There are plenty of Institutes, out of which list of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India given below – who provide digital marketing training to help you groom better in your specified chosen field. There’s no getting around the fact that nearly all businesses, sooner or later, will surely include digital in their marketing activities, as of now considering how the world has turned digital. With the big demand for digital marketers outweighing the supply, there are plenty of opportunities out there for those looking to get into the field of digital marketing.

In some ways, digital marketing is not that different from traditional marketing: as you can achieve a product which you need to sell, and you’re looking for ways to engage with potential customers to build brand awareness. Digial marketing institute in Delhi also helps to learn all types of digital marketing concepts and get nice job.

Digital marketing encompasses greater roles and skills over any other marketing as it’s this flexible and has a versatile nature of the business that makes it so fascinating.

Top 50 digital marketing institutes In India
Top 50 digital marketing institutes In India

Criteria To Choosing The Appropriate Top 50 Digital Marketing institutes in India

  • You must go through the website of the institute and check thoroughly.
  • It is important to check if the trainers are ready to provide you with the flexible hours of training.
  • Mode of training : Online or offline (Classroom).Many students prefer classroom digital marketing courses but keeping in mind about the latest technology and tools. Online training is a great option where you can get video walk via modules with the live instructor led online training through webinar/ zoom/Skype which is feasible enough for you to attend from anywhere via laptop or smartphone.
  • Before joining, must ask necessary questions like the duration of the course and time/days & flexibility of hours. 
  • Digital marketing course fees- EMI available or not, refund policy, Various certifications.

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In Order To Achieve Skills From The Most Reputable Top 50 Digital Marketing institutes in India

Explore and run-down the list given below to know more about them

1. Techstack Pvt.Ltd

Techstack Academy started in 2012 and since then, each and every candidate of has been educated seeking different digital marketing courses  Techstack is a complete training Institute in Delhi offering training courses in Digital marketing, Post Graduation in Artificial Intelligence, Web Designing, Graphics Designing,, Web Development, Java, PHP, WordPress, with a strong base of placement support, real-time trainers with working experience in MNC companies, which are tailor-made training curriculum to meet the career objective of the students and working professionals. The key highlight of seeking a digital marketing course at Techstack is, they provide 100% placement, job opportunities. 

The top 50 digital marketing institutes in India also provides plenty of courses offering 55 modules that includes the combination of Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing & Video Editing. 

They tend to focus on three major arenas for the upliftment of their students:

  • Creative ideation: Choosing digital marketing courses at Techstack, will help you let your creativity flow with all the new topics and skills that you will learn in-depth.
  • Quality training: They provide quality training which has proven Techstack to be one of the best in top 50 digital marketing institutes in India.
  • Smart Classes: Here, you can choose smart classes. They offer both, online and offline courses to teach you to implement theoretical knowledge helping you gain practical knowledge. With every course, you achieve more exposure and a better understanding of the concepts.

Till now, Techstack has reached heights all over the world whilst providing courses to more than 19000 students and we have trained more than 1260 batches. Currently they have more than 5000 clients who have appreciated our creativity and students’ productivity.

To achieve a stable career, the counsellors at TechStack are available to help you out every day from 10 A.M. To 6:30 P.M. With more than hundred hours of intensive learning for each course and help you to get hands-on experience and prepare you to enter into the professional industry. The success story of Techstack has evolved over the years and their content is upgraded regularly according to the current industry standards which is proven to be both functional and technically appealing.

To choose the best out of the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, Tehstack is an ideal choice to choose.  One-stop-destination to learn for Manager Level Digital Marketing and Executive Level Internet Marketing training in Delhi in all practical ways. They provide career support: Career mapping, Resume building, Mock interviews and more. 

For more details, visit:

2. Digital Vidya 

Digital Vidya, a company started with delivering their digital marketing training in orkshops all over India in the year of 2009. After a successful stint, they have now fully launched and have certified digital marketing courses which went operation 2013, and have achieved outstanding acceptance, thereby making Digital Vidya the leaders of online training in Asia. 

Digital Vidya started Data Science & Analytics with other digital marketing courses  legacy of being forward thinkers & qualified educators.

Digital Vidya offers Digital Marketing training which has trained 38,000+ entrepreneurs, professionals, and students since 2009, providing instructor-Led Online and classroom Training for Digital Marketing. 

They offer nearly 44 modules of digital marketing courses in India.

