

At Imarticus, they prioritize experiential learning that puts the reins of your career in capable hands. Our state-of-the-art online systems and tech-fuelled classrooms ensure you always stay miles ahead of the competition. They currently have 100+ mentors who have collaboration with over 480 global firms enabling aspirants to acquire in-demand skills using the first approach of the industry.

Year of inception: Imarticus was established in 2012.

Courses offered: Courses offered at Imarticus Learning involve Finance, Analytics, Technical which includes data science, data analyst, business analytics, machine learning, and many more.

Mode of training: Imarticus Learning offers both, classroom as well as online training sessions.

About Data Science at Imarticus: kick-start your career in the field of Data Science which is a knowledge-packed professional learning experience that includes a cutting-edge curriculum, real-business projects, and case studies, along with tech-enabled education. Their  Prodegree for Data science course goes a long way towards helping you unlock lucrative career opportunities in the coveted fields of Data Science.

Once your course is fully completed, Imarticus also offers job placement opportunities to help you land your dream job.

For more details, visit:

7. Madrid Software Training

Madrid software training is a Delhi-based training center providing numerous courses to students to tune up their skills in accordance with the demand of the market. The courses at Madrid Software Training are designed to deliver the latest knowledge and skills to the students. This institute is regarded under the top 10 data science institutes in Delhi as they put Special emphasis on the practical skills of students along with theoretical knowledge. The students get essential skills by working on live projects in their chosen field.

Year of inception: The institute was established in May 2011.

Courses offered: Madrid Software Training imparted to the students with different courses that are Data Science with R and Python, Data Analytics with R and Python, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, and many more.

Mode of Training: Avail 100% Classroom Training by Our Top Ranked Faculty.

About Data Science at Madrid: Data science is a multidisciplinary subject of data assumption, algorithm development, and technology to solve analytically complex problems. Madrid covers plenty of technologies to serve you within the course which may include Python, SQL, Machine learning algorithms, Predictive modeling and concepts, Tableau, and more. There will be regular assignments and capstone projects.
They also assist with Mock tests and Mock interviews.

For more details, visit:

8. InvetaTeq

For nearly half a decade, InventaTeq has been the Best Software Training Institute offering 100% Guaranteed job placements, Cost-Effective, Quality & Real-time Training courses. They endeavor to make their students employable in the field of online Marketing as SEO Specialists, PPC Specialists, Link Builders, Social Media Marketers, and webmasters with a great desire to create value, earn trust, deliver results, exceed expectations and empower people.

Year of inception: InventaTeq was established almost 10 years ago.

Courses offered: They offer plenty of courses that include, namely- Data science course, machine learning, big data-Hadoop training, Java, Online reputation management, and more.

Mode of training: Get online & offline training at InventaTeq.

About Data Science at InventaTeq: If you have a keen interest in expanding your career in and around Data science, learn from the tech professionals who offer real-time projects, recorded lectures, and 24/7 free support. Their teaching methodology runs differently with the beginning of theory, assignments, practical knowledge, certification, and finally job placement by InventaTeq!

For more details, visit:

9. AnalytixLabs

AnalytixLabs is listed under the top 10 Data Science institutes in India. They focus on practical and tailored learning to make you job-ready. The latest curriculum is designed in a manner to help you grow with the project work. The extensive post sessions support is provided for real-world skills, making it worth every penny you invest.

Year of inception: AnalytixLabs was established in 2011.

Courses offered: The courses offered at AnalytixLabs include Data science online course, an Advanced big data science course, Deep Learning with Python, Data visualization and analytics, Artificial intelligence engineering, etc.

Mode of training: At AnalytixLabs, you can have classroom bootcamps, interactive live online, and e-learning sessions.

About Data Science at AnalytixLabs: Get Data Science training with proper certification at AnalytixLabs. They provide plenty of capstone projects which helps you to learn in-depth about the course. The course will be responsible to provide you industrial sessions that give you an insight into project management, risk analysis, digital and social network analysis, and operational analysis.

For more details, visit:

10. Innomatics Research Labs

Innomatics Research Labs is a pioneer in “Transforming Career and Lives” of individuals in the Digital Space. They are highly recognized under the top 10 Data Science institutes in India, as they are regarded as the best educational institute for providing the ultimate knowledge to their students. Having trained and placed 1500 students with a track record of 60+ batches, 50+ Hackathons, 20+ Industry Experts, 30+ meetups, and Industry connections. Innomatics is also partnered with IBM.

Year of inception: Innomatics Research Labs was established in 2018.

Courses offered: They offer a variety of courses such as Data science courses, full-stack development, DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Digital marketing, career-launching program, and many more!

Mode of training: You can avail classroom, online, self-paced, or corporate training at Innomatics Research Labs.

About Data Science at Innomatics:
Learn data science course at Innomatics wherein which provides education covering all the major tools namely- NLP, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, Machine learning, and python.

For more details, visit:


 Data Science, a short term but holds great meaning which has been serving plenty of companies as oil for decades. By incorporating data science techniques into your business, you will have the liability to now forecast future growth and analyze if there are any upcoming threats. Continuing education programs such as data science boot camps, career accelerators, incubators, and summer schools will provide another stream of talent. This represents the emerging watershed of data science and its education which has an innate capability to meet the needs of aspiring students feeding multiple streams of generalists and specialists.
Become a data scientist within a few months by joining the course from the top 10 data scientist institutes in India, which will ensure to help you have in-depth knowledge about the data science course.

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