Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida, Artificial Intelligence is becoming immensely popular across the world. Far from being some sort of science-fiction stuff, AI or artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly widespread sight in today’s world.

Artificial Intelligence not just combines the latest and most powerful software with the most advanced hardware components, but its tools are also purposely used to makeover different areas of everyday life, from smart home systems to healthcare and traffic problems. 

So, what is AI? How is it used today? Is there a scope of a career in artificial intelligence? Which are the top institutes that offer the best courses in AI? Here’s our guide to everything that you need to know.

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the replication of human intelligence by computers. It actually relates to the computer’s ability to learn, rationalize, and commence opposite actions in order to accomplish a specific goal. According to John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence, “AI is all about the science and engineering of generating intelligent computer programs, as well as intelligent machines.”

Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida
Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida

To put it simply, AI is a process that makes a program or a computer think intelligently. In fact, artificial intelligence is refined by understanding how human brain learns, thinks, works and decides while facing any problem or a situation. The conclusions of such studies are being used as a basis for making intelligent computer programs, systems, and software. One of the ideal features of an AI system is its ability to rationalize a case and take apt actions in order to achieve a specific goal. Some other common activities that smart computers with artificial intelligence can easily perform are:

  1. Planning
  2. Learning
  3. Problem solving
  4. Face/speech recognition.

It is important for you to know that the key objectives of AI, such as reasoning, learning, and perception are all linked together using a cross-disciplinary approach that is based on computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, and more. 

Main Branches of Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is actually an umbrella team that represents a wide range of technologies which eventually allow machines and computer programs to simulate human intelligence. Just like other evolving concepts, artificial intelligence is also inundated with sub-fields and jargon. Some of them include:

  • Machine Learning – It is a process through which a computer uses big data sets in order to perform different tasks. Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are not the same concepts, they do share a lot of similarities. As a matter of fact, a machine learning algorithm can easily recognize predefined patterns but it lacks the intelligence to think and improvise.  
  • Neural Networks – Being a significant machine learning tool, it identifies data which is quite complicated for humans to understand. It is actually a framework of several algorithms which eventually work together to process convoluted inputs.
  • Natural Language Processing – It’s the branch ofartificial intelligence that offers computers the ability to process, scrutinize, and influence human communication in both forms – speech and text. The best examples of natural language processing are virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.
  • Cognitive Computing – This system replicates the human brain and helps in improving decision-making by extracting all essential information from unstructured data. Some of the key elements of cognitive computing include pattern recognition, self-learning algorithms and natural language processing.
  • Computer Vision – this field of artificial intelligence depends on deep learning and pattern recognition in order to interpret the visual world. It also helps the computer systems to analyze videos, images, and other multi-dimensional data forms.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As discussed above, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It refers to a machine’s ability to process without being outwardly programmed. There are many traditional programs which are programmed with a set of rules, usually in the form of if-then-else statements, in order to think and act. However, machine learning actually enables the devices to constantly intake the data and act accordingly.     

Is Artificial Intelligence Beneficial?

With intelligent machines continuing to advance in capabilities and scope, artificial intelligence or AI has the right potential to proffer spectacular benefits to both industry as well as the masses. AI not only has precise data mining and predictive analysis capabilities but it also offers real-time assistance and enhanced automation. Some other key benefits of artificial intelligence include:

  • 24×7 availability
  • Better speed and accuracy
  • Error Reduction

With many more pioneering benefits to offer, AI has already marked its presence in various fields like robotics, smart weather forecasting, driverless cars, IoT or Internet of Things, disaster response, finance, medicine, and retail.

Artificial intelligence institutes In Delhi
Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida

Are you a student who is interested in pursuing a bachelor’s course or a training program in artificial intelligence and data science? Are you looking for the top artificial intelligence institutes in Noida? In fact, as soon as a child passes his 12th standard, he starts to inquire about several colleges and universities that could match his profile and help him to gain proficiency in the designated subject.    

As a matter of fact, the educational colleges and universities of India are generally held accountable for producing best talents for the technology sector of the country. In today’s era of digital transformation, where every sector or industry demands skilled and efficient artificial intelligence talents, these Indian educational colleges and universities offer some great training programs and knowledge to harness the tech-future of the country. Further mentioned are the top 10 AI institutes of India that offer excellent training programs and graduation courses with core specialization in artificial intelligence.

