Top 10 Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi and Noida

Digital marketing is gaining traction day by day as the best source for promoting the company and creating a better brand awareness in the online world – where more and more consumers reach different businesses through their smartphones, laptops and tabs.

A better start is critical for companies, and even professionals, who want to make their career in this domain. It’ll be icing on the cake to get professional training. The top and renowned Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi NCR–India’s marketing center, seeing the heavy influx of various corporate houses and organizations–provides digital marketing courses.

When compared to traditional marketing approaches that are still prevalent, the price of digital marketing is inexpensive and delivers better results for you.

Digital Marketing: An Overview

In this modern age of digital identities, more emphasis is being given upon the scope and opportunities that are being brought forward by digital marketing. Today, traditional advertising and marketing techniques are slowly getting a hit because of the oversaturated marketspace. It is also fueled by the need for more capital exposure for successfully planning a traditional marketing campaign. On the other hand, digital marketing has opened up a new aspect of opportunities for most business houses. People with least capital can as well reach their target audience, that too without the need of spending too much money.

So what exactly is digital marketing?

In simple terms, the promotion of goods or brands through one or more types of electronic media is digital marketing. Digital marketing, internet marketing, or online marketing is often referred to as digital marketing.

Digital marketing has been around for quite a while but not very well described. They tend to think that digital marketing involves advertising posters, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click. Nonetheless, this definition is too limited since digital marketing often includes email, RSS, voice broadcasting, fax broadcasting, tweeting, podcasting, video streaming, wireless text messaging, etc. Indeed, digital marketing has a wide scope.

Due to the vast amounts of digital advertising technologies and personal data collection, advertisers can hit both large audiences and more granular targets without losing scaling opportunities. It includes being able to target an audience by a specific characteristic, like demographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc. Marketers cannot only target individual groups, they can also target specific devices and also individual users regardless of the device they use.

In addition, Digital Marketers are especially dedicated to evaluating campaign success. Many user experiences such as views, clicks, page visits, leads, and actual transactions can be monitored. In as much as that, digital makes measuring Return on Investment (ROI) simpler than traditional media, helping advertisers see the success of their campaigns and making better choices for optimization and the future.

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Throughout digital marketing, a monitoring and analytics system can be embedded within a campaign that allows the company or brand to track how a campaign performs throughout real time, such as what is being viewed, how often, how long, as well as other actions such as response rates and purchases made.
  • In the digital era, the use of digital marketing not only allows companies to market their products and services, but also offers online customer support 24×7 to make the consumer feel respected.
  • Using social media in digital marketing engagement allows marketers to gain both positive and negative input from their consumers and to evaluate what media platforms are performing well for them. Digital marketing gives brands and companies a greater advantage. Now it’s popular for customers to post online reviews about their experience with a product or brand through social media channels, forums, and websites.

Major components of digital marketing

Here are the digital marketing components:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Web design
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Why businesses are demanding digital marketing experts?

As small businesses launch, they frequently concentrate on how to get their first group of clients. They may rely on conventional forms of advertising such as print advertisements and coupon mailers, or even large signs on the roadside. You may be assured that as you realize they are offering a good product or service, it’s only a matter of time before consumers find their way to them.

Small companies will consider the huge online opportunities marketplace. No small business should ignore the enormous marketplace, no matter how fresh.

The group of potential customers found online is a much larger group of people than you could draw locally. You can use digital marketing to touch a huge audience in a way that is both cost-effective and observable.

Some of the other major benefits of online marketing include:

  • The ability to interact and learn exactly what your customers are looking for
  • Being able to reach a global marketplace
  • Save money and reach more customers in a budget
  • Know your audience and create brand loyalty
  • Track immediate responses to your marketing efforts

Building a successful digital marketing campaign

All businesses must pay attention to what their rivals are doing and benefit from it in order for your company to be successful. Speak of your rivals not just as someone you are trying to defeat, but as people who have something to teach you.

Looking at what your peers are doing, you’ll get some idea of what works and what doesn’t. Most likely your rivals built a web presence in whatever type of business you are in. What kind of material do they use? Are they writing or using loads of graphics and videos? This is where a digital marketing expert helps his employers to stay ahead of the competition.

