If you wish to expand your knowledge and make your venture in big data Hadoop, join a course by one of the Top 10 Big Data Hadoop Institutes In India, which offers the best training courses along with providing you extra benefits such as regular assignments, assessments, certifications, job placement, etc.

As we know data scientist’s job is not to build a Hadoop cluster rather they work to glean valuable insights from the data regardless of where it is coming from. Data scientists have several technical skills like Hadoop, Python, Java, NoSQL, Spark, R, and more. However, finding a unicorn data scientist having diversified technical skills is extremely difficult, as most of them pick up some of the skills on the job. Visit best big data hadoop course in India for details.

Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India
Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India

Why Should A Data Scientist Use Hadoop For Data Science?

Hadoop is an important tool that is commonly used for data science especially when the volume of data exceeds. Once it exceeds, the system memory requires data to be distributed across multiple servers and this is when Hadoop comes to the rescue of a data scientist by assisting them to allow transporting the data to different nodes on a system at a faster pace. In the transition to this, a recent analysis for data science ranked Apache Hadoop as the second most important skill for a data scientist with a 49% rating. Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India is helps to make a career in Data Scientist field.

Data Hadoop is used for different reasons, mainly:

  • Hadoop for data exploration

Most of the population spends their time for the exploration of data, which is an important role. Hadoop allows data scientists to store the data as it is, which does not require the data scientist to analyze the data while they are dealing with “lots of data” having the perception from other regions.

  • Hadoop required to filter the data

Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India helps to learn how used under rare circumstances, which also involves machine learning models which classify the entire dataset. A data scientist will be filtering the data out, which is not really required to work forward with. Big data Hadoop helps data scientists filter a subset of data easily and which can efficiently solve a specific business problem.

  • Hadoop for data sampling

You can not just build a model by taking 100 records from the dataset. Sampling the data using Hadoop gives the data scientist an idea of what approach might work or might not work for modelling the data. Hadoop Pig has a cool keyword utility “Sample” which helps to cut down the number of records. 

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  • Hadoop for summarization

Summarizing the whole data using different software of Hadoop helps data scientists to lay a bird’s-eye with an aim to better data building models. Hadoop MapReduce is only customized for summarization where mappers are liable to get the data and reduce while summarizing the data.

Are You Keen To Learn About The Big Data Hadoop Course?

Choose from the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India that fit right into your requirements and will serve y9ou the best they can in terms of knowledge.

1. Techstack Academy

1.1 About:

Techstack Academy (Reyedin Techstack Pvt. Ltd) is a Delhi NCR-based training centre that provides numerous courses to students to tune-up and upgrades their skills in accordance with their specific chosen field. Techstack moves forward with a motive to help you grow, with the professionals who have a knack for top-notch training and expert skills in every field. Techstack Academy offers both, online as well as offline training for the students for any course they choose due to which they are listed amongst the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India.

Being in the industry for more than 10+ years, they have developed themselves full-fledged into plenty of courses & Full-Stack Development training. 

1.2 Year of inception: 

Techstack Academy was founded in 2012. 

1.3 Locations

They are located in Delhi & Delhi NCR (Noida). If you wish to seek only online courses, they are spread across India covering major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, etc.

1.4 Courses offered: 

Techstack Academy offers plenty of courses that involve big data online courses, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, programming languages, cybersecurity courses, data science, and many more.

1.5 Benefits to gain

Since the Techstack Academy is associated with many companies-namely- Orangus Digital and E-dinero Group, they assure to provide you with internships that are included in their period of course along with the assurance of 100% job placement assistance, at big MNC companies according to your preference. 

Big Data Hadoop Tutorial at Techstack Academy offers 30 modules where you will be liable to learn about many things such as fundamentals of big data, distributed computing, data warehouse, Hadoop cluster, Cloudera, etc.
You can achieve 150+ hours of intensive training, with 25+ case studies, and achieve big data certification within 3 months.

If you are looking for any type of online presence such as development courses or any other course in the IT domain, you have landed at the most appropriate stop.
Continuing the tradition of providing training with our cutting-edge technologies, Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India broadbands into different ventures and hopefully will be expanding our training arena, more exquisitely in the near future.

2. Jigsaw Academy

2.1 About: 

Jigsaw Academy has evolved with technological changes to shaping the career landscape offering programs in big data Hadoop, data science with other emerging technologies to help you upskill in the tech sector. The domain experts & educators at Jigsaw Academy offer meticulously structured courses with curricula that are relevant to the industry.  