1. Techstack

  1. Headquartered in Delhi, Techstack is one of the top-rated AI institutes in India.
  2. Offers rigorous and industry-relevant programs designed by top experts.
  3. With an overall rating of 4.9, Techstack is geared towards fulfilling the complicated demands of the AI and data science industry.

About the Program – Techstack offers various industry-relevant and scrupulous programs which are usually designed and delivered by the expert faculty members. Students can easily earn a PG certificate in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Techstacks. This top AI institute also allows its enrolled students to participate in different degree courses and training programs while continuing with their full-time work. In addition to this, the AI course program that is offered here at Techstacks has been designed by the industry experts and includes around 6 advanced and progressive industry-based projects.

Course Content & Pedagogy – The course program in machine learning and artificial intelligence that is offered here at Techstack mainly focuses on statistical essentials, such as describing data and infer insights, building machine learning models using neural networks, supervised learning, natural language processing, graphical models, reinforcement learning, deep learning, etc. This 11-months long AI course program also allows the students to work on various revolutionary projects like building a chatbot engine, envisaging customer churn in the telecom industry, medical imaging for disease production and many more.     

Faculty – The AI course programs that are offered here at Techstack are designed and delivered by some of the top-notch academicians and leading industry professionals from the field of analytics.  

Other Attributes – Techstack conducts various offline events in different cities in order to provide networking opportunities, resume review, career counselling, and interview preparation assistance to aspiring candidates. In addition to this, Techstack also organizes seminars and workshops where students can easily try their hands on real data sets and challenging industry problems. Together with live lectures, Techstack also offers a user-friendly learning management system (LMS) to the candidates.

2. Great Learning

Founded in the year 2013, this leading institute provides a wide range of AI degree courses and training programs to the students.

Headquartered in Delhi, this edtech institute proffers rewarding career opportunities in different areas like data science, AI, machine learning, business analytics, and more.

With an overall rating of 4.7, Great Learning offers PG programs and training courses to hone up the skills of future-oriented working professionals.

About the Program – Great Learning, a leading edtech institute in Delhi offers a post-graduate course program in artificial intelligence and machine learning to the aspiring candidates. Designed and developed by the industry-experts and top-notch academicians, these PG programs in AI and machine learning mainly focus on developing the skills of trainees, as well as future-oriented working professionals. This program not only involves rigorous exploration of all essential conceptual elements but also includes capstone projects to help students improve their skill-set.

Course Content & Pedagogy – The 12-months long PG course program in AI that is offered here at Great Learning eventually helps in building the solid foundation of students by covering various fields like NLP, computer vision, and intelligent virtual agents. This comprehensive post-graduation program in AI also covers a wide range of topics from traditional supervised methods to ensembles and unsupervised learning methods. Great Learning also focuses on projects, labs and capstone projects. Its PG course in AI incorporates 9 hands-on projects, GPU based labs for deep learning methods, workshop sessions, and guidance from industry experts.

Faculty – Great Learning not only has its external collaboration with the Great Lakes Management Institute but it also includes some of the top-notch academicians and leading industry experts as its faculty members. The faculties at Great Learning include several well-experienced industry practitioners from top-rated organizations and expert academicians in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.    

Other Attributes – Great Learning institute offers webinars and offline events on different topics like introduction to AI, careers in AI, and basic learning of machine learning, with the help of industry experts. This top rated AI institute also offers virtual labs and other networking opportunities to its students.    

3. Jigsaw Academy

  • An award-winning analytics training institute providing course programs in business analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, big data, IoT and deep learning.
  • With an overall rating of 4.6, this institute focuses on producing industry-ready practitioners.
  • Jigsaw Academy is a perfect training partner for various organizations like Citibank, HCL, Microsoft, Genpact, Cognizant, etc.

About The Program – Jigsaw Academy offers a full stack artificial intelligence and machine learning program to the aspiring candidates. This program mainly focuses on exposing the students to advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning applications alongside building solid foundation. In addition to this, the full stack AI program by Jigsaw Academy also provides access to IBM’s machine learning platforms with the help of data science content and experiments.

