Best Business Analytics training institute in India, According to recent studies, it has been seen that business analytics is one of the most in-demand professions right now. And because of its extremely useful skills and algorithms, it is evident that it will continue to grow in the IT industry. This is the reason why business analytics training is one of the most hyped courses right now.

The basic function of business analytics is to help you make informed decisions based on data provided by the company. It is not possible for the humans to interpret such a massive amount of data and business analytics helps to do it in a much simpler way.

To learn the basic business analytics skills, you need to find the best business analytics training institute to help you out in gaining both theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge that is required to solve real life business problems. Here is what you will learn in our Techstack business analytics course.

  • You will get an approximate idea about how to make better business decisions to help the growth of the company. This course will enhance your data interpretation and problem-solving skills.
  • We provide both classroom and online training, and you can choose flexible hours according to your convenience.
  • The Business Analytics course at Techstack will expose you to the essential tools that are used in Data Analytics currently.
  • The business analytics course will open up multiple job opportunities for you in different departments like finance, marketing, economics, statistics, and much more.
Best Business Analytics training institute in India
Best Business Analytics training institute in India

Best business analytics training institute in India.

1. Techstack.

We always believe in delivering the best quality training in every course that we provide and that’s what we here to do. Our faculty members have an experience of more than 12 years in this industry and in multinational companies. Along with quality training, we believe in letting the creative ideas of the students flow and we also provide 100% placement assistance. Most students are looking at these courses after 12th.

Delivery of the course is remarkable and the course curriculum of the business analytics course is updated according to the current industry standards along with portfolio worthy projects. Our certificate is recognised everywhere and it will help to open up new job opportunities for you.

2. REVA  University.

This program is a one year weekend program located in Bangalore. The total course structure is spread over three trimesters and during the last three months of the course, the students get the opportunity to work on capstone projects. The delivery medium of the course is both classroom and online.

3. Aegis School of Business.

This university provides PG program in data science, business analytics, and big data in association with IBM. The duration of the course is 11 months and the program has been designed by leading data scientists. The course will help students gain exposure to a wide variety of tools and also hands on experience. The location of the course is in Mumbai and executive PG programs are also available with online delivery of lectures.

4.  Great Lakes Institute of Management.

This course has a duration of 1 year and is available in six cities in the country. The curriculum is comprehensive and is designed by industry experts and covers the fundamental topics, different tools and techniques. The course is spread over 340 hours, and the delivery medium is through both classroom and online training.

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