When it comes to know about digital marketing tools, the most essential factor to follow are the strategies used to plan out in a way that drives better results and conversions in no time. Modern marketers who have made their presence online, are expected to be at a million places at once. Whether digging through data or fine-tuning your social presence, having the right digital marketing course, you can easily rely on which will save time and maintain your sanity.

To know about the trending tools of digital marketing, you can enroll yourself in the best digital marketing institute in India. An ideal institute providing digital marketing courses with placement, where you can learn in the same area and get yourself placed getting your future secured.

digital marketing tools
digital marketing tools

Below is the list provided, with the trending digital marketing tools which are most useful to get ahead in the field of digital marketing:


If you want to analyze a website’s performance, keep a check on keyword rankings, and a regular check on SEO health. Ahrefs is also used to conduct keyword research for better rankings on Google and YouTube. Many people use Ahrefs to find content that performs well in terms of social shares and links given in a particular topic and the niche of your audience.


This is one of the best digital marketing tools that is used to improve the visibility of the site online, whilst discovering the insights thoroughly. This will enable the marketers to work in flow, efficiently with SEO, PPC, Keyword research, SMM, Content marketing, PR, and many more.


Canva is the most widely used tool which is free of cost. It is a web-based design tool that is used to create unique and out-of-the-box images that can be shared on your blogs, social media platforms, and so on. You can also use Canva to create completely great images from scratch and to polish up some photos to beautify them which you already have on hand. Techstack Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi, Contact anytime and know about various types of digital marketing tools.


This is the tool that is mostly used by writers or vloggers, which helps an individual to check and rectify if there are any grammatical errors in their written context. It detects basic grammar and punctuation mistakes from basic to advanced level depending on you, choosing the free or the premium version of Grammarly. If you add an extension, digital marketing tools will also provide real-time suggestions and guidelines letting you know how to correct the mistakes.


This is an inbound platform that is generally used to attract sales and customers thereby converting leads and close customers. This is usually done by bringing together a variety of functionalities which generally allows marketing and sales departments to manage all their activities in one place. Kickstart your engine and have great inbound sales with Hubspot. Do you know how Is Digital Marketing Booming In India?

Google Analytics

This is the gold standard to bring up any site on the top of Google. Google has advanced analytics that is capable of shedding light on the relevant factors to your website information, which may also include your visitors, how they make their way through your sales funnel, and what they do on your website in real-time.


Buffer is also listed in digital marketing tools that are used to design and manage accounts in digital networks by easily scheduling your creatives on time, as per your selection. This can be used on a mobile network or a laptop. A user can easily schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, which is also used to analyze the results, insights and check for engagement within the community.

Screaming frog

This is an SEO spider tool which is a small desktop application, widely used to search spiders to check when it crawls a website. You can also use this tool to audit your website check for its errors and rectify them accordingly. Check your website’s SEO training in Delhi performance in search results and walk through the most important features of the screaming frog.


 There is not just one but plenty of digital marketing tools you will be aware of, once you join a digital marketing institute. Out Techstack Academy breathes digitally, not just in the sense to live digital, but also to provide our students with complete knowledge about how traditional marketing has been outranked in the modern world where everything runs digitally. If you too wish to make your career in the field of digital marketing, choose the best digital marketing institute in Delhi and seek knowledge from the best professionals.

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