There are plenty of educational centers that come under the list of Top 10 Business Analytics Institutes In India. Business analytics is a data management solution which is an intelligence subset that refers to the use of various methodologies that involves data mining, statistical analysis and predictive analysis in a way to analyze and transform the data into actionable and useful information to identify whilst anticipating trends and outcomes which can finally make a smarter, data-driven business decision.With the fast pacing development of AI and machine learning, businesses are becoming more data driven.

With the aid of top business analytics courses in India, the working professionals from different backgrounds entering into the field of business analytics can now achieve new growth and milestones in their careers.

The Prerequisites To Build Your Career With One Of The Top 10 Business Analytics Institutes In India :

Career choices if taken into consideration for courses such as AI or Business Analytics, these are driven by keeping in mind the technical knowledge of an individual. Before moving forward to make the final call for your career in business analytics,  you just know if you, as a candidature will fit the role of a business analyst:

  • Technical Knowledge: To be an effective and an ideal business analyst, the job responsibilities can be garnered from a relevant business analyst course or program. 
  • Experience: Working professionals coming from any domain that may be IT, marketing, sales, finance operation or business development etc. an experienced professional is highly preferred for such job roles. However, experience need not be specific to the data science field.
  • Attributes & Aptitude: To be the best at business analytics, you must have good problem solving and reasoning skills along with being comfortable about researching and data diciing. 

Explore The Check-list Given Below And Select From The Top 10 Business Analytics Institutes In India :

1. Techstack 

Techstack was initiated in 2012 with an aim to put equal emphasis on book theory and practical and whilst teaching you how to implement your theoretical knowledge into practical problems efficiently.

Techstack is a complete training Institute that offers training courses such as business analytics course, Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Java, PHP, WordPress and many more along with a hard base of placement support. Achieve in-depth knowledge with real-time trainers who have actively worked with an experience of working in MNC companies, which are exclusively tailor-made training curriculum to meet the career objective of the students and working professionals.

Techstack aims to craft visually stunning memorable experiences for each and every trainee or student.

One of the best reasons to choose Techstack is choosing any type of online presence, web design and development courses or any other course in the IT domain, they are the perfect choice for you, especially while providing business analytics courses.

Listed amongst the top 10 business analytics institutes in India, Techstack provides quality training believing to offer smart classes both, offline and online training. Gain an ultimate knowledge with their courses which will help you get more exposure and a better understanding of the concepts.
Apart from providing you with the best knowledge possible, Techstack offers 100% placement assistance. Being tied up with thousands of multinational companies for job placements have helped plenty of people with preparing for the interview session and resume building.

Learn Business Analytics course at Techstack that offers 55 modules with 150+ hours of intensive learning in MDS over 3 months. As a Business Analytics aspirant, you must have skills and exposure in basic computer technical knowledge, IT or commerce background.

What Do You Gain If You Join Business Analytics Course at Techstack:

  • Business analytics executive
  • Social media analytics
  • PPC executive
  • Business data analyst
  • Business analyst executive

Upskill with Techstack Academy inclusive of career support, Career mapping, Resume building, Mock interviews and more. 

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2. IVY Professional School

Ivy Professional School is the official and authorized learning partner of some of the biggest corporate houses. It has been listed amongst the top 10 business analytics institutes in India in the field of Analytics, Consulting, Banking & Finance, IT,  FMCG, Project Management and Manufacturing.

It was invented in the year 2007 and has trained more than 10,000 professionals.

IVY provides weekend timing for the industry professionals, along with that other modern and high-tech labs with 1:1 student to laptop ratio is also present. The campus locations are widespread across various cities such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai.

Classes are available in both online and offline arenas to help students learn and grow better. Choosing a business analytics course at IVY provides you with strong faculty and high-level training.

Analytics is necessary for every field and industry. Professionals with Business analytics skills are expected to play a crucial role in guiding strategic decisions.

You can easily customize your module and training programme. Predictive training with R involves nearly 25 hours of training sessions helping you learn more about business analytics courses that might include SAS advanced, business statistics, core analytics and many more. 

Enrol yourself now and get one to one guidance for a business analytics oriented profile. Mock interviews are conducted at regular intervals to prepare candidates for the real-life interviews.

