Internet or online Marketing: Marketing or advertisement through websites, e-mail and digital platforms to attract new customers and drive sales through online mediums is known as internet or online marketing, with the evolution of technology and digital platforms all the businesses are shifting from traditional ways of advertising through TV, Radio, Magazines and newspapers to online platforms like e-mail marketing and marketing through social platforms.

Internet or online Marketing
Internet or online Marketing

Internet or online marketing is divided into three parts:

*Marketing through E-mail: Marketing through internet is the new form of personal selling as it includes advertisement and promotion through e-mail messages either attract new customers or retain the loyal once. The e-messages are carefully designed to interact with the customers.

*Marketing through websites:  The marketing which is conducted through online mediums as website marketing is less costly or some others website provides advertisement spaces free of cost. Web marketing also provides various facilities like store the customer’s data, to understand the needs of the customer’s and also to know their choices and needs regarding a product.

*Marketing through Social media: With the increasing in the number of users on social media platforms the companies are shifting towards social media as it is getting convenient to communicate and connect with large number of people which is less time consuming and in a low budget. All the marketing efforts as well as the advertisement of a product is done through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Viral marketing becomes very easy and effective through social media platforms.

Now, we must have a look at the Top 40 Internet or online Marketing Blogs:

  1. KISSmetrics: If you are a digital marketer or a SEO junky than it is a right place for you as the blog consist of all the problems, the analytics of the problems and the solution to all the problems, with the frequent changes in SEO rules which you should be aware of you must visit it every day as the blog post useful information every week. It is also known as the best internet or online marketing blog.
  2. HubSpot: One of the top internet or online marketing blog which in my view is the best blog for all the marketing junkies as the blogs on this website are very unique and easily understandable. The blog consists of infographics to explain the important data, internet or online marketing strategies, tips regarding landing page, tips regarding SEO, web designing and social marketing techniques.
  3. SEO Book: As we all know SEO tips and tricks are very necessary to get the website rank. For all this the biggest name of SEO industry is Aaron Wall who is a very reliable and a respected SEO junky and so are his blogs which consist all the posts regarding search engine optimization.
  4. Mozz: You Mozz having the years of authority of SEO and know shifting towards inbound marketing, all the posts written on the blog are by the written and submitted by the blog users. The blog was created by Rand Fishkin who has now created the community for all the aspiring digital marketers’ bloggers, which provide all the useful and fresh data on digital marketing tips and tricks.
  5. Search Engine Journal: The blog is a book on SEO itself as the daily article posted on the blog are around 5 to 10, the blogs are posted by all the bloggers about the digital marketing world. The blog contains all the videos regarding the SEO and digital marketing, useful comments and reviews by other bloggers and different discussions forums.
  6. Copy blogger: The blog started by Sonia Simone and Brian Clark, if you’re a content writer or a copywriter than it is a must visit blog as the blog contains all the relevant information on SEO, useful creation of content, tips regarding landing pages and more about the content writing world.
  7. The Knowledge Bank: This blog is started by Influencer & Co. which provides a bank of knowledge to all the marketers and bloggers regarding to content creation and marketing, generations of leads and content distribution.
  8. Digiday: The blog provides all the information on content marketing and the blog solves all the queries of digital marketing. The blog shares all the industry knowledge and a different approach to publishers, established brands and various marketing agencies.
  9. Seth Godin: The blog is started by the man behind the idea of “permission marketing”. The posts on the blog are short and informative about the business creativity and marketing.
  10. Search Engine Land: The blog is very popular among the SEO junkies because they are the first to update the new news regarding SEO with daily updates and tips and new on SEO industry marketing. To gather more information on search engine optimization look towards more SEO blogs or search for the digital marketing course in Delhi.
  11. The Google Blog: All the information regarding Google is present on the blog, and if you want to know all the Google trending news leverage Google alerts. This blog is from decades and will never be out of date.
  12. Content Marketing Institute: The blog is also another form of institute having experts of content marketing provides with lessons and advices to create a potential n useful content to drive in more readers with more content strategy and SEO tips and tricks.
  13. SEM Rush: The blog provides tips and tricks by guest bloggers with SEO tools for audit and Pay per click tips and tricks for your business digital marketing which is very useful.
  14. Search Engine Watch: This is one blog recommended by me, because of the topics covered on analytics and SEO tips and tricks and providing support to the blog subscribers. The content on the blog is very detailed and posted time to time.
  15. Higher Visibility: If you wish to improve your SEO techniques and want to learn about tools for effective SEO, so this is the place for you as the blog provides step by step information on Search engine optimization.