For more details, visit: 

3. upGrad

UpGrad aims to take higher education offering various courses to colleges and universities to go online. upStart is a unique ecosystem under the umbrella of upGrad which helps you to stay ahead of the curve and experience a part of upGrad’s learning experience.

Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India helps to choose courses from Business Basics, Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning & Technology and build your foundational knowledge within a  couple of hours. You will also be responsible to have access to Cutting Edge Content which solely depends on Self-Paced, a Live Discussion Forum which will ask you questions and help you interact with others in your class.

A  digital marketing certification is guaranteed on the successful completion of the course, free of cost. upGrad is bound to offer 34 modules in various fields, that may involve Data analysis, SEO, SEM, Python, Business analytics and more. 

For more details, visit:

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4. Simpli Learn

Simpli Learn is world’s #1 online bootcamp inclusive of 1,000,000 advanced careers, delivering success to a number of students helping them grow for digital marketing training by providing 1000 live classes. Achieve your career goals with industry-recognized learning paths with Simpli Learn. The experts may take classes in person or through online training modules.Simpli Learn ensures that leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions will surely fit into your work schedule. 

Elevate your digital marketing skills by joining our digital marketing course online. The top 50 digital marketing institutes in India curriculum involves not just one but many factors such as Mentoring, self-paced videos, projects and many more. Simpli Learn offers numerous courses in nearly 13 categories under which falls python training, PPC, Social Media and many more! 

For more details, visit:

5. NIIT Digital

NIIT is a leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation, basically, a pool for global industry requirements to help you dig into a great digital marketing course. The company was set up in 1981 that not only provides digital marketing training in Delhi but also for school, enterprises and investors. NIIT digital is spread with a footprint in over 30 countries, offering training and development solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions. Elevate your skills with one of the best in top 50 digital marketing institutes in India through which learners are able to access their learning plans and all associated content with services through an intuitive dashboard connected with Desktops/ Tabs/ Smartphones.

You can choose from aspirational careers with top 50 digital marketing training institutes in India, inclusive of SEO, Paid media executive and social media executive which is designed with 100% placement assurance with top companies. 

For more details, visit:


If you are looking for a digital marketing institute in India, MCTA offers training under the guidance of experienced professionals. MCTA is listed amongst the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India with great knowledge and methodologies in the world of digital marketing. 

The key highlight of  MCTA offers classroom driven knowledge sessions, with 80+ hours of learning. You will have the leverage to choose any digital marketing course with flexible batch timings. 

Get a real time digital marketing course with MCTA that offers major 3 categories, under which you have a wide range of options to choose from, such as certification courses in SEO, SEM, SMM, data science, sales excellence training, digital marketing program and many more. 

For more details, visit:

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NIDM is a Professional top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, which moves with a vision to create the right opportunity in the digital world. At NIDM, students are not only trained and certified in digital marketing courses but are also taught entrepreneurial and management skills.

NIDM is a certified digital marketing institute which matches the real world requirements 

The syllabus is framed to match with the real world requirements for both beginner and advanced level. If you are on the go to search for an online digital marketing course, NIDM has a lot to offer. NIDM offers Best Digital Marketing courses Online as well as in Classroom with Google Certifications along with the student support of 1 Year. 

Seek the most advanced digital marketing training at NIDM, that offers 50+ modules whilst providing 200+ Ebooks and 100% placements assured.

For more details, visit:

8. Digital Skill Port

Digital Skill Port is a leading top 50 digital marketing institutes in India , offering 360 degree marketing modules learning with conceptual in-depth theory, practical, assignment development and case studies on 4 live projects. 11 Courses are available to browse with additional 6 certification courses. You can seek online training sessions at Digital Skill Port to help elevate your digital skills while evaluating your current skills, the trainers are available to assist you at any time. 

To validate your digital skills, digital skill port offers corporate training with customized digital marketing modules. Theory, practical and case studies provided with 4 live projects each to help you groom thoroughly with your digital marketing training.

The focus of trainers at Digital Skill Port is e to ensure that each individual achieves desired goals and objectives of assigned live projects and assignments. 

For more details, visit:


Established in 2016, IIDE is India’s Premier School For Digital Marketing. IIDE has trained more than 60,000 students through online, offline and on-demand mediums and is associated with the top colleges in the world. Every day is a fun day at IIDE, not only with various events happening frequently but also with the ethics of knowledge spread around. To seek a digital marketing course in India, one can easily opt to choose IIDE as it is considered to provide the best digital marketing courses. The events organized to ensure that the students learn new things, create a network and have fun along their journey of learning with IIDE.

