With the highest number of internet users over the previous two decades, the quantities of international Web users have skyrocketed. In case this is a measure of financial performance, then it’d be possible for many states to be stated have made significant improvements over exactly the exact same moment. Even though the usage of the Internet was accompanied, in many situations, by advancements in ICT and other financial sectors, there are important populations staying beneath the poverty line in many countries where Internet usage is now widespread. You can learn more about Internet users through digital marketing course from Techstack.

Highest number of internet users
                                      Highest number of internet users

Which country has highest number of internet users?

Around 40 percent of the world population has an online connection now (see all on a webpage). In 1995, it had been less than one \%.
The amount of users has improved significantly from 1999 to 2013.
The initial billion was attained in 2005. The third million in 2014.
The graph and table below show the Number of international internet users annually since 1993:

Within a brief time period, the net has consolidated itself as the most effective platform for each and every individual living around the planet. It’s introduced the modern method to run a company and allowed us to communicate with our friends, family members, customers, colleagues, and family members in a very efficient manner. If we proceed two years back, it’d been serving the firms contributing to government research jobs only but today its use has spread all around Earth, facilitating billions of consumers in a variety of fields.

China was rated with over 731 million net users, more than twice the quantity of third-ranked United States with 287 million net users.

Together with the expanding net penetration, India has emerged to become the 2nd biggest market for the internet internationally.

Aside from being planet’s no. two internet marketplace, India also recently surpassed the US to become the second-largest smartphone marketplace on the planet, based on The Condition of Broadband 2016 report.

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