A domain name is the name of your website. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc. all these are the domain names of your website. When starting a business deciding a check domain names availability and getting it registered are the two first things to do. If you already have a business, creating a website is going to help your business grow more by taking your business online you gain access to the worldwide audience.

Besides, it kind of serves as an authentication of your business in some way. If there’s a business of your own and you want to take it online, then it’s easy to decide on a name. Techstack Academy helps to learn how to search your domain. Your domain can be simply the name of your business. However, if you are starting a completely new online business, you have to come up with a name.

Domain name
Domain name

Points to consider before picking any domain name

Although it sounds easy, it’s quite hard to give your business a domain. It’s like giving a name to your child – for some, it’s easy, whereas for others it’s quite really a task. Now, some might want to go creative and give the business a unique and never heard name. No one ever heard of Instagram before. But, now everyone knows about it. You can learn more about domain and hosts by doing a digital marketing course in Delhi. The same is with Github, Cnet, etc. It’s not bad to come up with an out-of-the-box name, but you have to put more effort into marketing and promotions because no one knows about it.

Another way to name an online business is to think of a very common word that is relevant to the nature of your intended business and add some letters to it, like a suffix or prefix. A majority of the websites follow this concept to name their domain name.

Now that you have the name of the domain in mind, it is time to register it. There is a couple of domain registering websites like GoDaddy, BigRock, etc. All these domains registering websites have different services with different charges. Simply visit these websites and register your business’s website name. The instructions are quite easy to follow.

While registering your name of the domain, you’ll also have the power to pick the domain extension. The two or three-letter word that you see right after a company’s domain name is called domain extension. For example .com, .in, .uk, net, .edu, etc. These are three categories of domain extensions, namely country-wise, a particular niche-wise, and. You must have noticed this while browsing different websites.

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So, now you understood what is a domain extension. An advantage of having different domain extension categories is that if one picks from these categories, say a country-wise domain extension, he can target a specific consumer group. This also results in lesser competition. So, if your business is limited within the boundaries of your country, you can pick the domain extension of your country.

A goodbye tip: One can also earn some money by simply registering a domain. The trick is to do a little market research and proactively pick a fresh, new name of the domain that you think some company/firm will be using in the future. Register it on your account and when the time comes, and the firm will need to register the name, but can’t use it because it’s already in your account, you can sell the website name. Believe some domain names were sold for thousands of dollars.