IIDE is the best top 50 digital marketing institutes in India and aims to hone their students to become all-rounded experts in the field of Digital Marketing. This gives them the opportunity to work for some of the top agencies in the country.

Get your hands laid on various courses offered by IIDE such as advance training for 3 months, post grad, self paced videos, along with a free live masterclass.

To know more details, visit:

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 10. Brandveda

Brandveda, listed amongst the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, willing to provide students with the knowledge to enable them to learn better about their businesses and careers. Brandveda was initiated in 2014 with a vision to give world-class education in digital marketing. Currently, it is known to be Gujarat’s leading provider of digital marketing institutes in India. The courses can be validated and endorsed all around the globe with an extensive array of digital marketing courses at the most competitive prices. 

Their digital marketing courses offer a varied section covering 360-degree digital marketing courses that includes SEO, SEM, PPC Course, E-commerce, web SEO course and so on. 

You can also avail an E-book for the online classes that will ensure better learning, in-depthly about the specific topic you have chosen. Brandveda also offers various Webinars that are live, to help students understand, grow and reach their goals in digital terms.

For more details, visit:

11. KDMI

Kolkata Digital Marketing Institute (KDMI) is one of the Pioneer Digital Marketing Training Institute in India which is running with the motive to help Students and Entrepreneurs learn the ongoing trend and skill of digital marketing course.

At KDMI, it’s not just about Digital Marketing Course Certification, their vision is to understand that every individual has unique strengths and weaknesses. So they try to identify their strengths in order top 50 digital marketing institutes in India to help them in achieving their personal and professional goal.

You can choose KDMI for your digital marketing training in India as the trainers here are well certified and designated in their field. If you have the will, you can update yourself with the most desired digital marketing skill with global accredited certifications.

There are two major categories that involve DMAC & DMPC.

DMAC can be availed within 3 months with 24 modules whereas DMPC involves better highlights being a premium version.

Seek digital marketing training at KDMI with DMPC involving 5 month with 36 modules and and 16 certifications along with free website hosting.

For more details, visit:

12. Seven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy is listed in top 50 digital marketing institutes in India. It started its operational services back in 2011. 7boats Academy offers both types of session training- classroom digital marketing training and online digital marketing course. Their course is highly appreciated globally by more than 25,000 students and 20+ Top B Schools in India including IIM, IITs.

In order to choose the best digital marketing course online in India, seven boats academy is here to cater you with 30+ Courses and certified 95% of assured placement record.

Their digital marketing course contains the latest updated industry oriented syllabus including SEO, SEM, YouTube marketing, Google & Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, App Store Optimization, Google Analytics, Lead Funnel, Conversion Rate Optimization, ORM and many more.

To know more details, visit:

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13. DSDM

Since the inception of Delhi School of Digital Marketing(DSDM) in the year 2014, this digital marketing institute in India has become one of the best digital marketing institutes.  

From providing demo classes to actually helping your desired goal for career development in digital marketing training, they do it all. Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India provides certifications to students on several courses ranging from Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress website setup, e-commerce marketing, e-commerce setup, and advanced digital marketing. Every digital marketing course mentioned consists about 3-4 months. DSDM also offers an understanding of 50 plus marketing tools .

Their success story from inception till now has reached to heights and have gained better conversions whilst educating uncountable numbers of students, specifically in digital marketing. 

For more details, visit:

14. IMS 

IMS is one of the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, offering certification in digital marketing and Premium program in digital marketing consisting of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Marketing & more. The learning outcomes of digital marketing course by IMS in certification programs involves proper understanding of website development with planning, case studies, Google Adwords, training in Social media management, inbound and content marketing.

Their 24×7 trainer’s support helps students resolve any sort of study related queries thereby making the entire knowledgeable process which is an easy nut to crack. 

The premium digital marketing course online provided by IMS gives real-time experience on how to generate conversion online and to be expertise in professional designing, HTML and media monitoring. 

For more details, visit:

15. Digital Acharya

Digital Acharya is also listed in top 50 digital marketing institutes in India and offers the best digital Marketing Courses. Well-defined course curriculum and experienced mentors at Digital Acharya are capable of transforming every learner into a digital marketing expert. The superior ideas of Digital Acharya offering digital marketing courses online state that the lectures have been specifically structured as per the curriculum which solely focuses on the current trends and the best practices in Digital Marketing. They aim at the “Theory + Practical + Assessment (TPA)” model to train you efficiently.

