Instagram as we all know is the most popular photo-sharing app now. it has over 500 million users across the globe and more than 700 million photos are shared every day. these are huge numbers. so you don’t have to worry about your audience when you are thinking of Instagram marketing, you will get a huge reach of varied interests.

Instagram marketing has become more popular than Facebook advertising because of its simplicity and mainly because it’s a user-friendly app and the best photo sharing in the world. but when you start trying to build your brand on Instagram, things arent easy in the beginning, and gaining followers and reach becomes difficult.

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Instagram marketing
build your brand through Instagram marketing

 so here are 7 tips on instagram marketing to build your brand:

  • shoot perfect square photos – the first thing your users will see is your image which you have posted. the post has to be perfectly shooted and squared. no on ewants to see blurred or irregular photos. so the photos have to be sharp and perfectly squared . dont post rectangular photos as research suggests rectangular photos tend to get less likes. so the post has to be square. Also Read: Best 16 SEO and Digital Marketing Tools [Updated 2021]
  • be specific with your bio –  when users see your instagram profile , they should instantly know what you stand for and what is your genre. you should tell your users what they will get by following you . so you have to be very specific with your bio.
  • use links in  your bio – whenever you post something make sure you add a link in your bio related to that on your website. if you are posting a product then add a link in your bio that redirects them to the shopping page. never forget to mention the phrase ” link in bio ” in the caption of your post. this is very important . using links will make sure that you get enough traffic for your brand
  • use cross promote strategy – it has become a trend on instagram to  promote your partners products or any other products just as a favour so that someday some how they will promote yours. it works ! dont take it as a bluff . people love free shoutouts so they are gonna give you something for sure. suppose you visited a restaurant and you loved the placed .give a free shoutout to that restaurant . somday saomehow people will return your favour
  • use trending hashtags – take advanatge of trending hashtags . use hashtags that are relevant to your posts but also use trending ones to get more engagement.use instagrams explore feature to find trending hashtags Also Read: Top 10 Advantages of Internet Marketing in 2017
  • post effective videos – research suggetss that videos tend to attract more followers to your profile and thus more traffic to your brand. post relevant videos and post a link in bio .this will help a lot in building your brand
  • use sponsered ads feature – sponsered ads have become really cool on instagram and they are really cheap as well . fro this you need to have a facebook page  (its a must if you have business page ). the page is created within few minutes. no husstle. you can run ads for your brand using sponsered ads feature and thus attracting more reach and followers. they are very cheaap . the price range is 5-15$ depending upon the number of days you want to run the ad. instagram marketing is the cheapest of all paid marketings available and yet very effective in building your brand.

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