You can too build such skills.

Institutes to study in

Here are the top 10 digital marketing institutes in the National Capital Region that you might want to get admitted to. These institutions have gained immense popularity in the recent past, given their excellent way of teaching.

  1. Techstack
  2. A leading education institution offering proper training in digital marketing
  3. Aimed towards providing answers to the complex and contemporary demands of the digital marketing industry.
  4. The institution has gathered an overall rating of 4.52 stars.
  5. The institute has employed industry experts to hone the skills of all its students.

Course – The curriculum of Techstack’s course is explicitly designed to meet the needs of the digital marketing industry. Techstack’s business digital marketing training programs are designed to concentrate on state-of-the-art technologies as well as traditional business-analytic approaches. Techstack’s flagship digital marketing training curriculum aims at providing industry-ready practitioners who are qualified for digital marketing and have strong experience along with outstanding problem-solving skills.

Pedagogy – Pedagogy by Techstack is in competition with the world’s leading digital marketing institutes and universities. Techstack’s digital marketing training curriculum is highly appreciated by the industry leaders according to the CMU or Carnegie Mellon University. The program’s syllabus is designed to cover all the criteria and feedback as taken from 3 main stakeholders – the industry, universities, and the fellow practitioners.

Faculty – Most of Techstack’s faculty members hold Ph.D. at some of the world’s leading universities. Techstack has a ratio of 1:10 per faculty to students. The faculty members at Techstack not only have unparalleled industry experience in consulting, senior leadership, and advisory roles but some of the faculty members also have different publications in global journals.

External Collaborations – The flagship digital marketing program of Techstack’s digital marketing and optimization is the only course program accredited in Asia for its quality content, pedagogy, and assessment.

Other Attributes – While offering a full-fledged classroom program, Techstack also uses many common and powerful online learning tools to help students learn digital marketing.

Website –

  1. National School of Internet Marketing
  • Possesses an overall rating of 4.64 stars
  • Offers individual professional training to aspiring candidates.
  • Delivers training programs for renowned global clients.

Courses – The digital marketing courses offered here at NSIM are fussily mapped to different job positions, rather than simply concentrating on learning the resources of the students. Most of those courses are planned and tested directly by seasoned professionals. Periodic changes to these courses are also planned to align them with the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. Various modules are offered here to help students gain a boost in their careers. Some added benefits of such courses that students will get from NSIM include: 100% Placement Guarantee, Updated Curriculum and Live Projects Work with top MNC company, Internship with companies and 30 Modules 15 Certifications, Earn While You Learn and Backup Classes Lifetime job Support, 8yrs+ trainer experience.

Pedagogy – The digital marketing courses offered here at NSIM are planned and presented in a particular way to provide the students with experiential learning. The overall frameworks of these courses are also well matched with the project-flow common for digital marketing.

Faculty – NSIM boasts a 1:30 faculty to student ratio, with most members of its faculty having core industry experience. NSIM’s team of faculty members has over 30 years of digital marketing and consulting experience. NSIM’s trainers also have decent experience with leading firms.

External Collaboration – Speaking about NSIM’s external partnerships, the relationship with ADAE, Malaysia was one of their main associations. According to the reports, this NSIM partnership has not only been acknowledged by Malaysia’s HR Ministry but has also begun implementing programs.

Other Attributes – After the successful completion of the course, the potential applicants are given guidance and assistance in profile building and preparing for interviews. There’s also a career referral model that is largely focused on HR consultants and the large pool of ex-students at NSIM who are currently working in different companies. Besides this, NSIM also allows candidates to register via ILMS or an integrated learning management system for a discussion forum. NSIM students can easily access study materials, live lectures, and recordings through these discussion forums.

  1. Delhi Courses
  2. It is one of the leading digital marketing training providers in India.
  3. The institution is backed by its strong focus on external collaborations along with learning.
  4. Helped over 40,000 students with digital marketing course programs.

Courses – The institution offers its flagship digital marketing program. Essentially the course content is driven by the innovative’ Catalyst Approach’ that provides industry-driven competitions, case-study seminars, business webinars, live engagement sessions, internships, live projects, and placement plans. In reality, the digital marketing courses offered here at this institute are best suited for both freshers and working professionals. It’s course not only covers the essential aspects of digital marketing but also aligns with the important job roles in the industry.

