How and How much can you Earn from Blogging in India? Blogging is a popular, developed and fruitful field to make money in India. There are many Indian bloggers who earn a good amount of income from Blogging. Earlier, blogging is a way to write about their experiences and journeys but now, blogging is much more than just writing and sharing experiences or knowledge. Blogging includes many aspects like display products, affiliate marketing, offering education courses, service offers, webinars, and much more. Blogging needs hard work to become successful.

Now, blogging has become a very good career opportunity for many people and there are many people also there who want to know everything about blogging in India. If you want to learn about blogging and digital marketing, join Techstack Academy for best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Earn from Blogging
Earn from Blogging

How much can you earn from blogging in India?

Earning from blogging is not that hard as it seems to be. In India, there is a misconception that bloggers don’t earn good in India, but it’s not true at all. There are many examples out there who earn a very good amount from just blogging in India. In initial times, there is less earning from blogging, but it adds exponentially with time and efforts. Bloggers stated that in 2-3 years you can double, triple up your income if you are doing good. A complete digital marketing course will help you to understand about blogging and how you can earn money from it.

There are two types of blogging- full time and part time. In full time blogging, bloggers invest their time, money, and hard work to the blog only and there are some part time bloggers who blog for extra monthly income or for passion. They do blogging alongwith their regular jobs. 

Earning from blogging depends upon the approach also except timing. What is the topic? What knowledge you are given on your blog? How does it benefit other people? With blogging you can earn in million by giving some time or some hours of your life or you can earn regular monthly income by working daily. On average an Indian blogger makes $5000 per month.

Is it difficult to earn money from blogging?

Every work is difficult if it is done without hard work and dedication. Blogging is a work which needs manpower and time to succeed. But, it is also not that difficult as many people think of. It is a work which can do with your daily routine works and it opens opportunities to earn money. Making money from blogging needs continuously updating your work.

There are many bloggers who became millionaires overnight with the help of blogging. If you choose the right niche, right content, you will become successful. Many people make mistakes by copying other niches and fail miserably, because they don’t cope up with the work required in that niche. Choose wisely according to your passion and knowledge.

It’s easy to earn money from blogging if you have

  • Required skills for the blogging
  • Knowledge about your niche
  • Knowledge of digital marketing (most important)
  • Some additional knowledge for the topic
  • Interest in updated with trends
  • Dedication towards blog (giving extra time consistently)
  • Investment in various tools and plugins
  • Patience (Important)

Best ways to earn from blogging in India

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Offering your services (premium services)
  3. Freelance projects
  4. Display Ads
  5. Affiliate Marketing

Main factors of earning in blogging

  1. Earning is completely based on the amount of traffic.
  2. Grow your email lists
  3. Always choose niche you love or passionate about


Blogging is for a person who has patience and wants to grow with time. If a person has the knowledge of wordpress and digital marketing can be a successful blogger. There are many bloggers who started from nothing but scratch and earn only 10$ to 20$ but now make earnings in lakhs. Everything is dependent upon time and dedication. If you want to be a successful blogger in India, you should join Techstack Academy. We have designed the best digital marketing training course for bloggers especially.

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