Digital Marketing Trends, Things change with every passing day and mostly, we don’t even notice the inevitable change. But yes, we do see some drastic changes and call them, ‘trends’.

Why are Digital Marketing Trends?

What is trending now will soon become out trend and we can’t even guess what will become the trendsetter in the near future. Generally, anything that spreads widely and dominates a particular industry becomes the trend of that year. While some trends are innovations we want to indulge in the coming year, some are improvisations from the mistakes of the past year.

Digital Marketing Brand
Digital Marketing Brand

Let us discuss about some Digital Marketing Trends that will Rule in 2018.

Content Marketing – The Dominant Digital Marketing Technique

Content Marketing means building and sharing valuable content to attract audiences, and converting audiences into buyers, and buyers into repeat buyers. The type of content shared should be closely related to the product or services sold. So rather than focusing on paid search marketing, try to concentrate on Content Marketing.

Facebook Post With Images > Facebook Post Without Images

Have you ever noticed that post with images on Facebook are more engaged than posts without images. Creative images play important role in targeting audiences and improving engagement.

Tweets With Images > Tweets Without Images

While Facebook is the dominant Business2Customer Social Media platform, Twitter is the dominant Business2Business Social Media platform for sales.

Infographics Are Performing Better Than Any Type of Content

Infographics are one of the best way of combining images, design and text to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.

Visual User-Generated Content > Brand Product Photos

User-Generated Content is any form of visual media that is created by users online, and is made accessible via social media. This has become a major challenge for brands which use visual content marketing.

Demand for Interactive Content is Increasing

Audiences are getting bored of static ‘web 1.0’ Content Pages and are showing their interests towards ‘web 2.0 & web 3.0’ Content Pages.

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