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3. BITS-Pilani

In 2000, a strategic plan was made to help BITS Pilani embark on a journey to become one of the leading universities due to which it is now listed amongst the top 10 business analytics institutes in India. BITS Pilani is an institute which moves with a mission to provide and promote education to research well in the fields of Technology, Science, Humanities, Industry, Business, Public Administration and to collate and disseminate in such fields effective ideas, methods. The information is likely to promote the material and industrial welfare of India.

For business analytics course, BITS Pilani offers M.Sc. Business Analytics which is a five-semester work. This 5-semester work is an Integrated Learning Programme curated for working professionals, who are aspiring for a rapid career progression in the high-growth areas of Business Analytics and Big Data.

Seeking the business analytics course will surely make them stand out in highly competitive workplaces by acquiring a prestigious Master’s level qualification from a premier institution.

The option is available where you can have contactless and safe Online exams facility, other than that they tend to offer you with an option to submit fee using easy-EMI with 0% interest.

The education delivery methodology is a blend of classroom and experiential learning. majorly consisting of lab exercises, assignments,work-integrated activities and case studies using tools and knowledge of R, SAS, Tableau and python. 

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4. SkilLogic

SkilLogic is accredited by international bodies,  IABAC- EU Global body for business analytics and has been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high-quality training service. Blended with the combination of different learning courses, SkiLogic is listed amongst the top 10 business analytics institutes in India.

They offer not only classroom training sessions but are also bound to offer online training which is conveniently designed and modelled to fit in every student’s aspirations to learn about business analytics or business analytics courses.

Instructors at SkilLogic are certified and are highly qualified with decades of experience in the subject matter. If you are looking for specific classroom training sessions at SkilLogic, you must know they are diversified all across India at different places, namely- Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Amritsar and many more!

If you are looking for the next big thing to achieve, choose a Business Analyst course that offers nearly 12+ courses. With SkilLogic, 24 PDUs will be awarded for classroom and virtual live classroom delegates provided with hand copy material to study better.  

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KVCH, being a leader in the industry of information technology and management training. They have been rated as the best training provider from the past 25 years.

KVCH is the pioneer of education providing the best business analytics course as per the current industry requirement that enables eligible candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide

Learn business analytics courses from your home with their newly launched online training sessions. Depending on your preferences you can also choose classroom training.

The motto of KVCH is to deliver quality education to all. They believe in providing quality services due to which they are listed amongst the top 10 business analytics institutes in India. Having a panel of expert teams for each specialized domain. The experts have industrial experience of more than 15 years.

They are not only specialized in teaching but also assure to get your placement done with one of the best/ dream companies you have wished for. With guaranteed career growth, seeking business analytics courses at KVCH provides you with SPSS, SAS, Neural Networks, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines Training and Text Mining with R Training. Apart from all this, they also make an effort for you to have the proper understanding in detail, along with processing data, visualization and supervised learning.

Books/PDFs are available for your better understanding, within smart labs. KVCH offers Regular and Weekends classes for Business Analytics training.

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6. Great Learning

Become a future-ready business analyst with Great Learning. They are rated under top 10 business analytics institutes in India, as they provide diversified courses and knowledge along with  Mock Interviews which can help you to crack your dream job.

Great Learning has set a great record of 66% of their learners achieving career transition within 12 months of the programme.

Great learning academy offers personalized live learning sessions in different courses. If you are willing to move forward with a business analytics course, you must have knowledge about Great learning being associated with Texas and Great Lakes which create relevantly designed courses for your growth.

Business Analytics course involves python, SQL, Machine learning, Data Mining, Predictive modelling, Tableau etc.

Get 100% career placement and dedicated program managers to ensure that you will gain progress and have learning outcomes within the course of 11 months. 

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7. Jigsaw Academy

jigsaw Academy is recognized as a top business analytics institute in India, with 7+ years of experience, Jigsaw offers programs in business analytics, data science & emerging technologies to help you upskill, stay relevant & get noticed.

The domain experts & educators at Jigsaw Academy offer meticulously structured courses with industry-relevant curricula. Providing 1M hours of learning with 50k+ learners, Jigsaw focuses on delivering the best knowledge possible.