They have 3 major categories namely- digital marketing, data science & designing and development.

Under one umbrella, Digital Acharya helps to groom every individual providing varied courses, internships, workshops, consultation and many more!

The major highlight is, you can also opt for a free demo class to make yourself fully assured and satisfied about why to choose Digital Acharya, ensuring 100%placement assistance. 

For more details, visit:

 16. Digital Ways

Finding a way to your digital career? Choose Digital ways, listed as under the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India. Since the demand for knowledgeable digital marketing professionals and courses are exponentially growing, Digital Ways are committed to providing their students with best of the digital marketing training consisting of 2 months that concludes 40 hours, course being practical.

Apart from that, to choose top 50 digital marketing courses in India, Digital Ways also offer workshops for a month’s time period that lasts for 1 month concluding 20 hours, which is a 100% live project.

Lastly, you can also select for 5 live sessions, of 5 hours to build yourself better, stronger and more knowledgeable. 

Refine your skills with a certified specialist digital marketing course!

For more details, visit:

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17. Skill Circle

SkillCircle empowers learners to think for and more about their career choices. Skill Circle is a digital marketing institute in India, that helps learners to learn skills which have an innate capability to make them financially free and helps them to become self-employed or start a new venture.

Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India provides flexible hourly classes which contain in-depth knowledge of domain flipping strategies.  Skill Circle provides digital marketing courses such as foundational programmes, master programmes, data science as well as influencer marketing.

The duration of these digital marketing courses is 3-4 months.
They can be acquired on weekdays as well as a weekend basis.

For more information, visit:

18. DMDS

The Best Institute for advanced Digital Marketing Course offering varied options to choose from such as SEO, SEM, Growth hacking, affiliate marketing, website designing etc. It works with nearly 32 Modules. DMDS ensures to provide 100% life project training with the focus to work on life implementation and life tools that they support in digital platforms.  

To go for an economical top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, DMDS is the best pick especially for the young aspirants who are  willing to look digital, as their career for future.

For more details, visit:

19.  HSDM

Haryana School of Digital Marketing is a venture of Edge Digital Media Pvt Limited which is listed amongst the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India. The Haryana School of Digital Marketing offers you the opportunity to master platform-specific skills majorly in digital marketing. HSDM focuses on making you job-ready from day one, wherein you will be trained under experts and professionals.

Offering 20+ modules along with advanced and master digital marketing courses.

Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, professional or a freelancer, or  looking to develop digital marketing skills, the HSDM digital marketing course programme is perfect for you.

For more details, visit:

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20. Digital Floats

“In this era of digitization and touch screens, Digital Marketing is an all-pervasive marketing strategy practised by micro, small, medium and large-scale enterprises.”- says Digital Floats.

Digital Floats, a top 50 digital marketing institutes in India brings the Advanced digital marketing training courses for Students, freshers and professionals. With years of experience holding upskills of expertise in entire digital marketing sections such as PPC, SEO training, Google Analytics, ORM etc, Digital Floats tend to provide you with the best digital marketing courses online. Get ready to enrol yourself and be in the Digital Floats family who have invested their expertise in the real-time industry whilst training more than 10,000 students. 

The professors at Digital Floats, focus on both theory and practical knowledge to provide you with personal attention.

For more details, visit:

21. Ambizen India

Ambizen India, located at Jharkhand provides a wide range of digital marketing courses that are very flexible and can be attended anytime when you require to take classes. Courses like SEO, SMO, PHP Training in Ranchi offers PHP training in regular, weekday and weekend courses with interactive sessions. Ambizen also provides you with real-time practical examples which you will get from real-time working professionals.

With Ambizen’s online and offline training, join hands and become job-ready in 2-6 months with their certification & diploma in digital marketing courses. The Digital marketing course fee depends on the duration of your course that varies from 1.5 months up to 1.1 years. Weekdays and weekends classes are suitable for all.

For more details, visit:

22. Delhi Courses

As the name suggests, Delhi Courses offers a wide variety of digital marketing courses to provide skill-based education to empower the next generation of Indian students and professionals.
The key highlights involve- digital marketing courses online, workshops, internships, seminars, soft skills development, E-book, placement support and free learning sector.

The categories of the digital marketing courses provided are diversified into three segments, namely- Design & development, Digital marketing course, ERP & analysis.

