Google Keyword Planner, Google has announced that they are replacing the older key word tool with a new key words planner.

Sometimes so on Google is replacing their keyword tool with the new planner so we shall need to understand how to use it – whether we want it or not!

It is certainly distinct in the keyword tool in terms of the interface nevertheless when you start playing around with this I think you may agree that it’s far easier to use.

Below are a number of the differences of the new key word planner.

A briefing on the new Google Keyword Planner
A briefing on the new Google Keyword Planner

3 Ways To Plan A Campaign in Google Keyword Planner

There are just three ways that you can use the Google keyword planner:

Search for a key word or a bunch. You can combine an internet search using a website URL and category to really filter your results.

Uploading keyword lists. In the event you have a CSV file then you can upload a checklist. You can even upload a zip file.

Combining multiple key word lists (more on this later)

New Search Quantity Results

One of the main differences is the broad match search results will offer a higher search quantity than before because previously Google had just used results from desktop computers and laptops in their results.

Now the results will include mobile phones and tablet computers consequently it needs to be described as a more accurate value. This really is interesting because it usually means that there are going to soon be new key word phrases or long-tail key words that had minimal search results and considered maybe not really worth bothering with but could now prove far more worthy of use.

Combine Multiple Keyword Lists

As mentioned above, a new feature that the google keyword planner has is that you would be able to combine keywords lists much more easily and quicker. Previously this had to be carried out manually however now you can choose the multiple keyword options and combine your lists quickly.

You Need An AdWords Account

Anybody was able to use the keyword tool by entering a captcha but now the key word planner is only available in case you might have an AdWords account. Since it’s free to open a merchant account I really don’t think this is going to be a problem for anybody (provided it stays free).

This is a pretty good idea as the results you obtained with the previous tool were much superior when logged into your account.

Getting The Results You Deserve

In case you’re not seeing the results you need with your online efforts then it could be down to what you’re actually selling. I’ve discovered that if you create your very own information products you might be much more successful however you need to keep the momentum going and get products out quickly.

Very well, here we are again. Google has announced the retirement of another favorite tool, the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. In this case, Google has announced a replacement tool. Bear in mind, however, that it isn’t exactly a replacement, and it’s not any secret that the new tool is designed specifically to streamline the work of finding keywords to placed into the Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

The Google Keyword tool has been in existence for ten years. It has been used by millions of people. This was an “outside” tool, and many individuals could use it without logging into virtually any accounts. That means that only men and women logged into their accounts can use the tool.

How is it Different?

The Planner feels distinctive in the key phrase Tool because the interface is distinctive. The boxes to select phrase, exact or broad has been all gone. The filters let you choose the location of your search, down to the city in case you would like. This feature is going to enable a good deal of local businesses. However, it makes the usefulness distinct than what users were used to. The filter enables you to select results by excluding phrases which have significantly more than just a specific quantity of search traffic per month or even significantly less compared to a certain number of search traffic monthly. It even enables you to search using the cost each click of search terms.

What is unique about the tool is the fact that it includes not only desktop and laptop traffic but also mobile search results. The first page of results just returns exact match traffic, which I believe is an advantage to this new usefulness. However, once you have selected the term to participate in your plan, then once you download the results, the default is broad, and you have to find the concealed menu to select exactly again. That made the usefulness frustrating to my time. It is restricted to 50 search terms which can be input in the search field at one time. The key word tool used to encourage up to 2500. For me personally, this was a limit.

All in all, the new tool can sort of being used as the old tool was for keyword research, with a little bit of upfront learning.

What Are The Alternatives?

The choices to moving to the new user will be to not do keyword research-which would probably really reduce the traffic to your blogs and articles, or to purchase a separate keyword tool that could do the key word research for you personally. Lots of tools are costly, and some actually have a charge associated with them. However, these tools can often save time and also do the keyword competition analysis for you personally.

Can the Keyword Planner Bring Anything New to the Table?

The google keyword Planner is a combination of the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator, so the power to estimate new traffic to your site based on the terms that you select is assembled into the new utility.

It also has a feature that could possibly enhance your research and the speed of the research many times around. This feature can target users and keywords to an exact thin and specific range.

The Planner’s Secret Powerful Feature

Of us who do research just consider the search level of the keywords they would like to target, but should they understood how to target specific buyers and specific terms, they might end up with less traffic, however, nevertheless, it would be highly-converting traffic.

The new planner has a feature that streamlines and empowers the power to ultra-target specific buyers and buyer terms, which isn’t found in the old keyword tool. Anybody who learns to use this new feature will definitely profit in the new Keyword Planner.

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