7 Best Search Engine Uses in Digital Marketing: Because they are your customers and potential visitors to your site.

Because the search engines basically work the way you serve and satisfy users of being an understanding of how people use search engines and what is waiting for them and how they are looking, they are thus working in the same direction, which employs the same search engine and then you will prefer to search your site from other sites engines. Learn Search engine uses from best internet marketing course in delhi.

Why you should understand how people use search engines?
Why you should understand how people use search engines?

* Because this is the only way you can get the visitors on an ongoing basis and legal.
What are the stages through which the user search engines until it reaches your site?

7 Best Search Engine Uses in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

First age of recognition of the need

realizes that he needs a certain Xi or need to answer a question or solve a problem or access to certain information.

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Second stage in the decision to use the search engine

At this stage, the user decides that he will use the search engine.

Third stage of formulating research sentence

At this stage, the user configures and drafting of the sentence that reflects and describes him.

Fourth input stage

At this stage, the user types the sentence penned into a search engine and presses the search button waiting for the results that come to him by the search engine.

Fifth stage browse results

At this stage, the user a quick read of the headlines and sometimes describe the search results that appear in front of him, trying to reach the best result that is suitable and has to do with what actually looking for.

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Sixth stage to visit some of the results

the user at this point to visit some of the results that it deems relevant, including looking for him, will examine whether the content is in line with what is actually either do not want.


Go back to search results or try to formulate research wholesale in another way: if the user got through some of the results that he visited their own links then so are the research process is over but if you do not feel satisfied in full might return to search results again and trying to examine the largest number of results or that the reformulated research sentence again.

Most research operations carried out by the Internet user fall under one of three types.

Types of research operations carried out by the search engines user in Search Engine Uses

  1. Research which are designed to move to a particular site and in this case, the user types the location you wish to visit directly into the search engine’s name. Many Internet users do not bother to type the full name of the domain that they would like to go in your browser. Instead, they write only the domain name, even if inaccurately confident that the search engine knows very well the way they want to go in it.
  2. Research processes that are designed to knowledge. This type of research operations in order to have access to certain information or certain idea of the user wants to recognise them.
  3. Research-related processes by something specific. This is a research processes are more expensive as the user wants to do something specific, such as buying a product or subscribe to the service.

The key to success to get the targeted visitors through search engines is that pose the potential user of your role or to put yourself in his place and try to think like him. Every word written on your site should be worded the way they think about prospective visitors. Start your site in terms of potential customers’ needs.

Start each topic on your site in order to answer a question or meet a request or dam Requirement potential customers. Think about it so if you’d kid does not like vegetables and fruit that you see it useful, what do you do? You have to think like him and give him food useful form and color and the way it is loved and wanted. Only in this way you can make it picky, but in his own way of thinking.

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