An article on social networking sites

Social networking sites has spread in recent use of social networking sites, where it led to the break down geographical boundaries between people, and transformed the world of these sites to a small village, and in this article we will address to talk about social networking sites and their impact on society as a whole. Known social networking sites as a set of interconnected electronic networks that allow the user to create his own account, and link it with other users with similar interests through social electronic system. Social and renamed it came from the concept of “building societies” and classifies these sites within the second generation of Web sites.

Social Media

Facebook: social network on the Internet site, allows users to exchange information and enter their personal data, as well as the ability to send and receive messages, and access to the latest developments around the world.

Instagram: Is the site works on smartphones, it allows the user to share photos and videos only.

YouTube: is a Web site known specialist with the participation of the video only, and allows users to view and share various videos for free.

Twitter: It is a site through which the dissemination of ideas, information, and events, and allows the user to exchange views by placing comments

Social networking sites
Social networking sites

The pros of social networking sites

Communicate with the outside world and the exchange of ideas and opinions, and get to know the cultures of peoples, and rounded distances.

The performance of many of the activities that help to communicate and reach out to others, also give great opportunities for Mtskhaddman in order to express their views, as well as the ability to share rituals with others.

Open doors and opportunities for users to launch innovations and projects that achieve their goals and help the community to develop and grow.

Reduce the time and effort required in order to communicate with others. Big speed in the transfer of news and events that happen around the world.

It allows the user to identify the users to have common hobbies to browse the Internet, in addition to the identification of several sites in areas favored by the user and charge.

Cons social networking sites

lack of control and lack of sense of responsibility.

The large number of rumors, lies and exaggeration in the reporting of events.

Away some discussions about mutual respect and appreciation of literature and dialogue and not to accept the opinions of others, and to see him with violence and bad words.

Wasting time by spending long hours in the user navigate between pages and files to no avail.
Isolate the youth and adolescents about their family lives and their participation in the activities and events held by the society.

Control of alien mother-tongue languages, which would weaken the Arabic language.

Lack of privacy.

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