Why Techstack is the best digital marketing training institute in delhi

Best Digital Marketing training in Delhi:Nowadays so many people search for best digital marketing training in Delhi. So I decided to give them an insight into Digital Marketing.First of all I would like to discuss about internet marketing,what all is it about,so that when you research for training it will help you a lot.

Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

In earlier times,lets say around 20 years back we had marketing tools like newspaper,pamphlets,sign boards,brochures,television,radio etc as our marketing tools.We still have them and use them but their reach or we can say audience is very limited.With improvement in technology and invention of internet the world has come closer much closer I would say.It created a whole new concept of marketing which we call as digital marketing or internet marketing.Apart from the traditional tools like tv,radio etc now we have much more effective tools for marketing goods and services for companies as well as individual businesses like e-mailers,social media platforms like facebook,instagram,websites,mobile sms,blogs,you tube,e-commerce etc etc.These modern tools have increased our reach not just to nationally but globally.

Best Digital Marketing Training Delhi

Lets now take a look at the course content in Digital Marketing,so that it helps you decide which institute is providing what type of course.Ideally an digital marketing training institute should cover these below mentioned content:

1-Website intro & creation.

2-Serach Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO.

3-SEM(Search Engine Marketing).

4-Social Media Optimization(SMO).

5-SMM(Social Media Marketing).

6-Content marketing.

7-Ecommerce marketing.

8-Email marketing.

9-Video Marketing.

10-Mobile Marketing.

11-Video Optimization.

12-Google Webmaster.

13-Google Adsense.

14-Affiliate marketing.

15-Google Analytics.

16-Lead Generation.

Apart from all these your training institute should also provide you with certifications from google,facebook,adwords,analytics,bing etc.

So after you have read the above paragraphs, you have a slight know-how of what you should be looking in before choosing your digital marketing training institute in Delhi.

When I was searching for training institute I came across more than 60 institutes offering me the best digital marketing training in delhi/ncr.Trust me,i found many of them claiming to be the best,criticizing others in competition.

In my opinion,one should consider few things before coming to any conclusion.because keeping these factors in mind help me join the best digital marketing training institute in Delhi ie Techstack located in Saket, Delhi. Factors which I kept in mind:

1-Trainer: The most important factor.How well you understand the concepts and get deep knowledge of digital marketing totally depends on your trainer.How well he connects with students,language simplicity and zest for training are few things to be kept in mind.Without any doubt I must say that our trainer Mr. Manoj Singh Rathore is the best not just in Delhi but PAN India with vast 8+ years of experience in digital marketing.

2-Modules: Techstack covers 28 modules which is Maximum,  till now. nobody else covers those many modules.

3-Extra Sessions: Doubt sessions are held regularly to help students clear their doubts.

4-Practical Training: Much emphasizes is laid on practical sessions & training so that you actually and practically work on concepts.

5-Low Batch Strength: Best institute for digital marketing course in Delhi Batch strength is purposely kept low to give maximum attention to every student.

6-Internship: Techstack has tie ups with various online marketing companies providing internships.You can also do intership at Techstack itself.

7-Fees Structure: It is quite low as compared to many others.As of now it is Rs.30k (including GST) for Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Which institute you choose is entirely up to you. I have just shared my thoughts and experiences hoping to help you decide but I must say you should take one demo class at Techstack and compare it with the rest to BEST.