Pedagogy – Delhi Courses put an emphasis on the’ Catalyst Method ‘ approach, which is the specific training methodology of the digital marketing courses of the institute which ultimately increased career growth. This technique includes everything a candidate needs to evolve as an established digital marketer.

Faculty – Delhi Courses’ faculty members have a range of industry experience, both across the domain and across the sector.

External Collaborations – One of Delhi Courses ‘ very strong points is that it ultimately helps this digital marketing institute outshine.

Other Attributes – Delhi Courses is among the well-known digital marketing institutes providing you with 19 different modules at the lowest possible price, approx. 25000 Rs. In classroom analysis the duration of the course is 58 hours. Here experienced teachers and coaches provide various courses that will help to give the right dimensions to your career.


  1. Expert SEO Training Institute
  2. Since its foundation, Expert SEO Training Institute has successfully emerged as one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Delhi.
  3. A leading education provider offering cutting-edge training in digital marketing.
  4. Overall rating of 4.56 stars,
  5. The Expert SEO Training Institute helps students, as well as businesses, to become successful in the digital space.

Courses – As its flagship digital marketing program, the Expert SEO Training Institute offers its comprehensive digital marketing course. This system of digital marketing certificates covers a wide range of subjects, such as exploratory SEO, social media marketing and many more. It is also important for you to know that the Expert SEO Training Institute’s Digital Marketing course curriculum is best suited for professionals with about 1 to 5 years of experience. This course can provide students with the right approach to business digital marketing by giving them access to research works in the industry.

Pedagogy – The intensive digital marketing program offered here at the Expert SEO Training Institute not only helps students with conceptual learning but also encourages them to use real-life examples and case studies to have practical experience in relevant topics.

Faculty – Expert SEO Training Institute boasts a diverse array of faculty that have over 40 years of combined industry experience. Expert SEO Education Institute Faculty is filled with many experienced professionals.

External Collaborations The Expert SEO Training Institute is powered by renowned digital marketing practitioners.

Other Attributes – Expert SEO Training Institute not only directs the aspiring job applicants for digital marketing but also allows them to improve their resumes with the skills acquired in business digital marketing. In addition, the Expert SEO Training Institute also offers numerous immersion sessions in the industry to help students connect with professionals in the field. You also received training from Expert SEO Instruction Institute in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC and SMO. The courses are designed to help the students learn with different modules in a simple way. They sell you individual and mixed courses, customized to your specific needs. They have coaching centers in various places such as Rohini and Janakpuri.

Website –

  1. Simplilearn
  2. Simplilearn is among India’s top digital marketing training institutes.
  3. Offers training in SEO, SMM, and all other aspects of digital marketing
  4. The institute has trained more than 5000 professionals.

Courses –Simplilearn provides its flagship company digital marketing system. A course in digital marketing is ideal for both working professionals and freshers. Simplilearn’s digital marketing course is specifically designed to provide the students with vital realistic skills across multiple projects and real case studies. Students who attend Simplilearn’s flagship digital marketing program are allowed access to all course materials and videos throughout their lifetime.

Pedagogy – Simplilearn has live online instructor-led courses that are usually provided by experts from the digital marketing industry. The students at Simplilearn are also guaranteed a complete engagement through voice and talk with the program trainers and participants. This simply means that even the flagship digital marketing system of Simplilearn’s virtual classes operates like a normal class.

Faculty – Simplilearn’s faculty members are mostly industry professionals with each of them having at least 5-10 years of digital marketing experience. Until their graduation, students at Simplilearn are rigorously tested, and then thoroughly educated during online pedagogy before being permitted to work in the industry. Simplilearn maintains 1:10 faculty to student ratio.

External Collaborations – It is important for you to know that Simplilearn has collaborated with Wiley, one of the world’s largest education providers with a certification in Hadoop and Big Data.

Other Attributes – Using its broad-based business network, Simplilearn provides placement assistance to its applicants. They have partnered with companies and individuals to address their unique needs and provide them with training/coaching mainly to assist working professionals in achieving their objectives. They have can course modules to choose from, and give the right shape to your career.