Course Content & Pedagogy – This full stack course on artificial intelligence and machine learning includes several modules on feature engineering, machine learning algorithms, R for ML, Python, linear progression and logistic, gradient boosting machines, clustering, random forest, and deep learning concepts. It also includes several essential tools like blockchain, neural networks, Tensorflow, Keras, and CNN. The pedagogy of this full-stack course includes case study workshops, Capstone projects, hands-on contests, and live industry data.

Faculty – The faculties at Jigsaw Academy includes the top leading professionals and experts from the industry. Jigsaw’s full stack AI and ML course is supported by expert faculty members like Gunvant Singh and Neha Shitut. These faculty members not only have over 10 years of experience in analytics and machine learning but they also have proper experience of delivering extensive AI and ML training to the corporate clients.

Other Attributes – Jigsaw Academy not only has a state-of-the-art lab but it also provides a learning management system to its students along with webinars and placement assistance. It eventually allows the students to access their course program, interact with their faculty, track their course status, apply for job listings, get webinars notifications, participate in student contests, and access all internal announcements.

4. Pearson Professional Programs

  • A leading educational institution to help trainees, as well as working professionals, to upgrade their skills and career.
  • Founded in the year 2016, this leading AI institute is headquartered in Gurgaon.
  • With an overall rating of 4.1, this institute employs the best technology, classroom infrastructure, and pedagogical methods to deliver the program more efficiently.

About The Program – Pearson Professional Programs offers an Artificial Intelligence program in collaboration with the Columbia University. This AI course program is a complete blend of the essential theoretical knowledge from one of the world’s renowned universities, as well as the necessary practical knowledge from some of the best industry experts. With its main objective of helping trainees and working professionals with updated skills and enhanced career progress, Pearson Professional Programs employs cutting-edge technology with the best pedagogical methods in order to deliver its AI course program more efficiently.

Course Content & Pedagogy – The innovative online course program on artificial intelligence that is offered here at Pearson Professional Programs covers all essential, fascinating and compelling AI topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, animation, Python, robotics, and CGI in various modules. As a matter of fact, Pearson Professional Programs AI course actually represents 25% of the main coursework towards a Master’s degree in CS. This AI course also offers a professional, rigorous, advanced and graduate-level foundation in AI to the students.

Faculty & Other Attributes – The faculties at Pearson Professional Programs are the experts from some of the top-leading industries. Pearson Professional Programs conducts industry expert seminars and sessions with well-known AI experts and start-up founders in order to get an insight of the analytics industry. Pearson Professional Programs also offers placement assistance to all its pre, as well as paid learners.

5. Manipal ProLearn

  • One of the most renowned analytics and AI institute offering a wide range of courses and training programs in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Founded in the year 2015, Manipal ProLearn is headquartered in Bengaluru.
  • With an overall rating of 4.5, Manipal ProLearn offers AI programs to help students build their career in this field.

About the Program – Manipal ProLearn offers a post graduation certificate program in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This PG certificate program is actually an online live instructor led program for all those aspirants who are graduated and have the basic knowledge of programming. In fact, this program aims to train the students and make them experts in various AI tools and solutions. Manipal ProLearn has GPU labs to offer hands-on practice, pre-prep sessions, VR app for experimental learning, online bridge programs, online webinars, meetups and real life capstone projects.    

Course content & Pedagogy – The PG course program in AI that is offered here at Manipal ProLearn allows the aspiring candidates and working professionals to become a skilled AI practitioner by acquiring the right ability to perform various AI industry related tasks and real use cases. This course program also helps learners to use Learn Library, SciKit, Keras, TensorFlow, and other AI and ML tools. Along with enabling students to work on various algorithms in real-world using speech and image recognition, this AI course program also helps them to start their careers as a data scientist or an AI developer.

Faculty – Manipal ProLearn has some of the best faculty members like Mr. Arish Ali, Dr. Srinivas Padmanabhuni, and Mr. Mohan Silaparasetty who have PhDs, as well as years of industry experience in the domain.

Other Attributes – Manipal ProLearn has GPU labs and a cloud-based CPU along with its own LMS platform – Edunxt. It is a robust, effectual and user-friendly learning management system portal that caters to the diverse learning needs of the students.

6. Applied AI Course

  • Founded in the year 2017, Applied AI course is another leading institute that offers a wide range of course programs in AI and ML.
  • Headquartered in Hyderabad, Applied AI course uses cutting-edge technology and excellent methods to deliver its course programs more efficiently.
  • With an overall rating of 4.1, Applied AI course bridges the gap between industry requirements and the skill-sets of aspiring AI students.

