Data Science Tools is considered as the art of drawing useful insights from the data which is accumulated just to analyze, model it in a feasible manner and solve real-world problems that persist. There are plenty of institutes offering data science courses in Delhi, where they teach everything from early fraud detection to recommending relevant engines in a manner to grow businesses better.  

Have you ever looked closely or given a thought about what is the methodology behind revolutionary technologies namely machine learning and artificial intelligence? Well with the availability of such tools, it is a little difficult to implement them all manually. To make the process easier, various tools are present which has made AI look easier and scalier.
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Data Science Tools
Data Science Tools

List of Data Science Tools

There is an innumerable number of tools present worldwide, but it’s impossible to mention them all. So below is the list given of the top 5 tools and their uses. The major features of these tools are, they come pre-defined, along with algorithms, and are extremely user-friendly.

1) Apache Hadoop
This tool is widely used to store the data and is an open-source framework willing to manage tons of data. This also provides a cluster of 1000s of computers that contains data processing used for high-level computation. 


As the name suggests, the machine learning tool includes products like H2O, which moves forward with an aim to have successful ML. It is built alongside various programming languages like R, Python, classifications, algorithms, booster, and so on. In this tool, you will have extra support to integrate it with Apache Hadoop to process and analyze huge amounts of data.

3) Tableau

Most commonly used and the trendiest tool available for data scientists. It allows the user to break down the data that is unformatted and raw, into a processable and understandable format. Various visualizations are created with the use of Tableau which is proven to be easily helpful for you to understand the dependencies between the predictor variables and other variables that are present.

4) QlikView

This is another tool that falls under the category of visualization only. The tool is most widely used and is an effective tool analyzing data to derive useful insights for your business. Another aspect and a great feature of Qlikview is, it provides in-memory data processing for you, which creates reports and helps to communicate across, faster and easier to its end-users.

It also involves patented in-memory technology generating associations and relations in data.

5) Microsoft HD insights

This is a cloud platform that is provided by Microsoft itself, helping you to store relevant data, process it, and finally analyze it completely. Various enterprises namely Adobe, Milliman, jet, etc. also use Azure HD Insights to process and manage massive amounts of data. This allows full-fledged support for its user, making it easier for them to integrate it with Apache Hadoop and Spark clusters for data processing. You can also take the maximum use of the default storage system, especially for Microsoft HD insights.


If you wish to enrol yourself in a data science course, Techstack Academy offers a full-fledged course for everyone, whether you are working or a student. Unleash the Data Science Tools that are widely present and are readily available for you to optimize and help students learn better about the Data science course in Delhi, and move forward with its potential uses. 

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