Social Media Marketing, We all know the power of Social Media and how things get viral online in just a few minutes. Almost, everyone begins their day by going through the feed of some social media apps. A survey report tells that more than 500 million people use Instagram every day. Now, imagine if even a half percent of that number is going through your social media page. It’s very important to understand how social media has become an integral part of a Digital Marketing course and why you should learn this.

Social Media Marketing is one of the marketing strategies which every small business to a big company needs. To promote a product or service, every business uses Social media today. Setting up a social media profile doesn’t require any money from your pocket. It just needs some time and some strategy.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the source that helps any business to connect with its customers. It’s the best medium to have a one on one interaction with your customers and get instant feedback. You can directly find out what is it that your customer wants. It’s easy for your customers also to reach out to you and tell their problems. This approach of Social Media Marketing is beneficial for every business and you should learn it from a Digital Marketing Institute to become a great Digital Marketer.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of Social Media Marketing.

  • Brand awareness is one of the advantages of social media marketing. Once you’ve set up your social media profile, you just need to do networking. This will help you reach a wider audience and make them aware of your brand name.
  • Customer engagement is another advantage of using social media marketing. Having an interaction with the customers, helps your brand to create more authenticity. This way you can build trust with your customers.
  • Brand loyalty is built when you interact with your customers continuously. Social media is a source that helps you stay connected with your customers and it is important to stay connected with your regular customers.
  • Your conversion rate also becomes higher when you post more frequently on social media. It helps your customers to become aware of your new service or product.
  • Social media also helps improve customer satisfaction. When you engage with your customers through blogs, comments, or direct messages, and solve their issues, it builds a positive relationship with your customers.

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How is Social Media Marketing effective for brands?

Digital Marketing Institute
Digital Marketing Institute

It has become a tough task for Digital Marketers to constantly think of a new strategy for social media. Every day, some brand comes up with a new idea, contest, or giveaway.

We all know about Swiggy’s creative campaign #SwiggyVoiceofHunger, where they invited the audience to recreate the shape of their favorite food using the voice note feature of Instagram and send it to Swiggy. This was a very creative way of engaging with their customers. This campaign brought them over 1.5Lakh messages in 10 days. Imagine, how many new consumers they must’ve grabbed from this social media activity.

If you Google search for Social Media Marketing case studies, you’ll see how brands have used the power of Social Media to increase their business. Although, not every brand has been successful because they didn’t know which Social Media platform they need to target.

We have a lot of Social Media platforms today, from where we can get a huge amount of traffic. It not only gets you more traffic, but it also helps in building brand value. Every social media platform serves a different purpose and it’s important to understand that.

It’s not as easy as it sounds as you have to constantly brainstorm new ideas. Social Media is not just about posting random posts, it’s about how well are you engaging with your audience.


Today, Social Media Marketing is very important in a Digital Marketing Course because every brand needs a social media presence. Every business needs a Social Media Marketer who can handle their Social Media.

Not only is it good for business but if you want to create a brand name then also Social Media is the go-to source. Understanding the algorithms of Social Media is very important to create a social media strategy. If you are a creative thinker who wants to work in the field of Social media, you must join a Digital Marketing Institute.

As the brands are now connecting with the Social Media Influencers to promote their services or product. In the coming future, you will see a different way of Marketing through Social Media. This is one field that is really challenging, and at the same time, interesting. If you like this kind of work, then get started with your Digital Marketing Course today.

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