You can also avail demo classes to see the way adsense, affiliate courses, blogging, SEO etc can help you grow. Since the inception of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, they have stayed committed to their promises to provide quality education.

For more details:

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23. TGC

This institute is listed in top 50 digital marketing institutes in India and they has a wider canvas which does not only limit itself to digital marketing but is diversified with other expertise of graphics too. The animation and multimedia online marketing is getting more popular by the day. To find the best digital marketing institute in India,

TGC is a preferred choice of many looking for a career in digital media. The involvement of  active placement cell to help students find jobs, TGC ensures you to provide the ultimatum of education irrespective of what course you choose. The digital marketing course fees solely depends on the type of the chosen course, as the courses are available in many options with 6 major segments namely- Graphic Design, Web design & internet marketing, Animation & multimedia, A/v production, Music & sound production, Python & data science each consisting of nearly 18u courses. TGC- an organisation imparting Classroom/ online training solutions in Multimedia, CAD and IT streams. 

For more details, visit:

24. Kangaroo Wings

One of the Oldest Digital Marketing Institute in India. It began its operational services in 2008. The core of Kangaroo Wings is to focus on providing Digital Marketing Training majorly on Google Ad Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Branding & Google Certification Programs. 

Once the student is able to complete the chosen digital marketing course, he/she will be certified. Kangaroo Wings offers 7 major courses.

You can also join as an intern where they are always keen to hire bright, talented and innovative people with diverse backgrounds. Learn real-time project building from one of the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, with Kangaroo Wings.

For more details, visit:

25. ADMEC Multimedia

ADMEC is a pacesetter in digital media and animation training. Choose the best digital marketing institute in India which is mostly famous for its animation & multimedia training, but more students are now enrolling into digital marketing courses due to the high demand of going digital these days. Today, ADMEC has become a reputed digital marketing academy in the field of digital media training by covering all the major domains like Graphic, Web, Animation, Architecture & Interior Design, Post Production, Mobile Apps Designing etc.

The courses offered by ADMEC in digital marketing are diversified that also includes data science, photography training, textile design courses. ADMEC provides 100% placement assistance. The academy is tied up with some of the leading Ad Agencies, Production Houses, Multimedia companies etc.

For more details, visit:

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26.  NSIM

NSIM offers the most advanced digital marketing course for entrepreneurs and business owners. Their training program is tailored for assisting them to be familiar with each and every feature of digital marketing. 

NSIM, top 50 digital marketing institutes in India lays a path which leads you to the world of opportunities to learn the skills that will be helpful for building a remarkable career in Digital Marketing.

With a fast pacing world, It is estimated that the demand for a digital marketing professional is going to touch 20 lakhs by 2020. So this is the right time to join this course. NSIM offers a wide availability of 30+ modules in digital marketing. You can also schedule for a free demo class!

For more details, visit:


The top 50 digital marketing institutes in India to choose for Advanced Digital Marketing courses that provide full-fledged Online and Offline classroom training for Job Seekers, Hoppers, and various Business Startups. IIADM is a real-time arena offering experienced training to the Enrollments with an Industry Specific Learning for Digital Marketing. 

Uplift your digital skills with IIADM with online and offline digital marketing courses. 

The courses may involve- Master training, expert SEO training, Google ads expertise, SEM expert, professional niche blogging, etc.

For more details, visit:

28. Insider Academy

An extensive digital marketing agency that has earned a good reputation for providing their students with Digital Marketing courses and insights which are required to dominate in today’s competitive Digital Marketing landscape.

The top 50 digital marketing institutes in India offers a research-based short-term training program majorly in the sectors such as SEO, social media optimization, PPC, web designing, digital marketing field. Attain classroom training and workshop sessions at Insider Academy, with the use of a holistic, practical based learning approach with the motive to help you get the results you want.

The digital marketing training consists of 5 modules providing you different tools for better understanding. The digital marketing course fees at Insider Academy can also be acquired on EMI basis.

For more details, visit:

29. Quibus Training

Master your skills within 16 weeks while opting for a digital marketing course at QuibusTrainings.

Listed as a top 50 digital marketing institutes in India providing 4 Months of integrated Digital Marketing Classroom Course.

Both offline and online sessions are available to choose as per your preference. They offer 100% knowledgeable solutions which will foster your better training. Digital marketing course at Quibus training also offers 100% job placement assistance. The courses consist of 30+ modules for advanced digital marketing training, live projects, industry certifications and many more.