  16. Marekto Blog: All the marketers who are interested in content marketing, social media marketing and e-mail marketing so it the best place to visit, it covers all the relevant information on marketing management and strategies.
  17. EventMB Blog: The blog is the best place for improving internet or online marketing and organizing events providing reliable and valuable information.
  18. Wordtracker Blog: If you want a reliable data and information on SEO, so it is the best provider for all the information about SEO tips and tricks with useful advices to improve internet or online marketing.
  19. Un- Marketing: The blog was started by Scott’s Stratten who is an expert in social marketing and viral marketing and helps to strengthen digital marketing experience. The blog also provides “podcasts” regarding PR, customer relations and branding.
  20. E-consultancy Blog: If you want to succeed in digital marketing and e-commerce so this blog will provide detailed information about all these. The blog contains data from specialised analysts by experts.
  21. Social media examiner blog: All the social media junkies are welcomed to this blog as it is one of the leading blogs about internet marketing consisting of all tips and tricks on social media.
  22. Jeff Bullas: Jeff Bullas is a digital marketing expert and an author and a problem solver for all social marketing problems which is helpful for many businesses. Read more: Top 10 Advantages of Internet Marketing in 2017
  23. Boom Social: If everything is going right but you are not able to increase your traffic and achieve conversion goals then you are recommended to sign up to the blog, as it will teach you about all the social media tool. All the content on the blog is informative and reliable to drive traffic and more engagement of the readers.
  24. Hootsuite Social: If you want to run your business through social media platforms and wants valuable information and tools regarding social media strategy and to improve the brand awareness then it is must sign up blog.
  25. Social Triggers: If you are a content writer either for your business or for blogging purpose but not able to gain traffic and subscribers so sign up for the blog of “Derek Halpern” to get ideas about content creation and the profitable products to influence people to buy your products and to build client trust and network.
  26. Jon Loomer: If you want to run your business through Google adverts and want to learn the tips and tricks regarding this visit the blog of “Jon Loomer”, the man behind marketing of Facebook who is also a blogger sharing the trending news and tips to let you become a blogger and Facebook marketer.
  27. Occam’s razor: The blog started by Avinash Kaushik, the founder of Market Motive and also a digital marketer for Google and the best blogger for digital marketing analytics, the blog is helpful for the businesses who want to be successful by the changes in their strategies, all the facts and conclusions are based on data
  28. Social Mouths: The blog is like a consultant for the aspiring bloggers or digital marketers be it marketing through e-mail, content creation and marketing and driving potential traffic to your website.
  29. Social Fresh: Running business through social platforms and creation of content for social media is not at all easy but if you want to create a content and make a strategy related to social media than this a must visit blog.
  30. 60 second marketer: Jamie Turner, the founder of the blog and the writer of “How to Make Money with Social media” created an online group for the marketers from throughout the world providing them with digital marketing tips, tricks, tools and also lessons on social media marketing.
  31. Social Times: As the name suggests social times this blog is another type of newspaper consisting of changes in trends of social media throughout the world.
  32. Ad Hawk Blog: If you are running your business but not able to gain the presence on social media, so this blog will help to teach all the tips and tricks to improve the presence on social media.
  33. Kaiser the Sage: This blog was started by “Jason Acidre” who shares his personal lessons by his own experience regarding content creation and SEO, the blog gives valuable advices on content creation to increase the website traffic and make the content interesting for the readers.
  34. Traffic and Leads Podcast: The podcast is an internet or online marketing channel which interviews the world’s most top digital marketers once in a week. Top digital marketers across the globe are Neil Patel. Jeff Bullas, Bree Noble and many others.
  35. Rich Page Website Optimizer: The blog is all about optimizing your website which is necessary for all online businesses or blogging say it testing a website, to analyse conversion rate and services to optimize your website.
  36. Calculated Risk: If you want a depth knowledge for your business regarding to economics, accounts and management so this is a go-to blog, as the founder ‘Bill McBride” is an amazing blogger with the study background of economics, management and finance.
  37. Analytics Vidhya: This blog is useful to the industry which conducts analytics and data science and blogs on the website teaches different methods of machine and deep learning and data science etc. Also Read: Digital Marketing Steps: Learn in Digital Marketing Course
  38. Blogcast FM: As the name suggests the blog podcast the interviews of top bloggers, top entrepreneurs and authors.
  39. Unbounce: The blog also podcasts the data by the well-established marketers who live in content creation, conversion rate, AB testing and landing page tools.
  40. Pro-blogger: This is the best known marketing blog if you are starting your journey as blogger as it trains on content creation, acquiring new readers and making strategies regarding content and blogging.

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