Writing a blog can be very painful if you are just starting up. a beginner has  a lot of blogging problems especially if his efforts are not seen by public i.e., he is not gaining any visitors . a blogger may get irritated due to this and there might come a time where you are ready to give up .

but hang on ,every beginner has faced the same blogging problems. so just hold on it with dedication and your hard work wont go in vein. a lot of bloggers have overcome these issues and have become successful. so there is no reason  that you cant be successful.

blogging problems and issues
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here are 5 blogging problems every beginner faces and strategies to overcome them:

lack of knowledge – the first blogging problem a blogger faces is that he thinks that he has not enough koowledge about the desired topic . that can be true. you can not have all the knowledge about a particular topic but start with whatever you know and keep growing your knowledge.

your audience will keep raising your standards with your amount of blogs. so never stop collecting knowledge from here and there . your wisdom never goes in vain . so try collecting every information on your topic and try  to deliver the best possible content to your readers. this will keep them engaged with your blogs.

so never think that you cannot blog because you dont have enough knowledge. you can have knowledge from the internet about any topic . start with whatever you know and keep growing your information base.

lack of focus – focus is something you need to keep with yourself throughout your blogging career . you need to determine yourself what your main goal is . dont embed too many affiliate and adsense link on your blog. this will make your audience realise that your main goal is earning money and not elivering the best content. keep a balance between content quality and the no. of affiliate links. keep your focus at the right place  i.e., delivering best content to your readers and eventually you will start to earn money.

low visibilty / audience on internet – if your auidence is too small ,you may not be interested in contiuing blogging. but hang on ! there are many ways to increase traffic to your blogs.

firtly build your media base. you can post blogs on your social media profiles such as facebook ,twitter,etc and try to drive traffic from there. you can also prootion articles on socila media such as facebook, linkedin ,etc and provide a link to your own content on them .this can get you a lot of traffic . give it a try . its worth ! you will slowly become expert in gaining traffic to your blog.

lack of income / earnings from your blog –  if you are having problem in  monetizing your blog then you should give a look at your website. is it looking like an advertising center or an ad junkie website ? if yes. you should immidiately work on your website to make it look more user friendly. your audience should feel comfortable while raeding your blogs . ads wont make them comfortable.its not that you should not put affiliate links or ads on your website but try to do it in a cunning way.

try to cut out the cost you are spending on promotional contents and get feedback from your customers about what is lacking on your website and what changes do they recommend on the layout and affiliate links. choose affiliate links based on their need . contact them for giving suggestions on how to reduce your bounce rate.

engagement issues –  if your doing good with your blog posts and you are gvetting a lot of engaging visitors, the next issue comes when you are not  able to handle the engagement . if you do not reply to the comments or issues faced by your readers ,soon you will start to lose engagement and ultimately your raeders.

so start by using a tool to handle engagement. then make a plan on how to handle blog comments and what to reply to whom.try to solve conflicts and issues on your comments. this will really help you build a large engaging visitors.

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