2.2 Year of inception: 

Jigsaw Academy was incepted in the year 2011.

2.3 Locations: 

Located in Bangalore but also serves all over India. 

2.4 Courses offered: 

The domain experts at Jigsaw Academy offer tremendously structured courses that are bound to help and train professionals in the areas of Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Cyber Security & Cloud Computing, to name but a few. 

Jigsaw Academy’s big data online courses offer real-life case studies and capstone projects. The big data course syllabus includes analytics tools like Python, R programming, and more that are implemented across India.

2.5 Choose from different parameters provided by Jigsaw Academy that involves 

  • Big Data engineering for 3 months.
  • Apache spark online big data certification for 1 month
  • Apache storm certification for 1 month
  • Big Data Bootcamp- for 1.5 months

Jigsaw Academy is recognized as the No.1 institute for big Data Hadoop and data science training. They have been listed as one of the top 10 Big Data Hadoop institutes in India with 3000+ companies placed by Jigsaw Academy, having trained with 1M+ hours of learning content viewed. 

For more details, visit:


3.1 About:

CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the leader in the “specialized training” brands of India certified by ISO for providing the best knowledge and expertise to their students in their chosen field. CETPA INFOTECH is the largest training service provider in various engineering domains for all students as well as for working professionals. They have extensive experience in nurturing over 200000+ students in the past few years. 

CETPA has specialization in 3 major domains namely: TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT, and CONSULTANCY. 

3.2 Year of inception: 

CETPA Infotech was established in 2010.

3.3 Locations: 

They are located in Noida, Roorkee, Lucknow, Dehradun, and overseas including Germany.

3.4 Courses offered: 

They offer plenty of courses such as Java Training, Dot Net Training, C Language, Big data Hadoop training, python, artificial intelligence, and more. There are no strict prerequisites required to join Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India. You will be liable to have in-depth knowledge about nodes, clusters, SQL, the architecture of big data Hadoop tutorials, and more. Use different frameworks, and develop dynamic websites swiftly having intensive training sessions that are available both, online as well as offline. 

For more details, visit:

4. Croma Campus

4.1 About: 

Croma Campus Ltd. is an ISO-certified training institute that moves forward to provide you with the education and knowledge about technical skills. They have plenty of professionals in their faculty who are 24/7 ready to assist their students in providing best-in-class training sessions. They are partnered with certain big companies like which is why they are capable enough to get their students placed at their dream jobs, with whichever course they may choose.

4.2 Year of inception:

 Croma Campus began their services in the year of 2015.

4.3 Locations:

 Croma Campus is currently located in Delhi NCR. (Noida)

4.4 Courses offered: 

They offer a wide variety of courses that involves professional programs, Civil, IT courses, software, and data courses. Learn big data Hadoop course at Croma campus and boost your skills to the top! They offer assignments, real-life practice studies, expert support, and big data certification which is applicable globally. You can choose the mode of training according to your preference, which may involve- Weekday course that lasts up to 75 days, a weekend course that lasts up to 8 weeks, and a fast-track course which can cover all within 15 days helping you gain wide knowledge to become a data Hadoop developer. 

5. Analytix Labs

5.1 About: 

Ranked as one of the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India, they focus on practical and tailored learning to make you job-ready. The latest curriculum is designed for project work and extensive post sessions support is provided for real-world skills, making every penny worth, whatever you invest.

They established themselves steadily and progressed to earn the same reputation globally based on their stellar record and student satisfaction.

5.2 Year of inception: 

AnalytixLabs pioneers in Data Science courses since 2011.

5.3 Locations: 

They are located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Bangalore.

5.4 Courses offered: 

There are plenty of courses offered at Analytix Labs, that include Big data online course, data science using python, deep learning with python, etc. Big Data Hadoop course offers intensive learning of 500 hours which includes 46 classes.
You can avail of the classes online as well as offline, as per your preferences.

Get your hands laid on big data online courses with Analytix Labs, and upskill your expertise in getting placed under big MNC’s and become a certified Data analyst, analytics Consultant, Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Specialist, Artificial Intelligence expert, Data Science Consultant, and many more.

 For more details, visit:

6. Edvancer

About: Edvancer is one of India’s top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India, providing training in analytics, data science, big data Hadoop, machine learning, AI globally. It has trained over 7,000 professionals in 25 countries in these areas. Being an IIM-IIT-ISI alumni venture for building capabilities in data science & AI and works with over 50 leading corporates including Fortune 100 companies.