About the Program – Applied AI course offers the applied artificial intelligence and machine learning course program to help trainees, as well as working professionals, develop their skills in AI and ML. the matchless curriculum of this AI course aims to fill the gap between the continually increasing industry requirements and the production of highly skilled ML and AI professionals who can easily tackle the real-world business problems. Some major USP’s of Applied AI course’s AI program include query resolution, job guarantee, resume and interview preparation, mentorship for portfolio development, and personalized learning path for every student.

Course content & Pedagogy – The course content of the Applied AI program is extremely simple and is easily accessible to students, as well as working professionals. The course program is structured in such a way that it helps the students with building a strong foundation in AI and ML. Along with theory and practical applications, the Applied AI course program includes over 140 hours of high-quality video content. This video content is available online and it includes all essential topics, ranging from basic to complex topics in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This course also includes over 30 assignments that eventually proffer a hands-on experience to the students.

Faculty – The faculties at Applied AI have years of relevant experience in the industry. Some of the most popular names of the faculties at Applied AI course include Mr. Srikanth Verma, Chekuri, and many more.

Other Attributes – Applied AI course not only money-back guarantee or job guarantee to its students but also provides them with proper placement assistance. Applied AI course also has its own learning management system or LMS that helps students to track their progress, get notifications about different job vacancies, and receive actionable feedback from the faculties. 

7. Amity Online

  • Founded in the year 2018, Amity Online offers exclusive online courses on various emerging technologies and concepts.
  • Headquartered in Noida, Amity Online offers a wide range of course programs on business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.
  • With an overall rating of 4.25, Amity Online focuses on offering the best training course programs to help students improve their skills and boost their career progress.

About the Program – Amity Online offers a post graduate diploma in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amity Online also offers other courses and training programs which focus exclusively on various emerging technologies like business analytics, AI, and ML. as a matter of fact, the PG diploma course in AI has been designed with proper integration with the industry in order to help students develop necessary skills that would be needed by the industry in future. This course program is high engaging and comprehensive. It also focuses on the fundamental theory and best practices to improve students’ skills and make them eligible for several intensive AI job roles in the industry.

Course content & Pedagogy – The PG diploma course program in AI and ML that is offered here at Amity Online includes lectures, as well as online study materials, from the leading faculty members with real-world expertise. Its online coursework includes mini projects, case studies, Capstone ML and AI projects, and assignments. This course program also includes live instructor led practice sessions which are useful for students in learning popular platforms and languages. Amity Online also ensures that its students stay in contact with the industry experts and mentors for continuous guidance and support.

Faculty – The faculty members at Amity Online includes some of the renowned names from the industry like Mr. Ashok Gilotra, Dr. Suresh Varadarajan, Mr. Dipanjan Sarkar, Dr. Sakshi Babbar, and Swathi K.

Other Attributes – Amity Online offers offline campus connect in 9 different cities. Amity Online also has virtual labs to help students gain some hands-on experience. Amity Online also has its own learning management system that eventually helps with the efficient delivery of the program.

8. ZekeLabs

  • Operating since 2016, ZekeLabs is a top-rated technology platform that focuses on up-skilling various cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML.
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru, this educational institute offers online sessions for participants from all across the world through its web sessions and LMS.
  • With an overall rating of 4.05, Zekelabs is among the best AI institutes in Delhi and Noida.

About the Program – ZekeLabs, a renowned technology platform, offers a master’s degree program in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. This PG course program by ZekeLabs is actually a hands-on program that mainly focuses on re-skilling, as well as up-skilling aspirants in several emerging technology concepts like AI, ML, deep learning, etc. The coding and analysis that is involved in this course program is mainly done via the live sessions in order to give a practical industry experience to the students. As a matter of fact, ZekeLabs has developed and delivered many effectual learning programs for various leading companies like Cisco, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, and others.

Course content and Pedagogy – The master’s degree training program on AI, ML, and deep learning that is offered here at ZekeLabs has been designed in such a way that it includes hands-on experience to best suit the requirements of trainees and pro-learners. This master’s degree training course starts from the basics of programmings and moves through the typical concepts of data science like data visualizations, data cleaning, data wrangling, and plotting. This hands-on training program also includes core ML concepts, such as feature engineering, logistic regression, hyperparameters, clustering, recurrent neural networks, random forests, computer vision, etc.    

