Mark Zuckerberg launched a new website named ‘The facebook’ on February 4, 2004. He named it after the directories provided to Harvard university students for getting to know each other. It was first restricted to Harvard university students only but eventually they expand it for all. In 2004, Sean Parker (Napster founder and angel investor) become company’s president and change its name from ‘Thefacebook’ to just ‘facebook’. Facebook is very successful social networking site that become so popular in very less time. It’s only because of the features and tools they are providing to their users. Its one of the best social networking sites till date.

Facebook helps a lot to advertise your business in a very proper way, in a limited budget and reach target audience easily. From advertising point of view, it is a best platform in the history of marketing by allowing various variations in field of digital marketing. It take the digital marketing training to the another level. It provides free page creation and offers options for any budget to advertise your products on facebook. It will help you to boost your sales and create brand loyalty. It will make you to specify your target audience and to create leads and conversions. Now a day’s businesses are achieving a lot of business by using Facebook as a platform.


Ways in which Facebook could help digital marketing:

Create your business page for free

It allows you to create your facebook business page for free. With over 1 billion facebook users, your targeted audience is on also there. Creating a page is free path to acquire those potential customers and also promote your business and connect with your audience. It is free marketing tool provided by facebook- you can share posts, images, videos, offerings and any information about your product which you want to share with your audience.

It is the best way to convey your information and make people aware about your product and brand. More your page is famous more will be your business. It helps to create brand image and gain confidence of your customers. Before posting anything make it clear that it is relevant to your business.

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Custom-targeted audience

Facebook advertising campaigns are designed to let you specify your audience according to your need. For this a tool is provided by Facebook which can be utilize to be more specific in choosing your audience. With this tool you can get information about the people related to the interest of your business. It is really cost efficient to advertise your products.

By targeting the particular type of audience you are reaching only to those people who will be interested in your product. You can filter your audience by creating ads for –people having same interests, same pages and lookalike audience. You can set your own budget limit according to your need. you can learn more things about contact custom targeted audience from techstack academy for details.

Brand awareness

Facebook helps you to make people aware about your brand. The brand awareness objective helps to use the combination of real-time proxy metrics with reach and attention of the users and provide maximum exposure. By using ad campaigns you can target bigger audience in appropriate way. Your business page is where you can share and publicize your brand and products by providing each and every information to your users.

You can attract you audience to like your page so that if you post or update any information on your page it will be visible to them in their newsfeed. This helps to build brand awareness of your business and help people associate to your brand. You can also ask for their feedback and queries, by answering to their queries you will build a confidence in their minds about your services and business.

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Cost effective

Creating a business page on facebook is free of cost. Facebook offers marketing for those businesses who have limited marketing budget. Business houses can even run trail ad campaigns who low budget before shifting to the high budgeted ads. Irrespective of the cost it  provide you to target millions of audience at free of cost and help you to get potential customers. It’s advertising stages can keep running on either a for each impression or a for every activity. It is very budget friendly as it allows businesses to set daily budget also. Advertising on it is much cheaper than other digital Medias.

Boost traffic to your website

It is engaging people to your posts, so you can link your website to your posts. Users can click on that link and it will direct the user to your website and furthermore by posting good quality content from site to the Facebook page, so your fans can click link to the connection and read the full post on site. Users will get the essential information from the page and after that visit the site to make their ultimate action that is to buy your products. You can link a connection to your site on your business page.

Without a doubt, a large number of organizations report that the best advantage of Facebook is the additional movement that is increasing traffic to their site. Guests who go to the site can be presented to more efficient advertising messages and, regularly, the alternative of purchasing merchandise and ventures. Clients who go to your site from Facebook are probably going to be more responsive than the normal guest, since they definitely know something about your business and were roused to tap the site interface.

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Creative Advertising

Enabling you to post content, it gives you a chance to transfer pictures and recordings from your business to your facebook business page. This can be an effective approach to interact with clients and potential clients, enabling them to see your products and information regarding them without visiting your actual store. Sharing photographs and videos related to your business turns out to be exceptionally straightforward on this social networking site. A site is somewhat expert and businesses think that its difficult to customize them. A Facebook business page is much the same as your own record and no technical aptitude is required for altering and customizing it.

Facebook additionally enables clients to “tag” photographs to demonstrate if a Facebook companion shows up in them. This capacity can be utilized to advance your business. Each labeled picture will appear as a report on the member’s Facebook account, where their co-users can see it as well. This builds the level of excitement for the photo, and your business. If you do choose to utilize labeling, be cautious. It can be a security issue, and some Facebook clients are delicate about being labeled in photos. Hence, it is smarter to request that members that do the labeling, as opposed to doing it for their benefit.

Entrepreneurs and businesses should prepare themselves and plan to make these elements an important part of their advertising systems. There is no denying that it is digging in for the long lasting goals. It’s impossible to imagine that what began as a basic approach to keep in contact with each other has transformed into a stage that interfaces individuals and brands all over the world. Keep your ears open for new improvements about how Facebook can help assemble your business for what’s to come. It has turned out to be one of the best online networking stages nowadays and there are various favorable circumstances related with it. 

However it has additionally ended up being a convenient device for advancing and promoting a business.  It is basic for entrepreneurs to advance their businesses in such a way that they wish to attract clients. Here, Facebook can be greatly helpful. While having a business page on Facebook is one and the same thing as owning a site, there are some huge advantages that no one but Facebook can give.

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