  1. AIMA Management Courses Center
  2. AIMA Management Courses Center offers Digital Marketing programs and other professional learning courses in Digital Marketing.
  3. Maintains an overall rating of 4.34 stars
  4. Trained over 30,000 candidates across different professional courses.

Course – AIMA Management Courses Center offers its Digital Marketing program, the flagship company. 

Pedagogy – AIMA Management Courses Center’s flagship digital marketing curriculum is specially designed and prepared with input from experts and practitioners in the academic side of the Digital Marketing industry. Its course curriculum is suitable for working professionals as well as freshers who have no prior knowledge of the subject or the IT.

Faculty – Most of AIMA Management Courses Center’s faculty are alumni from India’s leading educational institutions, such as IITs, IIMs and ISB. Some of AIMA’s faculty members are the leaders of start-ups working in the Digital Marketing industry.

External Collaborations – AIMA Management Courses Center  has external collaborations with various industry leaders and government organizations.

Other Attributes – AIMA Management Courses Center provides placement assistance for all potential candidates who have successfully completed their Digital Marketing flagship program. AIMA also assists Digital Marketing students with resume design and training for interviews, in addition to placement assistance. This leading Digital Marketing business school also provides quick access to the Q&A forum and other discussion forums that are regularly updated to all its students. AIMA Center for Management Courses has offered you some of the best courses in different streams such as digital marketing and internet marketing.


  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing
  2. The Delhi School of Internet Marketing offers excellent training in Digital Marketing courses.
  3. Maintains an overall rating of 4.21 stars
  4. Trained over 10,000 candidates.

Course – DSIM offers its flagship Digital Marketing program, focused on various disciplines. 

Pedagogy – DSIM’s flagship digital marketing curriculum is specially designed with valuable input from industry experts and practitioners working in the academic aspect of the Digital Marketing industry. Its course curriculum is suitable for both working professionals as well as freshers. People with no prior knowledge are also welcomed.

Faculty – Most of DSIM’s faculty have vast industry knowledge. Some of them are directly linked with some of the leading start-ups in the Indian digital ecosystem.

External Collaborations – DSIM has strategic professional collaborations with numerous industry leaders and government organizations.

Other Attributes – This leading Digital Marketing training institute provides quick access to the Q&A and discussion forums that are regularly updated to all its students. Delhi School of Internet Marketing is one of the leading names in this field which offers various internet marketing and digital marketing courses. That gives you over 36 modules in four courses combined. The fee structure is fair and about 80000–all inclusive that you can pay in EMI too. They have multiple branches in Central, North and South Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Greater Noida.


  1. Delhi Digital Marketing Institute
  2. Maintains an overall rating of 4.27 stars
  3. Offers professional training to aspiring candidates.
  4. Delivers corporate training programs for global corporate houses.

Courses – The digital marketing courses offered here at DDMI are concentrate on learning resources of the students. These courses are planned and taught directly by professionals. Periodic changes to these courses are also planned to keep the students aligned with the ever-evolving digital marketing ecosystem.

Pedagogy – The digital marketing courses offered here at DDMi are planned and presented in a particular way to provide students with experiential learning. The overall frameworks of these courses are also well matched with the project-flow common for digital marketing.

Faculty – DDMI maintains a faculty to student ratio of 1:10, with most members of its faculty having practical industry experience. DDMI’s trainers also have decent experience with leading firms.

External Collaboration – DDMI works in collaboration with different international clients and help them create a state-of-the-art digital marketing framework.

Other Attributes – After completion of the courses, the applicants are guided and assisted in preparing for interviews. The DIDM or Delhi Digital Marketing Institute gives you advanced internet marketing training programs. The leading organization provides you with 34 digital marketing modules and a 100 percent placement. You’ll learn to give immersive training and seminars from qualified teachers or even live projects to learn better.


  1. Digital Vidya
  • One of India’s leading digital marketing training institutes.
  • Offers training in SEO, SMM, and other aspects of digital marketing
  • The institute has trained more than 10,000 professionals.

