Best Artificial Intelligence course syllabus in India: Artificial intelligence is the branch of Technology which is now known to almost every single person. Each and every organisation and business out there is using artificial intelligence to come up with solutions which function similar to human minds.

And because of this trending technology, artificial intelligence course is growing incredibly in demand in India. And this will open more job opportunities in the country in the coming years. So if there is a good time to go for the best artificial intelligence course, the time is now.

Best Artificial Intelligence course syllabus
Best Artificial Intelligence course syllabus

What should be the best artificial intelligence course have?

Our artificial intelligence course at Techstack is ranked at the first position because our curriculum is comprehensive and is specially designed for working professionals. The course contains every topic that is required in the current industry of Artificial Intelligence and along with the theoretical knowledge, you will know how to apply these techniques in business problems. We focus on hands on experience where you can let your creativity flow and your knowledge regarding real life industry problems will increase. And that is exactly what the best artificial intelligence course needs to be.

These are the best artificial intelligence course syllabus in India available right now for you to go for if you want to step foot into the artificial intelligence industry.

1.  Tech stack

Our course will help you learn every skill you need to know to implement artificial intelligence in both web and social media. The course has a total of 17 modules like-

  • introduction to python.
  • Introduction to machine learning and its concepts.
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and problem solving.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Latent sentiment analysis.
  • Article spinning.
  • Tensorflow and neural network.
  • Convolutional neural network.
  • Artificial neural network.
  • Face and object detection.
  • Motion analysis and object tracking.

Course curriculum has been designed in such a way that every topic that is trending in the artificial intelligence industry has been covered. You’ll also receive projects and assignments along with the course which will help you gain hands-on knowledge. Placement assistance is also provided to the students in the form of preparing you for the interviews and also resume building.

2.  Great Learning- PG program in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It started in 2013 and is operating in multiple cities in the country. The course curriculum is pretty comprehensive and capstone projects and internships are also included in the course. You will also receive placement assistance.

3.  Sharda University.

Abhi Tech program is available in artificial learning and machine learning which will help the students to build machines, software and intelligent applications. Students who want to gain knowledge about designing intelligence solutions to certain problems are definitely welcome to join the course.

4.  Jigsaw Academy-  full stack machine learning and artificial Intelligence program.

The course is comprehensive and it focuses on building a solid foundation in the subject. The learning resources include videos and downloadable resources, online webinars, guest lectures and hence zone coding projects.

5. Analytical a-line  applied Artificial Intelligence and machine learning specialisation.

The course models and case studies are designed in such a way so that you are ready for corporate projects. The faculty is great and the students also get the opportunity to participate in personal interview sessions with industry experts.

There are many courses and academies out there which provide artificial intelligence course. But if you are searching for the best artificial intelligence course syllabus in India, we, at Techstack, are proud to say that we are confident about our quality training and our standard curriculum.

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