The Website Design should be designed for a better experience for users, their needs, and their desired result of a website visit. The main focus should be the user’s challenges and the ability of the website to solve these issues. It should not only focus on coding trends and predefined templates.

I am a strong believer in great content and always prepare content before initiating any graphic design. Some will contradict my approach but I know content before the design is the right approach for both websites and blogs. To design a good website, you should have knowledge of web development and if you want to make a career in this field you should learn from the best web development training institute in Delhi.

Website Design

Always Focus on User because Website Design Trends Come And Go

I have seen people discussing the designing part only like they are focussing on infinite scroll, images, background with videos, hamburger menus, and other scripts. But, very rarely seen people’s approach towards users intention, needs, and the main goals of the website. Designers or owners caught up in design trends, competitor’s websites, and other elements like this. And they lost track about the website visitor.

They often select beautiful themes or templates for their websites and purchase them and once they buy the theme, they are bound to the content which fits in the template’s available content block. They are forced to design the custom template as the same style and presentation given there or almost like their competitor’s website. In most of the cases, this leads to a great disappointment. 

The reason behind that is they follow the path of purchase theme, design, development, and then finally content. And this is the wrong order, you know it now which leads to frustrations and only going backwards.

Content first leads to Intelligent Website Design Decisions

You first need to write about the user persona, user’s individual challenges, your solutions given, and the path which you want your visitors to take within the website. Messaging and content are the foundation of the website which means they should be very well documented with good colors, fonts, and layouts.

One of my favourite quote on this designing subject is:

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” – Jeffrey Zeldman.

Though graphics design is also a very important part, it must take place at the right time when the project truly allows you to showcase website, content, and complete structure.

Always focus on the right content

When I am saying you should write content before design, I am not saying you should write the complete content because it can be a very difficult task for the most website owners and businesses. But you should write about core website sections and pages. 

These are some of the basic areas you should write about:

  • Home
  • About page or Company Page
  • Main service page
  • If you have store, then Main Store Page
  • Categories
  • Personas
  • Landing pages
  • Main Blog Page
  • Contact Page

Call to actions pages are dependent upon the complexity of your project it will differ according to the project. You should also write about content flow and call to actions pages.

You should consider on these aspects also before web design approach:

  • Headlines and subheadings
  • Paragraph Texts
  • Core messaging
  • Call to actions
  • Videos
  • Images
  • User persona and visitor paths
  • Social media accounts
  • Navigation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Find Balance

Many situations will not allow you to write before the design approach. You will always have to find a way to balance things. If this approach is very difficult in your situation, I suggest you start with some elements like navigation, seo, and call to actions. Then focus on the user persona and visitor paths.

Always focus on known elements and while moving through the process, always focus on the user, what they need, what actions you want them to take. Break the big processes into chunks and evaluate every chunk.


Designing, development, and content writing can be tricky at times. But if you have the right strategy you will find success in everything. The strategies come with experience and if you want to become the best web developer, you should know these tactics. Techstack Academy, have the best experienced web developers and trainers who will give you training according to the market needs. Join our full stack web development course in Delhi.

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