If we looked into the best digital marketing in the recent decade, we might have the listen to the phrase“SEO is dead”. Moreover, nothing could be further from this truth Search engine Optimization has been the lifeblood of the website to get the best traffic for the website and it will be continued as a mandatory part of years to years. The “dead” part of search engine optimization is evaluating to manipulate the strength and signals that the search engines use for the ranking sites.

A search engine like google and other search engine have been caught on to manipulate signals and focused on minimizing all effects of the manipulation and penalizing such sites that have been used such practices, especially in excess. if you want to learn search engine optimization, So you can learn more about search engine optimization by doing digital marketing course at techstack academy.


Seo Relevant, Useful and important.

In the valuable form, however, Search Engine Optimization makes sure that the website is following specific, relevant practices so that Google and other search engines can see and rank the website. Put another way, search engine optimization is marking or improving the website so that the search engines recognize it as being relevant, useful, and important in regards to the question asked by a searcher. when the search engine finds that the website is important, useful, and relevant this will result in the ranking of the SERP’s i.e. search engine result pages.

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Start with a SEO strategy

Establishing a search engine optimization strategy is like planning your event. The more thought you put into who you want to attend and how you’re going to let them know about your event, the more successful you’ll be search engine optimization  Strategy should be properly planned, as well planning results in positive results, so the following have to be kept in my mind while executing:

  • Target customer
  • Location
  • Where do they spend there time when they are online
  • What is a relevant words and terms used to search the specific URL
  • There intent behind the query

Optimize the website

Once the strategy has been placed in the right place then it should be in need to optimize the website, doing this is like following the rules and guidelines listed.

Moreover, it cant be like to expert search engine optimization to launch the webpage at the top of the search engine in an overnight time, as it takes some time to link the website with the various backlinks that come in online and offline linking the page.

Kindly have a look at the fundamental ways to optimize the website in a proper way-

  • Relevant Titles and Meta Descriptions should be adapted
  • Up-To-Date Sitemap should be submitted
  • Relevant content on the pages
  • Keywords should be targeted accordingly
  • Gain links from high working websites.

These practices should be adapted very strictly to make the website work effectively also to have the benefit of having a website in terms of redemption of clients.

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