Faculty – The AI training program of ZekeLabs is prepared by the feedback from top experts and best academicians. It is important for you to know that the faculties at ZekeLabs are basically industry practitioners who’ve over 12 years of experience in the industry.

Other Attributes – ZekeLabs offers extensive training programs, webinars, meetups and conferences. ZekeLabs also offers placement assistance to its enrolled candidates and helps them with virtual labs and learning management system (LMS).

9. MindMajix Technologies INC 

  • Founded in the year 2012, MindMajix Technologies is an interactive and live e-learning platform that offers excellent online education courses to the students.
  • Headquartered in Bengaluru, MindMajix Technologies helps professionals to attend open-sourced training programs and courses.
  • With an overall rating of 3.95, MindMajix Technologies offers a wide range of degree courses and training programs on the newest advancements in AI, ML, business analytics, business intelligence, and cloud computing.

About the Program – MindMajix Technologies INC is the best-known interactive e-learning platform that offers an exclusive AI course to the aspiring candidates. As a matter of fact, MindMajix Technologies offers a wide range of online courses which are related to IT, ML, deep learning, AI, cloud computing, business analytics, business intelligence, and other emerging concepts. MindMajix Technologies also provides access to its e-learning management system that eventually helps the candidates to build their skills and knowledge in the best possible manner.

Course content & Pedagogy – The AI course program by MindMajix Technologies not only offers the fundamental knowledge of artificial intelligence but it also covers the representative applications of AI. In fact, the AI course by MindMajix Technologies is basically offered by the leading AI experts who have a deep knowledge and understanding of algorithms that are usually applied in computer vision, NLP or natural language processing, and bio-informatics.

Faculty – MindMajix Technologies has the best faculty members which includes leaders, visionaries, and decision makers from big, influential companies. This top-rated e-learning platform also collaborates with some of the best and renowned platform providers, big corporate firms, and best academic institutions in order to strengthen the learning opportunities for aspiring course seekers.

Other Attributes – MindMajix Technologies offers quick access to the virtual training labs to its students in order to provide them with a realistic, hands-on training environment. MindMajix Technologies also offers placement assistance and ensures that the participants have the necessary resources and hard skills to excel in their career. In addition to this, MindMajix Technologies also has its own LMS that is endorsed by several reputable companies.

10. IIIT Hyderabad

  1. Founded in the year 1998, IIIT is one of the renowned educational institutions that offers several degree courses and training programs to the beginners, as well as working professionals.
  2. Headquartered in Bengaluru, IIIT Hyderabad is one of India’s premier research institution for artificial intelligence.
  3. With an overall rating of 4.0, IIIT Hyderabad has trained more than 400 professionals since the starting of its first batch in 2018.

About the Program – IIIT Hyderabad offers a foundation course on AI and ML. In fact, this executive artificial intelligence training program is designed by IIIT’s Kohli Centre. IIIT Hyderabad’s foundation course on AI includes ground-breaking research in data sciences, computer vision, machine learning, language technology, and cognitive sciences. It is also important for you to know that IIIT Hyderabad collaborates with TalentSprint in order to help students become well-learned and skilled working professionals.

Course content & Pedagogy – The foundation course on AI and ML that is offered here at IIIT Hyderabad is mainly delivered using 5 significant components – classroom lectures, virtual labs, mentors, hackathons, and industry workshops. The powerful curriculum of this foundations course on AI is designed to best-suit the trainees, as well as working professionals.

Faculty – The faculties at IIIT Hyderabad are the top experts from leading industries. Some of the key faculty members at IIIT include Prof. Anoop Namboodri, Prof. CV Jawahar, Mr. Jayanth Ramisetty, and Mr. Asokan Pichai. IIIT Hyderabad works in collaboration with TalentSprint, which eventually makes it one of the best AI institutes in Delhi.

Other Attributes – IIIT Hyderabad focuses extensively on hackathons, events, and industry interactions. This leading educational institution also has cloud-based virtual machines for labs in order to allow students to access different data sets. Besides this, IIIT also offers pplacement students to the enrolled candidates along with an effectual LMS.

