Native Advertising

Native Advertising is the form of paid media in which the ads  follow  the natural form and functions in which it is placed. The function of native advertising is to behave in a consistent way   and function just like the natural content. The form of native advertising is to match the visual designing they live within and behave and feel just like the natural content. In the native advertisement there is a very big role of the sponsored content which refers to the advertorials in which the publishers launches the sponsored content studio to make the content on the behalf of the brands. Native advertising is one of the effective for the new business or work. There is no or less intrusiveness. It is one of the successful strategy.   The practice of native advertising is the subset of the content marketing in which the content is used to maintain trust and engaging the customers.

Native Advertising
Native Advertising

Benefits of the Native Advertising

  • In the advertising line where the performance measures are considered so important as they guide marketing efforts and attracts the consumer attention. The native ads give higher visibility. If the companies use the native ads medium to share the content and the information it will result in huge engagement of the consumers or viewers than any form of the advertising.
  • The native advertisement is the campaign of the content marketing in which they provide with the useful information regarding the product or the service and not just function as the vehicle of the message. The message should not distract the reader and make sure that the content delivers a powerful and clear message.
  • Native Advertising helps to establish the relationship by the means of better engagement which creates the opportunity of knowing your consumers with the help of interaction. With the means of native ads it can target the audiences and improves the chances of being shared.
  • The mediums or the gadgets as like desktops, mobile and other smart devices as well can be used to do native advertising in the form of text links, videos or editorial content. As the post Is shared on the website main content area the reader feels the same way as the other content is viewed.

Cons of the Aative Advertising

  • Some publishers and the consumers believe that native advertisement crosses the border line of the for the sake and greed of more money. Sometimes after introducing the native advertisement’s it becomes usual for some of the websites to see the decrease in the web traffic and taking advantage of that thing the other websites increases its revenue.
  • It is believed that the search engines and the consumer consider that the websites or the web pages that have native advertisements are spams whichresults in the lower ranks of the content being shared on them.
  • The information or the content which we only want to sharewith the audience we are looking to target, but is unnecessarily shared on the other websites as well become very difficult to take the backward movement which results in losing the readers and the customers.

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