There are lots of topics/modules that you learn in digital marketing course. First of all you get to know the basic term, what digital marketing is all about. How is it different from Traditional Marketing. How search engine works & various other branched/platforms of digital Marketing.

Apart from search engine basics we get to know the key points of internet marketing. What all are the basic terms that are used in internet marketing. Digital Marketing has a much much greater reach as well as depth compared to traditional marketing. Traditional Marketing has limitations and though still effective is not that penetrative & result yielding as compared to digital marketing since the invention & evolution of internet.

We get to know various effective platforms for promotions in internet marketing. What is the reason and logic behind the inclination of people towards digital marketing from traditional marketing. Why digital marketing is becoming so important & gaining so much popularity in the businesses. How can you totally transform your business & how much you can increase the revenue/reach/visibility using various digital marketing techniques. How the online marketing is structured is also what you learn in digital marketing course. Lets now see what all topics are covered or we get to learn in digital marketing course:

1-Website Creation & intro: We learn about how to create your own website with the help of wordpress. We get to know how to create different types of websites such as corporate websites, health & educational websites, e-commerce websites etc. A detailed knowledge of wordpress, php based platform, themes & plugins,  posts & pages is also given along with knowledge of how to customize your website.

2-SEO or Search Engine Optimization: We learn what is seo, how it works, what are its objectives & its various types. What is an onpage Seo. What is robot.txt, sitemp.xml, various types of linking & what are different ways of linking. How backlinks are created. How to start blog commenting. What are the benefits of directory submission, article submission, forum posting, guest posting, pdf submission, rss submission, social bookmarking etc. Link Juice is also taught. It also covers domain authority as well as page authority. We learn about various types of ratings like URL & DRL. We get to know about the various tools helpful & used in SEO.

3-Search Engine Marketing or SEM: It is a marketing process to achieve higher visibility in ads position through creation & bidding on ads by the use of google adwords. What kind of platform is google adwords, is what we get to know in this module & how it works on bid process & ad quality. Ads,campaigns,keywords etc are the topics covered.

4-SMM/Social Media Marketing: What is social media marketing. What are the various platforms of social media marketing. Use of Facebook for running ads & lead generation,business pages and its use. Running ads & generation of leads on various other platforms like instagram,twitter,linkedIn etc.

5-Email Marketing: How to use emails as a marketing tool.Sending bulk mails,lead collection & creation of newsletter for email marketing, how to send emails in inbox without paying anything,how to use bulk email softwares like Aweber  etc is all what you learn in this module.

6-Content Marketing: It is a process of writing a content which can lead to sale.We learn various types of content marketing. How to generate leads through content marketing,what should be our strategies while doing content marketing.

7-Mobile Marketing: It is a process to advertise your application in various mobile devices to get max. downloads of your apps. We also get to know the technique of using facebook & twitter etc to get best out of business.

8-E-commerce Marketing: E-commerce is a process to increase your sales through your website using various techniques of digital marketing like seo,social media sites,email marketing etc & what effective strategies to be implemented.

learn in digital marketing course
9-Video optimization: It is a process of achieving higher positions in youtube searches by working on various steps of optimization. Monetization of videos, increasing video views etc are the various topics in this module.

digital marketing course learn in digital marketing course digital marketing course10-Video Marketing: It is different from video optimization. It is about promoting your videos through adwords, facebook, twitter etc.

11-Lead Generation: It is one of the most important factor for any business because it is the leads that convert to sales. So this module covers generation of leads through various platforms like seo, facebook, email marketing, twitter, mobile marketing etc.

12-Affiliate marketing: Is a process to earn commission by selling some other’s website products. This module teaches us differentiation between normal vs potential keywords, CPA vs CPL. We learn how to earn through affiliate marketing.

13-Google Adsense: It is a platform to get ads on your webpages or on your websites. You can start earning from your website with the help of Adsense. What is the minimum traffic that is needed for adsense approval? How is google Adsense different from Affiliate Marketing? What steps are to be followed for google adsense? These all are the topics you learn in digital marketing course in this module.

14-Google Analytics: Google Analytics tool helps you to analyse the traffic on your website.This module teaches the use of google analytics,attaching website to google analytics,how to check user behavior,checking whether the user is coming from which source ie organic/social/direct are the topics we learn in this module.

15-Google Webmaster: This helps controlling one’s website or webpage in search engines like crawling errors, indexing etc. Various topics covered in this module are data highlighter,rich snippets,accelerated mobile pages,search analytics,removal of pages from google search results,removing bad back links and how to use all these effectively.

I hope my article covered all the important topics about what  you learn in a digital marketing course.Very soon i will be sharing some new modules which we are going to include in the course.

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