Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term used to brief a variety of online advertising tools. As SEO is used to attract the customer on the site who will find the offerings valuable as per them. Same way when the people think of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), thinks they base think of the ads that are placed on to the search engines like Google and Bing at the top and to the right of it.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

How Search Engine Marketing tools used social media platform

Moreover, the terms are also used to refer the paid advertising tools on social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, on many websites also in many apps and throughout the digital world life. Also this type of marketing is commonly referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising as for doing such a certain amount is being charged each time when somebody clicks on the ad, whenever you are going to pay for online advertising as SEM or PPC, the following key elements have to be kept in the mind and should follow it strictly to obtain a positive results-

sem social media
sem social media
  • Cohesive Campaigns
  • Relevant Ad Placement
  • Understanding Ad Rank and Ad Position
  • Google Ad Rank

Cohesive Campaigns

When you started working in SEM, as in the raditional advertising way we  work in campaigns. A campaign is simply a series of ads that have  a common theme and are designed to work together. In SEM, if we create the ad campaigns to target the specific  and relevant keywords. The most effective campaigns are cohesive and they tie the everything like the  keywords, ad groups, etc. and together  as they are not putting out to conflict messages with the ads.

Relevant Ad Placement

It’s a vital way to make sure that the ads are placed successfully  as possible to make sure that your ad is relevant to where it has to be placed. Going back to the analogy, placing golf balls in golf tournament in a sporting goods shop will show correct results rather than placing that in a sewing machine store. Moreover, you want the visitors to click on the ads. Surely, you want visitors  to see and click on the  ad who are interested in your platform.

Understanding Ad Rank and Ad Position

When we start working with a paid search platform like Bings ads or Google Adwords , the position of the ads refers to where the ads falls around the ads places for the specific search results . In  the traditional form, the person who wants to pay higher gets the best placement.

That is not true in ad placement bidding for the search engines, Google search engines and other search engines determines that.

Google Ad Rank

The ad placement by the help of Google Ad Words takes into account more than maximum bid as they want to show highly relevant ads to the visitors. Thus, the  ad position is determined using their Ad Rank sequence. The three core elements of your Ad Rank are

  • The maximum Bid
  • The quality score
  • Impact of adformats.

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