First Position Google: For beginners in creating websites for search engines (SEO) you need to understand that there is no magic way to make your site on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This is done in search by complex algorithms and engines takes a lot of effort for ‘persuaded’ to your site or page is worth a first centers.

However, there are some rules that you can follow Key improved results from your site,

First Position Google
First Position Google: The Thing that separates between you and Competitor

SEO Tips guide for First Position Google

I have tested this strategy in the past years on a number of sites I work on with remarkable results. Of course, there are many other things you can do to help achieve the best arrangement for your site, but tips that I will say below will give you a solid framework and reliable, as well as 100% safe (it will not happen any risks), and foremost, it gives you the results. You can learn more about SEO tips by joining the digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR.

Title and page description

if you want First Position Google for your website. So Page titles are a very important aspect of the SEO factors, and why it’s the first thing that appears. The results of the past two months show that page titles are more important than ever, especially for Google SEO. When you are careful in the selection of keywords to be added to the titles of your pages will give you a low competition in the occupation of the search results and this part we will discuss toward the last time.

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At the moment the most important thing to focus on writing the page address is:

On each page you need to have a unique address you’re typed accurately according to —-the content of the page.
Then were brief in the page description within the title.
Visiting helped to understand what you speak with him on the page by title.
Should not be more than 66 characters.


When you add the title to your home page, insert the name of your site with a description of the site, for example, the title of what you are doing or services. For example:
As a result SEO Stars
The last title of the article:
Article What is the title of the Sioux
You must have your pages describe accurately, what you speak of this page and in a manner attractive to the researcher address.

Page Description

The page description is a very important part of first position google as well. It provides users, Google, and other search engines a summary of what you talk this page. Google may choose to show what you write in your description as excerpts of the page or you may decide to use part of the content of your page. In other words, it does not mean that what you write in your description will appear in the excerpt Google. Techstack Academy offers the Important tips to write a good description is:

– Always presented a unique description for all pages, whether for a product or an article or anything.
– It must be the number of characters between 150-160 characters.
– Avoid a repeat of writing the address in the description.
– Do not add many keywords in the description.
– Try using a description of your page as a way for your page to the reader so that encourages him to cover the title of the page you earn a new visitor.

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