Digital marketing career is one of the most interesting and thrilling careers .It requires great passion and control on your adrenaline rush which includes anxiety, fear , joy of success,etc but the most important of all ,digital marketing career requires Critical thinking which no college can teach you.

college eductaion is surely important but to those who want to excel in a particular stream and want to spend most of their life following one stream .for example if you want to be a civil engineer or a doctor then please for heavens sake,get yourself enrolled in a good college.It will benefit you a lot.

but if you want your life to be a bit thrilled and you want yourself to be challenged then college is not for you. you will waste your important 3-4 years and later regret it about how much more you could have improved yourself over those years. Digital marketing career is one such career in which you will regret  going to college your whole life.

Digital marketing career requires critical thinking.

digital marketing career is like entrepreneurship which requires problem solving ability and problems can only be solved through critical thinking and then applying it.

college wont teach you a bit of critical thinking instead it will degrade your natural critical thinking. the real problem is that your college life is so overwhelmed by the actions of your professors and pressures from you family that you hardly get time to enhance your problem solving ability. instead the external pressures of marks and projects  will seriously degrade your level of critical thinking.

digital marketing career requires critical thinking
digital marketing career requires critical thinking

what college seriously teaches us is that to excel in a field which requires to be monotonous . if you want to be really good in structural engineering , yo need to learn the basics of structures and for that you need to go to college. the main loss by attending college is not your money.Its your time. you could improve in so much in those 3-4 years instead of wasting your energy and time .

Digital marketing career requires a problem solving ability in you

digital marketing career requires you to be a problem solver. analyse the problem of your business or the business of the company in which you are working. get to the deep insights of what are the major problems faced by your company to derive traffic, conversions or sales . then list down all the possible solutions even the most weird ones and start applying one by one.

if you want your career to be really interesting you need to stop thinking liking a machines which does the same task everyday. be different in your strategies from time to time. every stage in you life demands a different version of you .you can not expect different life if you are doing the same things everyday.

albert einstein once famoulsy said “madness is doing same things everyday and expecting different results” .ofcourse people will criticise you sometimes if you fail but its ok failure becomes failure if you dont learn anything from it.

Jeff Bezos once quoted  “if you dont want to be criticised ,for gods sake dont do anything new.”

the moral is simple,define yourself at an early age.break your atoms in a way that you know whether you want an exciting career or a career with a stable and monotonous life.The choice is yours . if you want a successful digital marketing career be ready to be challenged everyday and develop your critical thinking skills as soon as possible and stay away from negativity if you are attending college or rather stay away from college.

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