Digital Marketing- The Advent of a New Era

Digital Marketing Change: The changing global scenarios and the advent of different social platforms and e-commerce websites have paved way for new age technological marketing which is termed as Digital Marketing. digital Marketing in the simple terms for common people is “selling of products or services through digital means of communication like; mobile, laptops, tablets etc around the globe”.  The concept of Digital Marketing was introduced way back in the late 1990’s and early 2000 in the U.S.A but caught pace in India around 2009-2010. Today the internet is full of digital advertisements and it is the most effective and cost friendly way of selling articles and services to the people all around the globe.

Digital Marketing Change
Digital Marketing Change

Benefits of Digital Marketing;

The old and conventional way of marketing had its limitations and was not feasible to cater the demands of all the people. The arrival of giant e-commerce web stores like; Amazon, flipkart, Jabong, snapdeal and others has forced the other retailers to shift to online platforms because the online platform has many useful benefits and is any day better than the conventional stores. You can know more about digital marketing by joining digital marketing and know more about the digital marketing course.

The following benefits of digital marketing change are as follows;

  1. The most important use of digital marketing is its convenient hassle free.
  2. It is accessible from anywhere and at any point of time.
  3. The customer gets variety of products and best deals because of growing competitions among the sellers.
  4. Digital marketing is a boon for the consumers as it cuts the time and energy which customers spend on visiting different places to get their products.
  5. The online marketing stores or e-commerce websites can also target potential customers around the globe and the removes the limitation of accessibility to the customers which is not possible with conventional stores and shops.

Apart from all these benefits of online marketing, the field of digital marketing is also a good career prospect for people. The growing online platforms need individuals who can cater there needs of creating and maintaining a good online platform to sell their services. So as a career prospect the field is growing and a number of jobs will be available in this field in coming years.

The concept of Digital marketing is a very beneficial and customer friendly technique to target and influence the customers to sell their products and will replace the conventional marketing in the coming future.


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