What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018?

There has been a lot of changes from the old year to new year in the SEO strategies of the companies. But everyone hasn’t prepared for the change and they hit a loss in the traffic this year.

Many people are panicking in different forums “I have lost this much of traffic in one month or two month”.

Now I am going to show you one thread from Shout Me Loud forum.

website traffic reduction
website traffic reduction

If you are having the same problem like this then its the time to change the Digital Marketing Strategy for your websites.

Below I am going to show you the Infographic on Mapping Digital Marketing Strategy which will help you to get the success.

Maping Digital Marketing Strategy
Mapping Digital Marketing Strategy

Let me help you understand this Map:-

Web Design

First step in the map is Web Design. Web design refers to the design of the website with the help of codes.

There are different types of platforms for website:-

i) WordPress (Most Famous)

ii) HTML

iii) PHP


v) Drupal

It is very important to note that platform choice matters for making different websites. Not every platform is good for different websites.

Let me give you some example:-

-HTML website is good for making company’s websites as loading speed of HTML website is less.

-WordPress is good for blogging as it is easy to set up.

-PHP is good for Dynamic websites such as eCommerce.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are referred to the specially designed pages for the specific purpose such as product purchase or buying services from the website or filling up the form on the website. Every Landing Page with made to fulfill different purpose.

Facts related to landing pages:-

i) Companies having landing pages more than 30 performs better and generate more leads.

ii) You should always change landing page from time to time and check which one is performing better.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics refers to the analysis of the traffic source and many other factors related to analysis of the website. Google provides a free tool for this purpose called as Google Analytics. You can even check different metrics with the help of analytics such as active users, sessions, timings, goal completion and many other important page metrics.

Facts about web analytics:-

i) Companies should atleast spend 6% of the marketing budget in analytics.

Mobile Advertisements

It is one of the fact that mobiles apps generate more profit than a website that’s why most of the eCommerce Companies work hard to maintain the mobile applications. Mobiles applications can be easily used to show new offers for the consumers which ultimately lead to purchase.

Things to remember:-

i) Use deep links for mobile applications.

ii) Simple and good UI/UX for mobile applications.

Online Display Ads

Online Display ads are now very popular as you can use attractive images to attract the customers searching for product which you offer. Display Ads lead to more clicks and purchase than simple text ads.

Things to remember while using display ads:-

i) Use attractive images

ii) Click to action button in the ad.

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