Become a Pro Blogger : After working so many years. I ( Manoj singh Rathore ) decided to choose blogging as a full time work. I did and my today income has been crossed more than 43 Lakhs per month. I gave my day and night to achieve this stage. In the starting, it’s really very hard to get the result but if you work on the right direction. No one can stop you.

become a Pro Blogger
                                               Become a Pro Blogger

What is blogging and How does it works?

A blog is gotten from the short type of a web blog. It is an internet based diary where individuals can impart their encounters or offer data to different pursuers on any theme. Websites permit the proprietors to post a switched sequential request; new posts initially show up at the top while the most seasoned posts are at the base.

There are 5 Reasons to become a pro blogger :

  1. Personal Branding : If you talk about personal branding. Lot of people will start to know your name. People who follow you or your blog will start search your name in Google to know more about you. They will be curious to listen your speech. I got lot of emails on daily basis to meetup and discussion on various platforms of digital marketing. It will make you feel like a celebrity. I give lot of speeches on monthly basis.
  2. Passive Income: You can start earning lakhs within six months. If you are working on right track. In 2008, I started my first blog and got my first cheque from Google worth of 107$ in 9 months. That was my first income from Google who encouraged me for more work. I am still doing my blogging . Currently I am running 98 blogs. I wrote on affiliate marketing, digital marketing, make money online, loans, insurance and How to. You can choose topic according to your interest. It is very necessary to understand your interest. Without having appropriate research on your interest, you won’t work well. I am damn sure about that. I started my Pet blog in 2011 but because of less interest in that I stopped that blog in 2015 and din’t earn so much from that blog.
  3. Out of India Tour: I got lot of invitations from many brands to visit their country to attend event. Last year in September 2016, I got invitation from Youtube. They gave tickets and hotel expenses for my whole tour. I spend almost a week in New York. Recently in last month, I got invitation from Entrepreneur India and Facebook Mumbai Event. If you increase your brand awareness, Brands will start looking you and meet you to target your audience.
  4. Network : Lots of blogger from same category will start collaborating with you to start new Startups and other blogging things. I got lots of network like JitenderVaiswani, Andy Wullmer, Jan Burmac, Larry Cristain, etc.
  5. Followers: People will start reading your blogs and become your last long follower. They will follow and read whatever you write in your blogs. I got around 6.3 Lakh follower.

I suggest you that first you have to decide a potential topic for pro blogging and then you can have a personal guide from my training institute Techstack and start learning digital marketing course in saket from Techstack.

Patience is the golden rule of blogging

If you really want to become a Pro Blogger you need to patience because Blogging is a journey in which you learn lots of things, its not a overnight game, it takes time and when you become professional blogger by gaining day by day experience then you feel joy and its be happen in overnight.

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