Courses –Digital Vidya provides its flagship company digital marketing course. Both working professionals and freshers can get admitted into the course. Digital Vidya’s digital marketing course is specifically designed for the online study ecosystem to provide the students with vital realistic skills across multiple projects. Students who attend Digital Vidya’s flagship digital marketing program are allowed lifetime access to all course materials and videos.

Pedagogy – Digital Vidya has a live online instructor, who is generally an expert in the digital marketing industry. The students at Digital Vidya are also guaranteed a complete engagement through online assistance from the program trainers and participants. This means that even the online digital marketing program of Digital Vidya feels like a brick and mortar classroom, that too with additional control.

Faculty – Digital Vidya’s faculty members are mostly industry professionals with extensive digital marketing experience. Digital Vidya maintains a 1:10 faculty to student ratio.

External Collaborations – Digital Vidya has a direct collaboration with multiple online marketing firms around the world.

Other Attributes – Using its business network, Digital Vidya provides hands-on industry training to its students. In terms of online marketing, digital marketing and internet marketing courses, Digital Vidya is one of the most respected and well-known training institutes. It has its branches in Delhi, Greater Noida, Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. You get access to 15 modules of internet marketing and digital marketing courses for just Rs. 50,000. Courses are made available for the students all round the year.


  1. H! AIM
  • H! Aim offers top-notch Digital Marketing courses.
  • Maintains an overall rating of 4.20 stars
  • Trained over 5000 candidates.

Course – H! Aim offers a Digital Marketing program that focuses on various disciplines. 

Pedagogy – H! Aim’s flagship digital marketing curriculum is specially designed with valuable input from industry experts and practitioners working in the academic aspect of the Digital Marketing industry. Its course curriculum is suitable for both working professionals as well as freshers.

Faculty – All of H! Aim’s faculty have hands-on industry experience.

External Collaborations – H! Aim has a strategic collaboration with some of the most respectable international clients that helps the organization design the best courses in India.

Other Attributes – This leading  training institute provides its students with quick access to discussion forums. Hi! Aim is one of the leading digital marketing and internet marketing institutes providing you with a better platform to get your digital marketing career started. It has offered you more than 19 modules about internet marketing and digital marketing to become a professional. Weekend classes are also designed to give you the proper shape for your career. The fee structure is also reasonable


Scope of Digital Marketing

The reach of digital marketing is broad and will certainly provide you with a better chance to give your career the right shape and dimension. You can be a qualified SEO specialist, a PPC expert, an expert in Internet marketing, a site developer and managers in digital marketing. Almost every business and organization is focusing on it to get good exposure in the online world.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Courses

There are various types of digital marketing courses offered by top institutes in Delhi NCR. Some of the main modules are:

  • Search Engine Optimization, most commonly referred to as SEO
  • Social Media Optimization or SMO
  • Social Media Marketing or SMM
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management or ORM
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Web Analysis

Both short-term courses are offered at different institutions as well as long term curriculums. The fee structures are also affordable, given the impressive ROI of these courses. Choosing the best one is important for making decisions. If you are searching for digital marketing courses like this or want to make your career, it’s best to go online and find the top institute that offers you these courses.

Various things that the Digital Marketing Course Aspirants must know

If you’re one of those working professionals who look forward to recently attending the digital marketing courses, here are some of the most popular interview questions and answers that might drive you in the right direction.

Q1. What are the key responsibilities of a digital marketing expert?

Some of the important roles and responsibilities that are expected from any digital marketing expert are:

  • Planned thinking method
  • Thorough knowledge of the web platforms
  • Client facility skills
  • Co-operating with other staff
  • Expertise in driving online traffic
  • Being able to rank the client’s online identities
  • Upright communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Productivity
  • Logical skills
  • Capability to drive changes
  • Client oriented

Q2. What is digital marketing?

A: Digital marketing is the brand marketing technique implemented on the internet for business promotion.

Q3. How do you categorize the digital marketing?

A: The digital marketing can be categorized into two segments

Inbound Marketing: Using social media, digital content in e-books, webinars or e-newsletters, these strategies increase the number of clicks on the links to learn more about an organization and its services.

