List of Free Online Marketing  Social Media Classes: Invention of internet has enabled us to use social media as a tool to get people’s attention,engage a large audience and express what you want to.All these factors have made digital skill a must for today’s era.

Its not just only about whether you want a new job or want to setup yourself as an entrepreneur ,your social media presence or your website provides provides your prospective employers or your future clients a platform to look into your personality,interests and see whether you are tech savvy enough to deploy new ideas and technology for mutual gains.

It is really interesting to know that in current times Over 80% of jobs are now not found in the formal job marketing platforms. so  an active social media platform, personal website  and a professional networking (online and offline) is what  you can rely on for  recommendations is more important than ever.

If you want to stand yourself apart from the crowd and gain edge in your respective field,all  you need is personal  a website and knowledge of how to use social media platforms , to have  an engaged online audience.And you necessarily don’t have to spend money to gain knowledge mentioned above.There a long list of lots of free online marketing social media classes offered which help you to learn how to use these internet tools. However I am providing you the insight on top 10 list of  free online marketing social media classes.

If you want to build a new career in online marketing and social media or you want to improve your online skills then you arrived to the right place as I have compiled the  list of free online marketing social media classes as follows:

1-  Hubspot Academy’s  Inbound Marketing  Certification: It  offers a variety of free Marketing Certification Program. Their courses are aimed at those  in digital marketing and social media industries, you can learn a lot about content marketing.

In this  Academy, you can watch the videos  and after completing all the courses  you get an Inbound Marketing Certification Exam to get a certificate from them(Hubspot).

These courses teach us the essentials of inbound strategy, how to optimize the webite, blogging fundamentals, creating content, sending right info to the right person, how to generate sales and cultivate happy customers.

This is one of the best free program offered and that is the reason why it tops the list of free online marketing and social media classes.

2- Search and Social Media Marketing For International Business: The Salford Business School at Manchester, UK  started  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) many years back  and have posted videos and course material on their  official website.

This course in Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business  will help you in developing  your professional online identity, use of  SEO(Search Engine Optimization)and SMM(Social Media Marketing) strategies, techniques and tactics to build an audience online. You get to learn about how to do Personal Branding, make use of social platforms like twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin, blogging, seo, google+ as well as legal implications of social media, copy write issues and monitoring and reporting etc.

3-DS106: Digital Storytelling and Social Media: University of mary Washington offers this freely available online course called as Open DS106 which is  based on the ctual course taught at university itself on digital storytelling makes an attempt to re-think how in digital age storytelling can be taught.

Open DS106 includes  instructional videos, blogs, actually  active online community,  DS106 handbook. It gives an  complete  introduction to digital storytelling(including storytelling in pics), teaches how to use social media, preparing projects, making movies, for increasing and  building your online network.

4- Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World: This specialization by Northwestern University in  social media marketing  is designed for marketing  professionals, business owners and executives  who want to develop  social media strategies in order  to grow their businesses.

This  consists of 6 social media courses that you have to  complete along with projects provided which  help you apply what you  have learnt  and a certificate  is then provided enabling to  highlight your social media  skills on your CV.

An important thing to note is that this course with complete access to projects and certification is not free of cost. In case you don’t want the projects or the certificate then you can opt for ‘audit the course” after  choosing  “enroll now” where you get access to most of the content of the course except the things mentioned above.

This course teaches about social media, nurtures your marketing strategies, lays emphasis on content, advertising how to grow your business.

5-Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content: This course taught by Wharton Professor Jonah Berger(author of best-seller “Contagious: Why Things Catch On”) in social media marketing  teaches us the concepts behind making content, viral marketing, key ideas that inspire people to share with others.

However to get certification from the Business School you need to deposit some amount, but you can choose the option of full course without certification.

6- Social Media Courses on GFC Learn Free: This well structured course by Goodwill Community Foundation deals with topics in blogging, social media and teaches us about using popular tools like WhatsApp,Skype etc.

This course is generally for people who are absolute beginners and need to learn about the most basic things like setting up of a profile, how to find people, content making and sharing on social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

7-Diploma in Social Media Marketing: Online Course Provider ALISON  provides Diploma in Social Media Marketing  in just 15-20 hrs of course duration. It teaches how to use social media tools like Blogging, Twitter etc and  Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook marketing. It gives a knowledge of websites, creating personal profiles on various platforms like  Facebook, Twitter etc & well as how to increase traffic on your websites, how to generate business through Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and assessing the growth.

8-Social Media- How to build an Audience: Though Canvas Network used to provide this course and now has ended it but you can still get access to course material, videos and assignments and can carry on at your own pace.

In this course you get experience with media platforms and tools like blogs, twitter, RSS feeds etc. This course focuses on using available social media platforms to monitor your activities and establiship yourself as leader on the internet.

9-Writing For The Web: This course is really very very helpful for Bloggers. Frankie Madden who is the trainer covers all the important topics like how to engage online readers through web design, structure, writing style, and search engine optimization.

It takes  about 4 hours to go through complete course material and it is for sure that after you have  completely gone through the course you will have a better understanding for content writing,how to write them effectively and you will focusing more on rankings in search engines.

10-Quinly’s Social media Analytics Course: This course which appears last in the list of free online marketing social media classes upholds high importance since it gives in-depth knowledge about social media analytics and benchmarking tool  Quintly,which  teaches you how to track and analyse your performance on social media platforms like twitter, facebook, google+, you tube, instagram etc.

Analytics is very important because you cant never improve unless you do not track your performance and this is where this course teaches you analytical skills that helps you improve your campaigns and help you growing your audience.

free online marketing social media classes


I hope that this compiled list of best  free online marketing social media classes helps you start and understand you early education regarding this industry. But one thing is very important and that is, you have to regularly practice what all you learn. In simple words you get to create, share your own content through blogging etc on social media platforms rather than copying it. This helps you differentiate yourself from others and build your own brand. It  does not matter whether you have certificates or not but what matters most is that how you built and engage you audience with you. This free online marketing social media classes aims to help you achieve that.


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