6.1 Year of inception:

 Edvancer was founded in 2013.

6.2 Locations: 

They are located in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

6.3 Courses offered:

Learn big data online course, advanced certification in data analytics, certified artificial intelligence course, cloud in python, and many more. To have knowledge about big data Hadoop tutorial at Top 10 big data hadoop institutes in India (Edvancer), get 150+ hours of intensive learning along with live projects and assignments which will help you learn in-depth about the data and its course. They offer both, online as well as offline training sessions.

Avail the benefits of learning from home through fully interactive, online classes. (certain courses will be available on video only). 100% Placement assistance post the completion of the course is provided.

For more details, visit:

7. Ivy professional school

7.1 About:

Ivy professional school is listed amongst the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India, who have trained nearly 15,500+ students and professionals from elite colleges like IITs, IIMs, NITs, and companies like Honeywell, Oracle, Accenture, IBM,  etc. have been trained by Analytics experts from Ivy.

7.2  Year of inception:

 Ivy professional school was established in the year of 2007.

7.3 Locations:

The cities of operation for Ivy professional school concludes Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Students belonging to 10+ Countries take Ivy’s Online Live classes.

7.4 Courses offered: 

Big data Hadoop tutorials, data science, business analytics, machine learning, data visualization, actuarial science, etc. If you are keen to learn big data online courses, you will be liable to have a deep dive into the field of tech with immersive learning of a Total – 225 hours, inclusive of assignments, certifications, with 75+ partnered companies to work with.

For more details, visit:

8. Imarticus Learning

8.1 About 

With having 100+ mentors, Imarticus Learning is a professional education firm that offers industry-endorsed training in Analytics & Financial Services such as Hadoop courses, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and science to empower individuals and large organizations in meeting their human capital along with their skill set requirements. They have successfully educated over 30,000 individuals globally with 85 percent of students placed in global firms such as Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture amongst others.

8.2 Year of inception:

Imarticus Learning was founded in 2012.

8.3 Locations: 

The Cities of operation include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, etc.

8.4 Courses offered: 

As mentioned above, Imarticus is prone to offer you plenty of courses. If you have the will and keen interest to make your career in big data Hadoop, you will be liable to take a step beyond and learn about investment banking for financial purposes, capital markets, machine learning, and AI. With having a placement record of 85%, be ready to join Imarticus learning to give a boost to your career.

For more details, visit:

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9. Inventateq

9.1 About: 

Inventateq is rated amongst the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India, which is an online Marketing technology institute that is engaged in the business of providing job training for all types of Internet Marketing Courses used in the real world job environment. Inventateq caters to all individuals ranging from beginner level computer users to the IT professional. Inventateq’s graduate students are prepared to take on the challenges they will face in today’s job market. Inventateq’s mission is multiple. 

9.2 Year of inception: 

Inventateq was founded in 2009.

9.3 Locations: 

Located in Hyderabad, but has widespread their operations in other cities of India as well. 

9.4 Courses offered: 

Plenty of courses are offered here, namely- NET course, advanced course, Amazon AWS course, Tableau course, data science, big data Hadoop, and many more. Get knowledge of big data online courses inclusive of 7+ modules and learn in-depth about big data Hadoop with tools like hive, sqoop import and export, integration with reporting tools, and many more. Bucks yourself up to become a certified analyst within a few months with Inventateq.

For more details, visit:

10.  SimpliLearn

10.1 About: 

SimpliLearn is considered amongst the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India, which offers big data online course boot camp providing students with immense knowledge about tech and skills. They are partnered with various big companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

10.2 Year of inception: 

SimpliLearn began its modest year of 2009.

10.3 Courses offered: 

SimpliLearn is not only limited to provide you with big data Hadoop courses but also assists you with other courses such as Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science, and many more. Get big data Hadoop tutorial at SimpliLearn which is segmented into three parameters-namely, self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training with 14 subjects each, in every parameter.

For more details, visit:

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Hadoop is widely used as the most important part of the data science process during its preparation but you must have enough knowledge of only big data tools that can manage and manipulate voluminous data. It is good for a data scientist to be familiar with a variety of concepts like distributed systems, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, MapReduce but a data scientist cannot be merely judged on the knowledge of solely focusing on these subjects.

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field and the zeal and motivation to learn can help you become exceptionally good at your job. Learn about big data Hadoop in depth by the top 10 big data Hadoop institutes in India emphasizing developing machine learning models, analyzing them using visualization, combining the data with external data points, etc.