A complete package to Practical training, regular assignments and strong training helping you  transform a trainee/newbie to a Growth Hacker, Trend Maker and a Digital Marketer.

For more details, visit:

30. Digi England

Looking for the most appropriate yet assured top 50 digital marketing institutes in India? Go for Digi England as they are prone to offer you with the best digital marketing courses under expert supervisors and the course fees also depend at a very affordable price.

With 200+ completed happy projects. The fountain of Digi England began 7 years back & now it’s a brand. all because people love to work and attain knowledge from them. Digiengland institute is a market leader in digital marketing training and lives project and placement services

Courses offered: Digital marketing training, Pay per click, Google Adwords, Google partner certificates, Facebook promotion and many more. 

For more details, visit:

31. Manipal ProLearn

A wing of the established brand name of Manipal Global Education Services, offers a number of digital marketing courses.. In the digital marketing sector, they are the best digital marketing institute in Delhi providing Java Development, Android App Development, Full Stack Developer and Project Management. 

You can also opt for online classes and move forward with your BBA, BCA, MBA or BBA. Courses such as IT, Digital marketing courses, data science etc. are available as the top 50 digital marketing institutes in India is UGC Recognized with their degree programmes. 

Manipal ProLearn has placed over 1000+ job listings for our Online as well as Campus students, catering across industries, ensuring our learners are placed with nothing but the best.

For more details, visit:

32. NetMax

Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India helps to If you want to enhance your skills and build up a digital marketing career, Go With “Netmax Technologies For Digital Marketing Course In India. Whether you are a beginner or an entrepreneur who wants to enhance their online involvement, NetMax digital marketing courses are perfect for you.

NetMax was established 6+ years ago with an idea to provide assistance to their clients who want to grip their digital relation between brand and consumer.

Since digital is the new arena, NetMax offers courses such as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Online Reputation Management, Google Analytics and Adwords as well as Content Writing which are highly demanding in the workforce nowadays. Other courses also involve Python & internet of things with embedded systems and CAD Design.

To know more, visit:

33. Digi PIMS

A well reputed digital marketing institute in India that has defined its leadership position in the digital industry by providing training to 2000+ students around 80+ batches passed from professional institute of marketing & Strategy from past few years, offers the best digital marketing courses. They guide you under the  expert guidance of professional digital marketers with the trusted certification of Diploma that is valid overseas.

You can choose top 50 digital marketing institutes in India for variety of courses offered such as SEO, Data science course, SMM & SMO training, ORM and PPC training. DIgi PIMS also focuses on providing internships and various webinars for grooming you the best in terms of digital marketing.

Once you complete your Diploma, PIMS will provide  you with the best job placement assistance and career guidance.

For more details, visit:

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34. Aviv Digital

Give wings to your digital marketing skills by acquiring a well-structured A well-structured syllabus, imparted by a team of certified digital marketing experts. Avid Digital ensures that you have a great learning experience while achieving a great deal of practical knowledge within the specified time.

Choose an advanced digital marketing course with 3 months of classroom training and 3 months of the internship period.

Aviv Digital is certified by Google offering weekdays and weekend classes, as well as online. The secret to become a successful SEO analyst or to create a profitable website lies in learning Search Engines from A to Z. Learn digital marketing online with courses inclusive of SEM, SMM, Inbound marketing and affiliate marketing and so on. 

class From Industry Experienced Faculty also assures 100% job placement under the best certified company.

For more details, visit:

35. Agile Academy

With 10+ years of experience, Agile Academy is there as one-to-one assistance who have trained 1000+ students over time. Get your hands laid on one of the best out of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India with qualified trainers and developers offering a list of courses ranging from IT to digital marketing courses.

You can select various courses after 10th and 12th, or as per your preferences after graduation.

Courses offered such as: Python Training, Web Designing training, Java training, Software Training, App development and many more.

Understand the tactics and complete Project Life Cycle step by step with Agile Academy that can help you reach heights in terms of your career in digital marketing.

For more details, visit:

36. Course Crown

A well reputed educational digital marketing institute in India, where you will find the Professional Tutors.

 Course Crown consists of 34 modules in digital marketing course with 30+ live training sessions. They are keen to help you get near to your dreams with the help of filling the gap between traditional academia and current industry demands. The whole syllabus is taught in the institute by working digital marketing professionals and will give you latest and effective industry knowledge.

