Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course: By recognizing these basic concepts or stages by the Google search engine to perform his job will be familiar with how search engines work.

How to make Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course?

Crawling: – This word literally means “crawl” and is a special search engine process is done through a tool or an intelligent computer program a special search engine called (crawler) where he is visiting all websites and read their content in order to provide sufficient information about for indexed in your own database. This is also called a spider or bot. To illustrate the idea more when you are Kmttalaa profit through the Internet create a Web site talking about health and beauty, for example.

The function of the bot or your spider Google workers is that crawls inside your site in all its pages and reads all your own content in order to provide sufficient information to index this site in Google worker’s own database. You can learn more from digital marketing course at techstack academy anytime.

Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course
Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course

Indexing: – the closest word in Arabic meaning of this word is “indexing.” This process comes after a process of “crawl” and which are indexed all sites that have been read their content through the Google spider. But is not actually save all the data that has been read by a spider on the database but is saved part of linking every web page on the Internet at some words and phrases that reflect them, which are used in the search results after that.

In the previous example after the Google spider to read all your site that talks about the health and beauty content come indexing process which is linked to your pages with words addressed. For example, perhaps your site is indexed and pages under the words and phrases such as “health, beauty, skincare, natural methods of skincare.”

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Search: – Search and means, of course, is the process carried out by the ordinary user who types a word or phrase in the Google search engine to bring it up for sites that talk about what you are looking for. This word or phrase or entered into a search engine called queries any inquiries. Of course, be a source of search results is a database that has been collected during the previous phase. This is what makes the search process carried out by the user only takes less than a second until the user gets the results they want.

And to link, all of the above in the unit interconnected Let us realize things like this. The search engine or directory is the eye that instructs the user to the appropriate site of what he wants at a particular time during the search.

Imagine the world of the Internet with all its content from Web sites as a group of stations and Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course now and then sends its bots to wander between these stations to recognize each station and what it is added from new plants or new content within each station and what has been removed and renovated as well. After that draws its data through a complete map that includes each station and the content of the things inside the base.

When you tell him you want to go to a specific station or even tell him what you want to get it will guide you through his map tracks that you should follow in order to reach the station that you want, and for this path inside the station to get the thing you want specifically. Search Engine in Digital Marketing Course

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Thus, the Google search engine works through stages or concepts that have been addressed since shortly. But how Google ranks search results obtained by the user when writing an exact word or phrase? This is exactly what you are in the SEO industry basis, or Search Engine Optimization any configuration on the search engines. Based on the Google site itself, we find that the order of search results is based mainly on the close connection between the user and the site’s content. This is determined based on 200 different workers. These so-called Google algorithms to rank search results.

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