Artificial Intelligence Institutes In Delhi and Noida

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

According to the recent studies and reports, AI or artificial intelligence is expected to offer as much as 2.3 million career opportunities by the end of the year 2020. Even though the competition in the analytics industry is expected to heat up in the coming years, the current IT industry has already set its eyes on AI as a boulevard for rewarding career paths and lucrative paychecks. Further listed are some of the most in-demand job opportunities for the AI aspirants in India.

  • Data Scientists – These skilled professionals are responsible for collecting data from various touchpoints, analyzing and interpreting it for insights and inferences, and designing effective solutions for different business concerns.  
  • Machine Learning Engineer – It is another most in-demand AI jobs that usually offers  mediam salary of over 1000 US dollars to the working professionals. In fact, machine learning engineers are responsible for dealing with software competencies, NLP or natural language processing, applied maths, statistics, and knowledge of different tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc.
  • Research Scientists – If you have done a training course in AI and ML, then you can easily apply for the job post of a research scientist. A research scientist is involved in natural language processing, deep learning, computer perception, reinforcement learning, and more.
  • Business Intelligence Developer – This is another lucrative career opportunity for all AI aspirants. Rom maintaining and designing data for cloud-based e-learning platforms to optimizing processes and workflows, a business intelligence developer is mainly responsible for monitoring and boosting the company’s growth.

Besides these rewarding job opportunities, there are many other suitable job roles for AI and ML candidates. Some of these job roles include:

  1. Front-end Developer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Software Architect
  4. Product Manager
  5. Data Warehouse Engineer
  6. Full-stack Developer

Various Interview Questions For AI Aspirants      

It is a well-known fact that artificial intelligence is significantly impacting the current market and therefore, every business is now looking out for skilled AI professionals in order to boost the company’s growth in the best possible manner. So, as an AI working professional, it is imperative that you go through the important interview questions that are listed below.

Question 1 – Explain the various domains of AI.

There are 5 essential domains of artificial intelligence.

  • Neural Networks  – A set of techniques and algorithms that are modeled according to the human brain.
  • Machine Learning – It refers to the science of making computers to act and learn a few tricks on their own with the help of variable data sets. 
  • Robotics – It is a subset of artificial intelligence that embraces several applications and branches of robotics. In fact, these robots are artificial agents that can easily react in this real-world environment.  
  • Expert Systems – This computer system basically replicates the decision-making ability of the humans. This computer program uses AI technologies for simulating the behavior and judgement of humans.
  • Natural Language Processing – NLP or natural language processing is actually an AI method that is used for analyzing the natural human language in order to derive useful insights for solving complex problems.

Question 2 – What do you mean by ‘Intelligent Agents’?

An intelligent agent basically refers to an autonomous entity that controls the sensors in order to understand a real-world situation and make decisions accordingly. In fact, intelligent agents can easily perform simple, as well as complicated tasks, with the help of actuators.

Question 3 – What’s the most popular programming language that is used in AI?

It is Python, an open-source modular programming language that leads the AI industry due to its predictable coding behaviour and simplicity. There are many other languages that are commonly used in AI, some of which are listed below.

  • Julia
  • Java
  • Lisp
  • Haskell

Question 4 – What are the different types of AI?

There are mainly 6 different types of AI:

  1. Reactive Machines AI – Mainly based on the present actions, reactive machine AI cannot use past experiences for forming current decisions. The best example of reactive machine AI is Deep Blue.
  2. Limited Memory AI – This type of AI system is commonly used in self-driving cars.
  3. Theory of Mind AI – It is another advanced AI system that has the ability to understand people, emotions, and other essential things in the real-world.
  4. Self Aware AI – This efficient AI system possesses human-like consciousness and reactions. These AI systems can easily form self-driven actions.
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence – It is basically a general-purpose AI system that is commonly used for building virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri.
  6. Artificial General Intelligence – It is referred to as strong AI systems. The best example of artificial general intelligence is the Pillo robot that answers all health-related questions.

Question 5 – What are AI Neural Networks?

AI neural networks basically refers to the AI systems that can actually simulate human intelligence and model how the human brain actually works. This approach eventually enables the computers to think and react just like humans.


Hence, it is proved that artificial intelligence or AI plays a significant role in running the world around us. It also continues to improve and advance the quality of life across diverse industry settings. So, if you’re looking for a career in this field, then you can get yourself registered with Techstacks in order to gain a high-level of education and become a skilled professional in this continually growing and highly rewarding industry.      

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