The online digital marketing course involves Web Designing, SEO, Big data Hadoop training and many more with special discounts and bing certification.

For more details, visit:

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ITTCD India is one of the best top 50 digital marketing institutes in India with the fastest growing digital marketing training institute they cover 26 modules of digital marketing training courses including the latest technology based corporate level practical training with both the modes.

The classes are provided by experienced professionals with both, offline and online accommodation.

Their special features include 100% job placement assistance, certifications, and the most importantly, the lowest digital marketing course fee as compared to the other instiututes.

You can join any training course as per your preference, SEO training, SMO training, PPC training etc.

For more details, visit:

38. Avyud Academy

Avyud Academy Pvt. Ltd.  presents a professionally designed and comprehensive spectrum of Digital Marketing Course. The equipment of our learners involve an in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing and promotion world through our Advanced Curriculum, Live Practical Training, Personal Mentorship & 100% Job Placement Assistance.

Get, set, ready to experience a youthful exuberance which combines in this faculty, giving students a digital marketing training. Courses in digital marketing include digital marketing,, online advertising, PPC, CMS and e-commerce, SEO along with Social Media Marketing.

They provide both, online and offline classes consisting of We are providing 32 Modules. 

For more details, visit:

39. HiAim

HiAim is top 50 digital marketing institutes in India and they was established on 1 Jan 2004. THiAim digital marketing institute ensures 100% placement and focuses on flexible timings. It has received about 9 certifications in various digital marketing courses. Courses here involve AdWords Fundamentals, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

HiAim offers advanced infrastructure and provides appropriate student materials to help them learn and grow. They offer classroom/offline classes only.

Digital marketing course fee depends on the type and duration of the course you will be seeking. Irrespectively if you have completed your MBA or you are qualified in any other field, if you wish to pursue a career as an SEO expert, HiAim professional SEO trainers will transform you into a versatile SEO professional.

For more details, visit:

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40.  Digital Edge Institute

Digital Edge Institute was initiated as an educational centre in 2013, with an aim to encourage, support and improve student skills and performance by providing unique strategic development programs to help them being the best in a specific field.

Digital Edge institute is regarded as the best digital marketing institute in India with led live classroom training to provide hands-on experience in the real time to every age of people. 

To serve you with the best digital marketing courses, they have framed the entire course in 3 months and 6 months’ duration that involves SEO training, Google Adwords, PPC Tech support, Content marketing training etc. 

Overall 5000+ candidates are trained covering all in all with digital marketing prospectus.

Digital Edge Institute covers 33+ Modules for you to learn, and also provides internships.

For more details, visit:

41. Indras Academy

Trained nearly 7500+ professionals with the assurance of 100% job placement opportunity, Indras Academy moves forward with the classrooms to the curriculum, and also the teaching methodology, which is majorly designed keeping a belief in mind that once the student, he/she shouldn’t be just a confident Digital Marketer but a confident individual. 

Being one of the best ou of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, Indras Academy offers 22+ Modules for you to learn, specifically in Digital Marketing.

Get ready to learn the skill that helps you upgrade and opens the door to plenty of new opportunities and growth.

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42. Digital Cruise

Digital Cruise provides full-fledged live classroom & Online Video based training for students, corporates, industry executives and entrepreneurs in digital marketing.

Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India contain 3 major verticals namely- corporate training, campus learning and in-class training wherein you can acquire weekday/weekend batches in a professional structured environment for your digital marketing course that have an access to practical application opportunities and applied learned skills.

There are a plethora of digital marketing courses provided by Digital cruise that are tailor-made for your extensive training such as, SEO course, Web designing, PHP & PHP++, Android application and many more.

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43.  Zuan Education

With an expertise of 10+ years, Zuan Education offers online and offline training both. Gear up your employable skills with real-time learning in digital marketing. There is an availability of 30+ Courses to boost your career with Zuan Education. There are different segments for you to learn and propel your skills, such as Digital marketing courses, IT courses, Web design & development, Cloud courses and business productivity courses.

You can totally rely on zuan Education-the best top 50 digital marketing institutes in India helping you become an industry-ready professional additionally adding weight to your resume to fetch a promising career!

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44.   iElevate

Searching for the best digital marketing training? Get your hands on courses by iElevate that consists of 30 advanced marketing modules and 14 certifications from Microsoft , Google & others. The course has modules like Brand Awareness, Email Automation, E-Commerce Marketplaces, Lead Generation, Search Engine Marketing, and Digital Analysis. 

iElevate offers both online and offline training programmes in digital marketing with the course duration of 3 months. The best highlight to this are the recorded sessions which are feasible at your convenience anytime, anywhere, to re-learn. 