Be job-ready and accelerate your career with Jigsaw’s future leader Programmes that offers the perfect blend of Data Science & Management Skills! Currently, there are 12 modules which represent an in-depth knowledge for you to learn about business analytics courses.

The curriculum of this includes 10-months online that is bound to cover technical and business aspects of the application of Analytics & Data Science.

Here 150+ Hours are divided feasibly within 12 modules of learning along with 7+ module level-assessments and assignments. 

Jigsaw Academy was awarded as the prestigious “Partner of Excellence Award 2019” by NASSCOM that also ensures to offer certification, once your entire course is completed.

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8. Analytix Labs

AnalytixLabs We- led by a team of Mckinsey, IIT, and IIM alumni with in-depth industry experience. Their team meticulously designs every course and maps it to sought-after job roles in the field of Business Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

You can opt for a business analytics course online as well as seek classroom training as per your convenience. Get ready to attain experiential learning with real-life hands-on projects with a widespread institute that comes under one of the top 10 business analytics institutes in India.

At AnalytixLabs, you can seek well-integrated course modules mapped to specific job roles and learn deeply about python, visualization and analytics, Data Science using R etc.

If you opt for short-term courses, there are nearly 6+ modules helping you grow in your preferred area or field.

Batches are located at Noida And Gurgaon. You can also avail them having live/video-based sessions. The key skills also involve free demo’s, assignments provided and reporting analysis.

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9. Madrid Software Training

The institute was established in May 2011. Since then, till now they have successfully trained over 5000 IT professionals in their training centre. Their course contents are up-to-date and well supported by advanced training methodologies.

Madrid Software Training offers master and PG courses in Business Analytics courses.

Apart from Business Analytics, the courses imparted to the students are Data Science with R and Python, Data Analytics with R and Python, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Testing, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services ( AWS) in the institute.

With 8+ years of experience specifically in business analytics, Madrid Software Training involves 50+ trainers to assist and groom you with in-depth knowledge.
You can also wish to book a free counselling session if you are confused about what to choose.

Madrid Software Training offers certain technologies that involve technologies covering core python, machine learning concepts, statistics, Data analytics with R, regression in R language and many more.

The course highlights involve:

  • Most advanced curriculum
  • Assignment and assessment test
  • Case studies
  • Capstone project

Madrid Software Technologies delivers 100% classroom training sessions, which are trained under top-ranked faculty. Dedicated placement is an assured factor while seeking business analytics or any such course at Madrid Software Technologies. After the completion of the course, they also provide business analytics certification which will help you get better hikes in the job for future purposes.

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10. Excel R

Excel R was founded in 2014, as a leading giant in the space of Training and Consulting, helping students and professionals across the globe by delivering top-notch, world-class classroom and online training. Excel R provides various courses such as business analytics, digital marketing, financial analytics and more.

If you are someone willing to excel in the field of business analytics, you must choose Excel R where after the completion you will be given business analytics certification.

Live virtual training sessions cost more than classroom training. Excel R provides you with 100% job placement in your specified chosen field.

More than 35 modules are available to help you learn about business analytics that includes tableau, basics of python, MYSQL, basics of R and many more!

Excel R’s business analytics is designed in a way that provides 50+ assignments from basics to advanced learning for your career. To master the concept of business analytics you will be required to have a model of training with live online sessions and e-learning. A combination of these will impact on your learning synergically.

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One of the apparent importance of business analytics is that it helps to gain essential business insights which are done by presenting the right data to work with. This goes a long way in making decision making more efficient, but is a fact and is quite easy.
You can easily think of moving forward in your career, being a business analyst by choosing the right business analytics course for you. 

There is no denying that business analytics have come to change the dynamics of businesses and how they operate, similarly, it is important for a person to understand the right direction to move into. Browse well and select from the top 10 business analytics institutes in India that can ensure you ultimate knowledge via security, job placement and of course necessary certification.

In today’s business environment, every organization is looking for a way to make their business more efficient and business analytics gives them the same advantage. What makes business analytics standout is the fact that it can be applied in several areas. The major lesson learned is to tightly link analytics to the business. To do this, you must create safe and productive intersections staffed by analytics deciders who are well-versed in both business and analytics. 

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