10 Types of Online Marketing Channels & their Practical Applications: There are different online marketing channels that you need to use in a fashion that is nicely adept if you need to enhance your business’s online marketing opportunities.

types of online marketing channels
Types of Online Marketing Channels

10 Types of Online Marketing Channels & their Practical Applications in digital marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The main aim of SEM or search engine marketing is to raise visibility in search results from search engines by including ads that are paid when the user clicks (pay per click or CPC). Important search engines have their very own platforms for managing the advertising, even as the state may change. The main platforms are Google AdWords SEM and Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The objective of SEO is to improve the place in our pages exhibited in the natural results that reveal the searchers to certain searches. In this case, the users clicking the results don’t imply any cost to businesses but does not mean they are free because in a competitive market need to hire SEO specialists to achieve great standings.

Significantly, we show featured only a “smattering” of keywords, while in the advertising we display our advertisements on tens of tens of thousands of keywords (10 Types of Online Marketing Channels & their Practical Applications ), and it just fell through the SEO after months of hard work, if you need quick results and will resort to permanently SEM is wise to combine both strategies to avoid losing market share in search of our products.

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Display advertisements or Rich Media:

Here you can group all the ads that we see in online media, although for example display is included by Google AdWords network in the majority of the media that is managed from within Google AdWords. Such advertising comprises all types of formats generally called banner ads.


E-Mail marketing is a strategy that the email becomes a robust marketing tool to get immediate results, that nicely handled allows very advanced segmentation. It really is significant to distinguish what is a good e-mail marketing (regular communications strategy and targeted at users to send personalized offers really interested) of the mass postings of e-mail spam that could scrape or in lots of cases are really annoying as it may offer to our customer’s products which aren’t interested, already have or a higher cost than they bought.

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Partners and Sponsors

Affiliate programs are the dream of any sales, allowing to truly have a wide commercial network (websites with all its possibilities) that are paid only if they meet the objectives set (eg by sales or lead generation). For sponsorships are a superb tool to generate a brand image, notably after a study of web analytics we see what are the best areas to sponsor a particular web service.

Web directories

Web directories are also available in types of online marketing channels The directories that are specialized, but in general, and with few exceptions tend to have low traffic volume, are excellent for public addressing an industry niche that interests us. Directories come in all types and in our merchandise or service must choose the blend that most interested us.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In boom since YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, have come in but not distinctive to these platforms as there are tons of tools that are useful for a successful SMM. Also, there are advertising promotional tools and opportunities to emphasize products and our existence in these social networks.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

This is the optimization in online social networks or online social media positioning through involvement in the discussions, creating profiles, adding content to them, etc.

Offline media

Here we assemble all of the shares in traditional media that we use to advertise and establish our online marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

Types of online marketing channels also offer affiliate marketing services. In this online marketing channel, the act of having another person sell your thing for you. This may also be called a commissioned sales job. The person who is offering the item may utilize one of the greater parts of the strategies on this rundown to sell an affiliate product.

Organization or the individual who creates the affiliate thing likewise faces their own group of problems. In the very first place, they should make a thing that’s precious, and then find the right individuals to offer their item and provide a commission that is alluring.

10 Types of Online Marketing Channels & their Practical Applications offer affiliate service or product designer should also make a special effort to make a normal organization of advertising materials that can be adjusted for their associates to provide. This could include email swipe duplicating a range of banners, for email automated responders in all sizes, records, videos, and additionally pamphlets or newsletters to inform members about promotions and strategies that are working.

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