You can also choose a session for demo class which is free of cost at iElevate.

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45. Digital Ready

Digital Ready is a premier and top 50 digital marketing institutes in India, where passionate industry experts step forward to illuminate and cater to the ever-growing demand of the evolving digital marketing industry. Digital Ready focuses on training you on the 5C’s of Digital Marketing; Conception, Content, Campaign, Conversation and Conversion. 

Digital Read offers 4 segments namely- CCDM (Certificate Course in Digital Marketing), CCFDM (Certificate Course in Full Stack Digital Marketing), SDMP (Small Business Digital Marketing Program), CCUXD (Certificate Course in UI/UX Development) inclusive of different time periods and courses in each. 

Digital marketing courses offered by Digital Ready involves Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Adwords, Influencer Marketing etc. with 100+ Batches.

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46.  Pankaj Kumar SEO

Are you extensively searching for the best facilitators of Digital Marketing Course in India? If yes, then your hunt for the same stops right at Pankaj Kumar SEO Expert. Grow and enhance your digital marketing skills, be it a student, housewife, entrepreneur, working professional or anybody else.

Pankaj Kumar, the SEO expert is right here to let you learn from the scratch.

Courses offered: There are more than 20 modules provided, and various digital marketing courses such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Web Designing, Affiliate marketing, Internet marketing and so on. 

Learn a digital marketing course online, with flexible preferable working hours.

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47. Web Trainings

Get your hands and skills laid on one of the best out of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India at Web Trainings. They offer specialized skill-based practical programs in digital marketing courses that involve  SEO training, Google AdWords, Social media marketing and web designing courses. 

Web Trainings have been actively educating people ijn the industry from past 14 years with the success rate of 80%

They provide classroom training, online training as well as video courses for digital marketing.

There are 6 segments offering better learning for your growth, namely- Certified SEO Course, Digital Marketing Course, Google AdWords Certification, Social Media Marketing, Online Money Making Course and responsive web designing.

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48. DM Guru

DM Guru is one of the premiers out of top 50 digital marketing institutes in India offering expert training based on the opportunity to work on Live Projects elevating work experience and improving resume headline. DM Guru chooses to offer career-oriented education via variant modes as per the convenience of the trainees and availability of the professionals of the industry. Flexible Training sessions are available and the sessions are also divided into flexible classes like the alternate day (MWF, TTS, SS), Weekend, Regular or Online Training. 

Digital Marketing Courses offered at DM Guru involve WordPress training course, Digital marketing training course, SEO training course, Social media optimization course, PPC training course and ORM training course. E-books are also provided for better understanding.

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49. LearnPact

Learnpact is one of Finest top 50 digital marketing institutes in India offering Online & Classroom courses with Certification guidance & Placement assistance. LearnPact invites all trainees, and young aspirants to learn with them but if you have  completed yourB.Tech / BBA / MBA / BSC / BA / Commerce then you are an ideal candidate to fit into in the field of Digital Marketing. So if you are a job seeker – you can increase your employment opportunities  by joining a digital marketing online course at LearnPact.

There is an availability of more than 55+ courses at LearnPact to help you digitize the way you want. Hone your skills relies which is driven by multiple tactics such as SEO, PPC, Online Display Ads, Social Media, eMail & Mobile Marketing. Learn how to plan & execute Digital Marketing strategy in an integrated manner for maximum ROI.

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50. Digi Manthan

Get advanced digital marketing courses by Digi Manthan. Digi Manthan provides you with 100% practical training along with theoretical in-depth where the teachers are highly experienced. All the modules present at Digi Manthan are easily fathomable, 24+.

Get a digital marketing course with varied options available such as black & white hat SEO training, Ecommerce Management, Advanced photography, content marketing course and so on. You can also acquire corporate training along with classroom training at Digi Manthan.

Top 50 digital marketing institutes in India helps to upgrade your knowledge, lifestyle and move a step towards the digital arena with Digi Manthan. 

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As mentioned earlier, about how the entire nation is gradually turning into digital, yet it is important to have a look at your skills and enhance them digitally. Choose from the Top 50 Digital Marketing Institutes In India! Every institute is more or less on an even side. Choose wisely in accordance to your convenience, time schedule and other considerations.

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