Outbound Marketing: This section involves inserting advertising, cold-calls, e-mails or contacting potential clients via digital media.

Q4. Explain SEO

A: Search Engine Optimization, widely known as SEO, is the method of enhancing the site’s layout, content, and organization so that the search engines can correctly index it. It also includes doing promotional activities to increase your rating on the search engine.

Q5. Explain keyword in digital marketing? How important it is for SEO?

A: For digital marketing “keyword” is the word that a user or individual enters a search engine to find specific information.

From the SEO point of view keywords are very important for better page ranking. How and where you used the keywords would represent your ranking on the web.

Q6. Mention the key areas where keywords can be used for optimizing site ranking

A: You must use the keywords in the following areas for better page ranking:

  • Website URL
  • Website Title
  • Meta tag
  • Web page content
  • body text
  • Headlines

Q7. Explain Pay Per Click or PPC

Pay Per Click also known as Cost Per Click is a method used to guide website traffic. Through this technique, marketers pay the publisher (website owner or website host) after clicking on the ad. In other words, the money spent on getting a click on ads.

Q8. Mention the primary models of Pay-Per-Click

A: The primary models for Pay-Per-Click are:

  • Flat rate PPC : In this type of model, both advertisers and publishers agree to a fixed amount payable for each press. In most cases, the publisher has a PPC plan rate card based on various areas of their website or network.   The amount varies according to the material that draws more or less people generally.
  • Bid based PPC: Under this type of model, the advertiser competes under a private auction sponsored by a publisher, with other advertisers. The advertiser must notify the publisher of the maximum amount of offer he is prepared to pay.

Q9. Explain Google Adwords

A: Google Adwords is the world’s most common PPC advertising system. It operates on model Pay per click. The AdWords program allows the company to build advertisements that appear on Google’s search engine and its other properties.

Q10. Mention an effective PPC keyword

An effective PPC keyword should be

  • Relevant and exhaustive: In addition to the most common keywords, it should include the “long search tail”
  • It must also be expansive: the keyword list must evolve and change continuously.

Q11. Mention the key elements for optimizing the PPC conversion rates

Write persuasive content on your website that is specific to your keyword or search query Maintain a high degree of consistency between your ads and the corresponding landing pages The website should be easy to register, sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase Check the design of your landing page that should have the right color, layout and GUI combination to attract more customers

Q12. What should be your approach for an effective Pay Per Click campaign?

For an effective Pay Per Click campaign, you must do the following things

  • Add more PPC keywords
  • Split Ad groups
  • Review costly PPC keywords
  • Refine landing page
  • Add negative keywords

Q13. List some useful online marketing tools

Some useful online marketing tools are as follows:

  • Google Analytics
  • Digital point keyword tracker
  • Crazy egg heat maps
  • Keyword discovery
  • StumbleUpon
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Favicon generator
  • SubmitExpress Link Popularity

Q14. Explain on-page and off page optimization

  • Off page optimization: It is the method of increasing the ranking of your search engine by having external links pointing back to it
  • On page optimization: In page optimization, the layout and functionality of the website are dealt directly with.

Q15. What should you do to avoid penalty?

  • Do not link your site to any website with bad page rank
  • Avoid Poison words
  • Avoid stealing text from other domains
  • Avoid redirecting users to another page using refresh meta-tags

Q16. Mention characteristics of “bad links”

A: Here are the characteristics of “bad links”:

  • Links from unrelated sites
  • Links from low ranked pages
  • Links from Low traffic websites
  • Links from exchanges
  • Links from sites those are not in Google index
  • Paid links
  • Spammy links


It’s given that the Digital Marketing profession is a great career opportunity for all those individuals who have the ability to develop strategies, analyze and assess data and manage numerous individuals at a time. Digital Marketing offers an excellent career opportunity in India, as well as outside India. Having sound knowledge of online marketing tools will ultimately lead to a successful digital marketing career. Digital Marketing is needed everywhere, from leading retailers to eCommerce. So, if you want to advance your career path as a Digital Marketer, make sure you select the right career opportunities and choose the right Digital Marketing Training institute to grow as a professional and effective Digital Marketing expert. For more details, you may reach out to

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