What is Google AdSense and How to make Money from it?

Google AdSense: World Wide Web or Internet has pretty much become an integral part of our lives. We spend hours on the web searching for information, reading blogs, watching videos, finding pictures, listening music, and sharing our likes and socializing. Since Internet has a great number of users from all over the world, so this makes it a perfect platform to earn some bucks. You must have heard by now that people are earning money online. Money in big figures. So, the question arises is how are they doing so?

Google AdSense
Google AdSense
The answer to this question is simple – create your web property and get an AdSense account. A web property could be a blog, a website, a YouTube channel, or anything which Google allows. Creating a blog is easy, and there are two major platforms where you can create a blog: WordPress and Blogger. What’s even easier is creating a YouTube channel. All you need is a Google account and you’ll get a channel free with it. On the other hand, creating a website takes time and expertise. So it’s better to hire a professional, however it’s also possible to create a simple website on your own. You can learn more about Google adsense by doing digital marketing course from techstack.
Once you have a web property, the next step is getting an approved AdSense account, But before you do so, let’s try to understand what is AdSense?

So, what is Google AdSense?

AdSense is nothing but a service provided by Google to a blogger, YouTuber, Website owner, or any other kind of online publishers using which they can monetize their web content. The best thing about it is, AdSense is completely free! It is easy to use and once you complete initial configurations you can simply sit back and watch the money fall into your account. Besides, you’ll get paid in time and there’s no scamming involved. These are the reasons behind the long run of AdSense being the most popular way to earn money online.
Now that you have understood what is AdSense, let’s focus on the next step, which is how to make money from Google AdSense:
Getting started with Google AdSense is rather easy. After you have your own blog, YouTube channel, website, or any other web property, you are required to apply for the approval of your AdSense account. Once you gain access to your account all you have to do is create ads, and then apply the AdSense code on your your blog using plugins. Once you are through this, AdSense starts displaying ads on your blog or website, etc. Now. when a visitor clicks on these ads, you’ll get paid by Google. That’s it, that’s how Google AdSense works.
Note that although, it sounds easy, it may take two to three attempts for getting your Adsense account approved. This usually happens with most of people. Google disapproves the requests for approving AdSense account because there is something missing in your application. There are some set parameters and rules based on which Google checks, verifies and finally approves your application for approval. There are cases when people got their  AdSense accounts approved on first try. It’s just that they checked every point on the list.
Generally, it takes around seven days for Google to approve your Google account. And, once you have your AdSense approved you’ll start earning money. The next thing that you should work on is modes to bring traffic to your blog, website, etc. As more traffic means greater probability of earning money.
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